Dr. Hengfu  Yang
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Dr. Hengfu Yang

Associate Professor
Hunan First Normal University, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Computer Application from University of Hunan, Hunan, China

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Dr. Hengfu Yang is currently working as Associate Professor at Hunan Fist Normal University, Changsha, China. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Application from same University. His main area of interest related to Information Hiding, Digital Watermarking, Digital Forensics, Information Security, Multimedia and Image Processing. His area of expertise includes Image Processing, Feature Extraction, Geometric Invariant, Digital Watermark, Image Security, Image Denoise, Image Filter, Image Encryption, Data Hiding, Image Fusion, Chaotic Encryption, and Multimedia Retrieval. He has published 17 articles in journals as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Information Hiding
Digital Watermarking
Digital Forensics
Information Security

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Yang, H. and J. Yin, 2012. An adaptive block truncation coding algorithm based on data hiding. Inform. Technol. J., 11: 647-650.
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  2. Wang, X., Y. Liu and H. Yang, 2012. An anonymous authentication scheme based on fully homomorphic encryption in P2P networks. Inform. Technol. J., 11: 613-619.
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  3. Xiang, L., X. Sun, Y. Liu and H. Yang, 2011. A secure steganographic method via multiple choice questions. Inform. Technol. J., 10: 992-1000.
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  4. Xia, B., X. Sun, L. Xiang, H. Luo and H. Yang, 2011. Detection of LSB matching steganography using neighborhood node degree characteristics. Inform. Technol. J., 10: 1601-1607.
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  5. Mohammad, N., X. Sun and H. Yang, 2011. An excellent Image data hiding algorithm based on BTC. Inform. Technol. J., 10: 1415-1420.
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  6. Luo, H., X. Sun, H. Yang and Z. Xia, 2011. A robust image watermarking based on image restoration using SIFT. Radioengineering, 20: 525-532.
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  7. Yang, H., X. Sun, G. Sun and Z. Tian, 2010. Lossless authentication watermarking based on adaptive modular arithmetic. Radioengineering, 19: 52-61.
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  8. Yang, H., X. Sun and G. Sun, 2010. A semi-fragile watermarking algorithm using adaptive least significant Bit substitution. Inform. Technol. J., 9: 20-26.
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  9. Yang, Y., X. Sun, H. Yang, C.T. Li and R. Xiao, 2009. A contrast-sensitive reversible visible image watermarking technique. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol., 19: 656-667.
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  10. Yang, H., X. Sun and G. Sun, 2009. A high-capacity image data hiding scheme using adaptive LSB substitution. Radioengineering, 18: 509-516.
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  11. Abdulfetah, A., X. Sun and H. Yang, 2009. Quantization based robust image watermarking in DCT-SVD domain. Res. J. Inform. Technol., 1: 107-114.
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  12. Yang, Y., X. Sun, H. Yang and C. Li, 2008. Removable visible image watermarking algorithm in the discrete cosine transform domain. J. Electr. Imag., 17: 033008-033008.
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  13. Yang, H. and X. Sun, 2007. Semi-fragile watermarking for image authentication and tamper detection using HVS model. Proceedings of International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, April 26-28, Seoul, pp: 1112-1117.
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  14. Mohammad, N., X. Sun and H. Yang, 2007. A robust wavelet-based color image digital watermarking algorithm. J. Comput. Res. Dev., 41: 379-384.
  15. Yang, H. and C. Xiaowen, 2003. A robust image-adaptive public watermarking technique in wavelet domain. J. Software, 14: 1652-1660.
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