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J. Jauharlina

Universitas Syiah Kuala

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Ph.D. in Biology from Leeds University, UK

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I have been a lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture for more than 26 years. Currently I am engaged in Department of Plant Protection as a senior lecturer. My educational background was focusing on Entomology with some experiences in biodiversity of insects research, particularly beneficial ones. I did my undergraduate study in 1987 at Bogor Agricultural university. I am holding a master degree in Environmental Biology (focusing on Entomology) from University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada (1994) and another master degree on Biodiversity and conservation from University of Leeds, The United Kingdom (2006). I got a PhD degree from the latter university in 2014 with the thesis topic on 'fig wasps and fig trees'.

I had taught several entomology related courses, such as Basic Entomology, Fundamental of Plant Protection, Insect Ecology, Biological Control of Plant Pests, Pesticide and its application. I also taught Math and English as basic courses in Faculty of Agriculture. Currently I am responsible in teaching The advanced of Plant Pests, Integrated of Pests and Diseases Management, Entomology, and the fundamental of Plant Protection.

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Selected Publications

  1. Jauharlina, J., H. Hasnah and M.I. Taufik, 2019. Diversity and community structure of arthropods on rice ecosystem. Agrivita. J. Agr. Sci., 41: 316-324.
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  2. Husni, Jauharlina and Saifullah, 2018. Composition and structure community of arthropods in organic and conventional arabica coffee plantation. International Conference on Agriculture, Environment, and Food Security, 24–25 October, 2018, IOP Publishing, pp: 012158-012158.
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  3. Sriwati, R., Y. Takeuchi-Kaneko, J. Jauharlina and N. Kanzaki, 2017. Aphelenchoidid nematodes associated with two dominant Ficus species in Aceh, Indonesia. Nematol., 19: 323-331.
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  4. Jauharlina, A. Afriyani and M.I. Taufik, 2017. Insect community associated with Ficus racemosa L.. J. Entomol. Indones., 14: 80-88.
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  5. Jauharlina, R. Sriwati, Yusmaini, N. Kanzaki and S. Compton, 2015. Fig pollinating wasp transfers nematodes into figs of ficus racemosa in sumatra, Indonesia. 5th Syiah Kuala University Annual International Conference 2015, October, 2015 pp: 33-37.
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  6. Jauharlina, J., E.E. Lindquist, R.J. Quinnell, H.G. Robertson and S.G. Compton, 2012. Fig wasps as vectors of mites and nematodes. Afr. Entomol., 20: 101-110.
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