Mr. Risman Iye
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Mr. Risman Iye

University of Iqra Buru, Namlea, Indonesia

Highest Degree
M.A. in Indonesian Languange and Culture from Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

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Risman Iye is a lecturer at the Department of Indonesian Literature, Iqra Buru University, Maluku, Indonesia. His areas of interest and research include linguistics, Indonesian language, and gender. His bachelor degree is in the field of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Program from Muhammadiyah University of Buton. He completed his master degree in Indonesian language from Hasanauddin

Area of Interest:

Social Sciences
Language Education
Indonesian Culture
Language and Literature
Special Education

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sofie, M.S., R. Iye, F.I.N. Abida, R. Bugis, Musyawir and Yulismayanti, 2022. The effectiveness of online learning on Buru state high school students on learning achievement in Covid-19 situation. ELS J. Interdiscip. Stud. Humanities, 5: 63-69.
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  2. Iye, R., J. Nurlatu, Susiati, Taufik, Harziko and F.I.N. Abida, 2022. The symbolic meaning of wedding offerings in Buru Island. Sang Pencerah: J. Ilmiah Universitas Muhammadiyah Buto, 8: 202-209.
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  3. Ar, N., R.I. Saidna and Z. bin Tahir, 2020. Some effects of corrective feedback on students' writing. ETERNAL, 6: 166-178.
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  4. Susiati, S., R. Iye and L.O.A. Suherman, 2019. Hot potatoes multimedia applications in evaluation of Indonesian learning in SMP students in Buru District. ELS J. Interdiscip. Stud. Hum., 2: 556-570.
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  5. Iye, R., 2019. Speech in the wedding purpose procession in Tomia Kabupaten Wakatobi. TOTOBUANG, 6: 183-199.
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  6. Iye, R., 2018. Emotional speech of the students in Baubau city in the demonstration. TOTOBUANG, 6: 125-138.
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  7. Iye, R. and S. Susiati, 2018. Educative values in Sebait Cinta di Bawah Langit Kairo by Mahmud Jauhari Ali. Sirok Bastra, 6: 183-192.
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