Prof. Yuli  Retnani

Prof. Yuli Retnani

Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Science from Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia

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Dr. Yuli Retnani is currently working as Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Department of Nutritional Science and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Science - Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. She obtained her PhD in Animal Sciences from same University. Her area of expertise includes Feed, Feed Technology, Feed Processing, Mash, Pellet, Crumble, Biscuit Feed, Wafer Complete Feed, Proximate Analysis, Physical Characteristic, Feeding Trial, Growth Performance, Digestibilty, Feed Conversion, Feed Consumption, Mortality, Nutrition, Productivity, Feed Industry, Egg Production, Hen Day, Hatchability, Feed Supplement, Quality of Milk, Milk Production, Palatability, Quail, Broiler Chicken, Sheep, Dairy Goat, Calf, and Cattle. She has 7 publications in journals.

Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Genetics
Animal Nutrition
Milk Production
Feed Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Retnani, Y., I.G. Permana, N.R. Komalasari and Taryati, 2015. Increase of milk production and calcium content by feeding biscuit of Carica papaya. Curr. Res. Dairy Sci. .
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  2. Retnani, Y., T.M.W. Dan and Taryati, 2014. Morinda citrifolia L. leaf extract as antibacterial Salmonella typhimurium to increase productivity of quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica). Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 17: 560-564.
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  3. Retnani, Y., I.G. Permana, N.R. Komalasari, R. Roslina and A. Ikhwanti 2014. Biscuit bio-supplement for increasing milk production and quality in dairy goat farm. Asian J. Anim. Sci., 8: 15-23.
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  4. Retnani, Y., I.G. Permana and L.C. Purba, 2014. Physical characteristic and palatability of biscuit bio-supplement for dairy goat. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 17: 725-729.
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  5. Retnani, Y., A. Saenab and Taryati, 2014. Vegetable waste as wafer feed for increasing productivity of sheep. Asian J. Anim. Sci., 8: 24-28.
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  6. Retnani, Y., N. Furqaananida, R.G. Pratas and M.N. Rofiq, 2010. Husk corn as complete feed wafer for sheep. MIP J. Faculty Anim. Sci., 13: 37-41.
  7. Retnani, Y., F.P. Syananta, L. Herawati, W. Widiarti and A. Saenab, 2010. Physical characteristic and palatability of market vegetable waste wafer for sheep. J. Anim. Prod., 12: 29-33.
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  8. Retnani, Y.W., I. Widiarti, L. Amiroh, D. Herawati and K.B. Satoto, 2009. Storage period and palatability of wafer complete ration based on sugar cane sprout and bagasse for calf. J. Anim. Sci. Technol., 32: 130-136.
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  9. Retnani, Y., E. Suprapti, I. Firmansyah and L.H.R. Mutia, 2009. Effect of coloring agent addition in the broiler chicken rations on performance, percentage of bursa of fabricius, carcass and viscera. J. Indonesian Trop. Anim. Agric., 34: 115-121.
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  10. Retnani, Y., E. Suprapti, I. Firmansyah and L.H. dan Rita Mutia, 2009. The addition of colouring agent in broiler chickens rations on performance, bursa fabrisius, carcass and viscera. JPPT J. Faculty Anim. Sci., 34: 115-121.