Dr. Guy Chun-kai Leung
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Dr. Guy Chun-kai Leung

Post-doctoral Fellow
Harvard University, USA

Highest Degree
Post Doctoral Fellow in Energy Geopolitics from Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Dr. Guy C.K. Leung is a Post-doctoral Fellow with the Geopolitics of Energy Project at Harvard Kennedy Schools Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He is also a Visiting Fellow at Oxford Universitys China Center between April 2014 and April 2015. He obtained his PhD in Human Geography at Durham University, and his research interests focus on the Geopolitical Economy of Natural Gas Industry in China, and China’s Energy Security. His research at Harvard seeks to understand how the State and Firm Actors are Connected Functionally, Organizationally, Institutionally and Politically to Realize the Natural Gas Transition in China. His articles have appeared in a range of Journals, including Applied Energy, Energy Policy, Eurasian Geography and Economics, and OPEC Energy Review. His paper China’s Energy Security: Perception and Reality was Recognized by Science Direct to be one of the 25 most popular articles (out of 8542) in Energy Policy in 2012. He used to serve as an Energy Consultant to a Research Center for the State Council of China. He is also serving as Editor in many Journals.

Area of Interest:

Geopolitical Economy
Natural Gas Industry
Natural Gas Transition
Energy Security

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Leung, G.C.K., A. Cherp, J. Jewell and Y.M. Wei, 2014. Securitization of energy supply chains in China. Applied Energy, 123: 316-326.
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  2. Leung, G.C.K., R. Li and M. Kuhn, 2013. China's New Energy Security: A Swing of the Pendulum. In: Global Energy Policy and Security, Filho, W.L. and V. Voudouris (Eds.). Springer, London, pp: 195-208.
  3. Leung, G.C.K., R. Li and W.D. Walls, 2012. Transitions in the chinese market for refined petroleum products. OPEC Energy Rev., 36: 349-372.
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  4. Li, R. and G.C.K. Leung, 2011. The integration of China into the world crude oil market since 1998. Energy Policy, 39: 5159-5166.
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  5. Li, R. and G.C. Leung, 2011. Coal consumption and economic growth in China. Energy Policy, 40: 433-438.
  6. Leung, G.C.K., 2011. China's energy security: Perception and reality. Energy Policy, 39: 1330-1337.
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  7. Leung, G.C., R. Li and M. Low, 2011. Transitions in China's oil economy, 1990-2010. Eurasian Geogr. Econ., 52: 483-500.
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  8. Leung, G.C., 2010. China's oil use, 1990-2008. Energy Policy, 38: 932-944.
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