Dr. De-Jian  Zhang

Dr. De-Jian Zhang

Yangtze University, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Horticulture and Gardening from Yangtze University, China

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Physiology
Plant Nutrition
Soil Fertility

Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, D.J., L.I.U. Chunyan, Y. Yang, W.U. Qiangsheng and L.I. Yeyun, 2019. Plant root hair growth in response to hormones. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobo, 47: 278-281.
  2. Zhang, D.J., Y.J. Yang, C.Y. Liu, F. Zhang, W. Hu, S.B. Gong and Q.S. Wu, 2018. Auxin modulates root-hair growth through its signaling pathway in citrus. Sci. Hortic., 236: 73-78.
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  3. Zhang, D.J., Y.J. Yang, C.Y. Liu, F. Zhang and Q.S. Wu, 2018. Root hair growth and development in response to nutrients and phytohormones. In: Root Biology. Soil Biology, Giri, B., R. Prasad, A. Varma. (Eds) Springer, Cham, pp: 65-84.
  4. Shao, Y.D., A.K. Srivastava, Q.S. Wu, D.J. Zhang and H.N. Mu, 2018. Analysis of root mycorrhizal colonization and soil GRSP of Osmanthus fragrans. Curr. Hortic., 6: 15-18.
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  5. Liu, C.Y., F. Zhang and D.J. Zhang, A.K. Srivastava, Q.S. Wu and Z. Ying-Ning, 2018. Mycorrhiza stimulates root-hair growth and IAA synthesis and transport in trifoliate orange under drought stress. Sci. Rep., .
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  6. Zhang, D.J., Y.J. Yang, C.Y. Liu and Q.S. Wu, 2017. Reactive oxygen species signaling and root hair development: Boon or bane-revisiting the role of ros. In: Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants, Singh, V.P., S. Singh, D.K. Tripathi, S.M. Prasad and D.K. Chauhan, (Eds) John Wiley, New Yark, pp: 307-317.
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  8. Cao, X., R.X. Xia, D.J. Zhang and Y. Zhao, 2017. Study on root growth and root hair morphology of three citrus rootstock varieties under sand culture. South China Fruits, 46: 1-4.
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  9. Zhang, D.J., R.X. Xia and X. Cao, 2016. Effects and mechanism of mineral nutrient and phytohormone on root hair development. J. Plant Nutr. Fertilizer, 22: 802-810.
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  10. Zhang, D., R. Xia and X. Cao, 2016. Ethylene modulates root hair development in trifoliate orange through auxin-signaling pathway. Sci. Hortic., 213: 252-259.
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  11. Zhang, D.J., R.X. Xia and X. Cao, 2015. Root hair development and its genetic basis. Plant Physiol. J., 51: 9-20.
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  12. Cao, X., R.X. Xia, H.Y. Yang, D.J. Zhang and Y. Zhao, 2014. Effects of P,K and Ca deficiency on the root morphology and nutrient absorption of Poncirus trifoliata seedlings. J. Plant Nutr. Fertilizer, 20: 981-988.
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  13. Zhang, D., R. Xia, X. Cao, B. Shu and C. Chen, 2013. Root hair development of Poncirus trifoliata grown in different growth cultures and treated with 3-indolebutyric acid and ethephon. Sci. Hortic., 160: 389-397.
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  14. Wang, P., B. Shu, Y. Wang, D.J. Zhang, J.F. Liu and R.X. Xia, 2013. Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in red tangerine (Citrus reticulata Blanco) rootstock rhizospheric soils from hillside citrus orchards. Pedobiologia, 56: 161-167.
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  16. Cao, X., C. Chen, D. Zhang, B. Shu, J. Xiao and R. Xia, 2013. Influence of nutrient deficiency on root architecture and root hair morphology of trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata L. Raf.) seedlings under sand culture. Sci. Hortic., 162: 100-105.
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  17. Zhang, D.J., R.X. Xia, X. Cao, P. Wang and B. Shu, 2011. [Effects of growth regulators and growth media on root-hair development of Poncirus trifoliate]. Chin. J. Applied Ecol., 22: 1437-1442, (In Chinese).
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