Dr. Serik Murzakhmetovich Shaikhin

Dr. Serik Murzakhmetovich Shaikhin

Laboratory Director/Head
Rebublican Collection of Microorganisms, Kazakhstan

Highest Degree
PostDoc Fellow in Molecular Biology from Aitkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Kazakhstan

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Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences
Food Microbiology
Molecular Microbiology
Molecular Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Bauerl, C., G. Abitayeva, S. Sosa-Carrillo, A. Mencher-Beltran and N. Navarro-Lleo et al., 2019. P40 and P75 are singular functional muramidases present in the Lactobacillus casei /paracasei/rhamnosus taxon. Front. Microbiol., 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01420.
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  2. Sarmurzina, Z., G. Bissenova, K. Zakarya, R. Dospaeva, S. Shaikhin and A. Abzhalelov, 2017. Characterization of probiotic strains of Lactobacillus candidates for development of synbiotic product for kazakh population. J. Pure Appl. Microbiol., 11: 151-161.
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  3. Nagyzbekkyzy, E., G. Abitayeva, S. Anuarbekova, D. Shaikhina and K. Li et al., 2016. Investigation of acid and bile tolerance, antimicrobial activity and antibiotic resistance of Lactobacillus strains isolated from Kazakh dairy foods. Asian J. Appl. Sci., .
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  4. Urazova, M., A. Moldagulova, S. Anuarbekova, A. Tuyakova and G. Abitaeva et al., 2014. Examination of lactic acid bacteria to secretion of bacteriocins. Central Asian J. Global Health, 10.5195/cajgh.2013.106.
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  5. Shaikhin, S., A. Moldagulova, A. Kazhybayev, M. Kairova, C. Lee, M. Urazova and K. Almagambetov, 2014. Peptidoglycan hydrolases of local lactic acid bacteria from kazakh traditional food. Central Asian J. Global Health, 10.5195/cajgh.2013.94.
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  6. Li, K.G., G.P. Pogossian, A.K. Moldagulova, E.E. Bekenova and A. Abdikadirova et al., 2014. Identification of L. casei and L. rhamnosus in the dairy products using Real-Time PCR assay. South Asian J. Exp. Biol., 4: 222-225.
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  7. Li, K., A. Moldagulova, E. Bekenova, A. Kazhibaev and M. Kairova et al., 2014. HAT-RAPD profiling of seven fungi isolated from central Kazakhstan soils. South Asian J. Exp. Biol., 4: 17-23.
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  8. Serikovna, S., K. Serikovich, A. Sakenovna, S. Murzakhmetovich and A. Khamitovich, 2013. Screening of lipid degrading microorganisms for wastewater treatment. Malaysian J. Microbiol., 9: 219-226.
  9. Shaikhin, S.M., S.K. Smailov, A.V. Lee, E.V. Kozhanov and B.K. Iskakov, 2003. Interaction of wheat germ translation initiation factor 2 with GDP and GTP. Biochimie, 74: 447-454.
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