Dr. Zhauyt  Algazy

Dr. Zhauyt Algazy

Associate Professor
Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunication, Kazakhstan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Power Engineering from Almaty Medical Institute, Kazakhstan

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Area of Interest:

Physical Science Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Power Engineering
Dynamic Analysis
Robotics and Automation

Selected Publications

  1. Tulegenova, K., G. Abdraimova, B. Kyrykbaev, A. Zhauyt, A. Alimbetov and M. Nurbakyt, 2019. Dynamic analysis of the press automation. Int. J. Mech. Eng. Rob. Res., 8: 41-45.
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  2. Yeleukulov, Y., A. Atalykova, A. Zhauyt, Z. Abdimuratov, S. Yussupova, A. Alik and G. Kenzhebayeva, 2018. Mechanical analysis of vibratory conveyor mechanism. MATEC Web Conf., 226: 1-9.
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  3. Umbetkulov, Y., Y. Yeleukulov, A. Atalykova, G. Smailova, G. Iskakova, A. Zhauyt and G.G. AlisherIbrayev, 2018. Dynamic force analysis of a six-link planar mechanism. MATEC Web Conf., 251: 1-12.
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  4. Tultayev, B., G. Balbayev, A. Zhauyt, A. Sultan and A. Mussina, 2018. Kinematic synthesis of mechanism for system with a technical vision. MATEC Web Conf., 237: 1-10.
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  5. Omarov, T., K. Tulegenova, Y. Bekenov, G. Abdraimova, A. Zhauyt and M. Ibadullayev, 2018. Determination of reduced mass and stiffness of flexural vibrating cantilever beam. J. Measur. Eng., 6: 1-9.
  6. Murat, A., A. Alma, A. Assel and Z. Algazy, 2018. Adequate discrete sampling method of random variables of the two stage dry crushing process and its stochastic equation. Eng. Rural Dev., 17: 994-1001.
  7. Kosbolov, S., Y. Yeleukulov, A. Atalykova, A. Zhauyt, G. Yestemessova and S. Yussupova, 2018. Dynamic and rigidity of a manipulator with three DOFs. MATEC Web Conf., 226: 1-9.
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  8. Janat, M., Y. Yerbol, A. Madina, Y. Aliya and Z. Algazy, 2018. Shock-impulse diagnosis of the railway. Eng. Rural Dev., 17: 1618-1623.
  9. Gulbarshyn, S., Y. Saltanat, U. Assemgul, K. Lazzat, B. Gani and Z. Algazy, 2018. Calculation and construction of the tolling roller table. Vibroeng. Proc., 18: 14-19.
  10. Assylkhan, A., K. Yerbol, Z. Algazy, Y. Gulsara, Y. Saltanat and N. Manas, 2018. Calculation of the stress-strain state of the deflector rollers. Vibroeng. Proc., 18: 183-188.
  11. Zhauyt, A., I. Zhahanova, G. Smailova, U. Murzakhmetova, L. Kurmangalieva and A. Kurenbay, 2017. The kinematic analysis of the third class mechanism. Vibroeng. Proc., 12: 208-212.
  12. Solonenko, V., N. Mahmetova, J. Musayev, M. Kvashnin, A. Zhauyt and T. Buzauova, 2017. Modeling of dynamic characteristics of freight car with optimized parameters of wedge-type shock absorber. J. Vibroeng., 19: 1197-1213.
  13. Solonenko, V., N. Mahmetova, J. Musayev, M. Kvashnin, A. Alpeisov and A. Zhauyt, 2017. Some aspects of the experimental assessment of dynamic behavior of the railway track. J. Theor. Applied Mech., 55: 421-432.
  14. Musayev, J., A. Zhauyt, T. Buzauova, G. Mamatova, Z. Yessenkluova, G. Abdugaliyeva and A. Alimbetov, 2017. The experimental determination of the stress calculation and relative strains in the span elements of railway bridges under the influence of the rolling equipment. J. Measur. Eng., 5: 125-133.
  15. Mukasheva, A., S. Japayev, G. Abdraimova, B. Kyrykbaev, K. Kozhamberdiyev, B. Uskembayeva and A. Zhauyt, 2017. A dynamic analysis of six-bar mechanical press. Vibroeng. Proc., 13: 249-254.
  16. Igembayev, N., J. Musayev, A. Zhauyt, G. Balbayev, A. Auezova and G. Smailova, 2017. The researching of the dynamic properties of long-wheelbase platforms for the transportation of large-capacity containers. J. Measur. Eng., 5: 182-193.
  17. Ibraev, S., A. Nurmaganbetova, A. Zhauyt and N. Imanbaeva, 2017. Computerized modeling of kinematics and kineto-statics of sucker-rod pump power units. Eng. Rural Dev., 16: 904-909.
  18. Askarov, E., A. Zhauyt, Z. Abilkaiyr, A. Zhankeldi and B. Naurushev, 2017. A new type cam-screw mechanical press. Eng. Rural Dev., 16: 36-41.
  19. Algazy, Z., S. Aizhan, A. Dinara, A. Kuanyshkali, S. Tanat and S. Gulmira, 2017. Static calculation of bearing construction elements taking into account physical nonlinearity. Vibroeng. Proc., 12: 124-129.
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