Dr. Luu  Quoc Dat
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Dr. Luu Quoc Dat

Vietnam National University, Vietnam

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Industrial and Management Engineering from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

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Area of Interest:

Business Management and Accounting
Industrial Management
Logistics Technology
Fuzzy Expert Systems
Supply Chain Management

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Van, L.H., V.F. Yu, L.Q. Dat, C.C. Dung, S.Y. Chou and N.V. Loc, 2018. New integrated quality function deployment approach based on interval neutrosophic set for green supplier evaluation and selection. Sustainability, Vol. 10. 10.3390/su10030838.
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  2. Nguyen, A.T., T.Q. Tran, H.V. Vu and D.Q. Luu, 2018. Housing satisfaction and its correlates: A quantitative study among residents living in their own affordable apartments in urban Hanoi, Vietnam. Int. J. Urban Sustainable Dev., 10: 79-91.
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  3. Ali, M., L.Q. Dat and F. Smarandache, 2018. Interval complex neutrosophic set: Formulation and applications in decision-making. Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 20: 986-999.
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  4. Vincent, F.Y., L.H. Van, L.Q. Dat, H.T.X. Chi, S.Y. Chou and T.T.T. Duong, 2017. Analyzing the ranking method for fuzzy numbers in fuzzy decision making based on the magnitude concepts. Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 19: 1279-1289.
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  5. Minh, N.D., L.Q. Dat, N.H. Son, P.M. Tuan and N.D. Toan, 2017. Application of visual management in small medium enterprises in Vietnam. Int. J. Entrepreneurship Innov. Manage., 21: 509-529.
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  6. Chen, H.M.W., S.Y. Chou, Q.D. Luu and T.H.K. Yu, 2016. A fuzzy MCDM approach for green supplier selection from the economic and environmental aspects. Math. Problems Eng., Vol. 2016. 10.1155/2016/8097386.
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  7. Huan, N.C., N.A. Thinh, L.Q. Dat and D.T. Ngoc, 2015. Ranking the priority of marine economic activities in small islands based on fuzzy AHP: Comparing decision of local residents and authorities in Cu Lao Bo Bai island, central Vietnam. J. Environ. Manage. Tourism, 2: 297-300.
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  8. Dat, L.Q., T.T. Phuong, H.P. Kao, S.Y. Chou and P. van Nghia, 2015. A new integrated fuzzy QFD approach for market segments evaluation and selection. Applied Math. Modell., 39: 3653-3665.
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  9. Yu, V.F., C.W. Kuo and L.Q. Dat, 2014. Selection of key component vendor from the aspects of capability, productivity and reliability. Math. Problems Eng., Vol. 2014. 10.1155/2014/124652.
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  10. Vincent, F.Y. and L.Q. Dat, 2014. An improved ranking method for fuzzy numbers with integral values. Applied Soft Comput., 14: 603-608.
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  11. Dat, L.Q., S.Y. Chou, N.T. Le, E. Wiguna, T.H.K. Yu and P.N.K. Phuc, 2014. Selecting Renewable Energy Technology Via a Fuzzy MCDM Approach. In: Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering, Cha, J.Z., S.Y. Chou, J. Stjepandic, R. Curran and W. Xu (Eds.). Vol. 1, OS Press, Netherlands, pp: 796-805.
  12. Vincent, F.Y., H.T.X. Chi, L.Q. Dat, P.N.K. Phuc and C.W. Shen, 2013. Ranking generalized fuzzy numbers in fuzzy decision making based on the left and right transfer coefficients and areas. Applied Math. Modell., 37: 8106-8117.
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  13. Quang, N.H., F.Y. Vincent, A.C. Lin, L.Q. Dat and S.Y. Chou, 2013. Parting curve selection and evaluation using an extension of fuzzy MCDM approach. Applied Soft Comput., 13: 1952-1959.
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  14. Vincent, F.Y., L.Q. Dat, N.H. Quang, T.A. Son, S.Y. Chou and A.C. Lin, 2012. An extension of fuzzy TOPSIS approach based on centroid-index ranking method. Sci. Res. Essays, 7: 1485-1493.
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  15. Phuc, P.N.K., F.Y. Vincent, S.Y. Chou and L.Q. Dat, 2012. Analyzing the ranking method for L-R fuzzy numbers based on deviation degree. Comput. Ind. Eng., 63: 1220-1226.
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  16. Dat, T.M., N. Nieh, Y. Feng, R. Lee, M. Fan, W.N. Khotimah and L.Q. Dat, 2012. Intelligent autonomous navigation system for the wheeled mobile robot. Adv. Mater. Res., 383: 1611-1618.
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  17. Dat, L.Q., V.F. Yu and S.Y. Chou, 2012. An improved ranking method for fuzzy numbers based on the centroid-index. Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 14: 413-419.
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  18. Dat, L.Q., D.T.T. Linh, S.Y. Chou and F.Y. Vincent, 2012. Optimizing reverse logistic costs for recycling end-of-life electrical and electronic products. Expert Syst. Applic., 39: 6380-6387.
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  19. Chou, S.Y., L.Q. Dat and F.Y. Vincent, 2011. A revised method for ranking fuzzy numbers using maximizing set and minimizing set. Comput. Ind. Eng., 61: 1342-1348.
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