Aiguo Meng

Aiguo Meng

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Laboratory Medicine from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, USA

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Area of Interest:

Medical Sciences
Drug Discovery

Selected Publications

  1. Sun, H., J.J. Li, Z.R. Feng, H.Y. Liu and A.G. Meng, 2020. MicroRNA?124 regulates cell pyroptosis during cerebral ischemia?reperfusion injury by regulating STAT3 Exp. Ther. Med., Vol. 20. 10.3892/etm.2020.9357.
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  2. Zhang, W. and A. Meng, 2019. MicroRNA?124 expression in the brains of rats during early cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury is associated with cell apoptosis involving STAT3. Exp. Ther. Med., 17: 2870-2876.
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  3. Li, Y., W. Zhang, C. Chen, C. Zhang and J. Duan et al., 2018. Inotodiol protects PC12 cells against injury induced by oxygen and glucose deprivation/restoration through inhibiting oxidative stress and apoptosis. J. Appl. Biomed., 16: 126-132.
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  4. Zhang, W., C. Chen, C. Zhang, J. Duan and H. Yao et al., 2017. Insight into the binding interaction of kaempferol-7-o-?-l-rhamnopyranoside with human serum albumin by multiple fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular modeling. Exp. Ther. Med., 13: 3619-3623.
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  5. Liu, C., L. Hou, A. Meng, G. Han, W. Zhang and S. Jiang, 2016. Design, synthesis and bioactivity evaluation of galf mimics as antitubercular agents. Carbohydr. Res., 429: 135-142.
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  6. Meng, A.G. and L.L. Jiang, 2009. Pseudolaric acid b-induced apoptosis through p53-dependent pathway in human gastric carcinoma cells. J. Asian Nat. Prod. Res., 11: 142-152.
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