Dr. Xiulan  Wang

Dr. Xiulan Wang

Research Scientist
Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Inner Mongolia University, China

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Chinese Traditional Medicine
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Selected Publications

  1. Xiulan, W., A. Wuliji and B. Xiaohua, 2014. Simultaneous determination of six active compound Mengguhuangqi from Inner Mongolia by HPLC. Chin. J. Pharm. Anal., 34: 659-662.
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  2. Wang, X.L., W.X. Huo, R.J. Lu, S. Han and C.X. Bao, 2013. Study on Effects and Mechanism of Traditional Mongolian medicine Wuweifengshi capsule on adjuvant arthritis in rats. China J. Chin. Materia Medica, 38: 1258-1262.
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  3. Xiulan, W., 2012. The characteristic analysis of the Mongolian Medicine differs from traditional Chinese medicine. J. Traditional Chin. Med., 53: 2059-2061.
  4. Xiulan, W. and B.C. Serguleng, 2012. Comparisons of Renal Protective Effects Between Multi-day and Single-day Administrations of Three Mongolian Medicine. Liaoning J. Traditional Chin. Med., 39: 972-974.
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  5. Xiulan, W., J. Liang and Hadanbolog, 2011. Study on Experimental Renal Protective Effect of Three dose Combinations of Nine Common Mongolian Compounds- Liaoning. J. Traditional Chin. Med., 38: 2276-2278.