Dr. Feng  Tian

Dr. Feng Tian

Post-doctoral Fellow
China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Clinical and Post-Marketing Methodology from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China

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Area of Interest:

Clinical Methodology
Post-Marketing Methodology

Selected Publications

  1. Xie, Y.M., X. Liao and F. Tian, 2013. Translation and introduction of the guide on methodological standards in pharmacoepidemiology. China J. Chinese Materia Med., 38: 2949-2957.
  2. Xie, Y.M. and F. Tian, 2013. Regulations and guidelines should be strengthened urgently for Re-evaluation on Post-marketing medicines in China. Chinese J. Integrative Med., 19: 483-487.
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  3. Xie, Y.M. and F. Tian, 2013. Interpretation on the guideline on good pharmacovigilance practices for the European Union. China J. Chinese Materia Medica, 38: 2963-2968.
  4. Li, Y., Y. Qin, Y. Xie, F. Tian, 2013. Grouped penalization estimation of the osteoporosis data in the traditional Chinese medicine. J. Applied Stat., 40: 699-711.
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  5. Zhou, X.H., S.L. Li, F. Tian, B.J. Cai and Y.M. Xie et al., 2012. Building a disease risk model of osteoporosis based on traditional Chinese medicine symptoms and western medicine risk factors. Stat. Med., 31: 643-652.
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  6. Zhou, X.H., B. Chen, Y.M. Xie, F. Tian, H. Liu and X. Liang, 2012. Variable selection using the optimal ROC curve: An application to a traditional Chinese medicine study on osteoporosis disease. Stat. Med., 31: 628-635.
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  7. Yang, W., D.H. Yi, Y.M. Xie and F. Tian, 2012. Statistical identification of syndromes feature and structure of disease of western medicine based on general latent structure model. Chinese J. Integrative Med., 18: 850-861.
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  8. Xie, Y., J. Li, Q. Cui, W. Lv and D. Yi et al., 2012. Analysis on risk factors of postmenopausal women with High-risk of osteoporosis based on multinomial logit model. World Sci. Technol.-Modern. Traditional Chinese Med., 14: 1835-1840.
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  9. Xie, Y., B. Cai, F. Tian, D. Yi and Z. Yu et al., 2012. Establishment of a discriminant model for 40-65 years old postmenopausal osteoporosis women based on generalized partial linear model. Chinese J. Health Stat., 29: 837-839.
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  10. Tian, F., Y.M. Xie, D.H. Yl, K. Yu, S. Kang, J.P. Li and Q.R. Cui, 2012. Reliability and validity analysis on risk factor and syndrome questionnaire of postmenopausal osteoporosis in 40-65 years' old women. Chinese J. Basic Med. Traditional Chinese Med., 18: 609-611.
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  11. Tian, F., Y. Xie, S. Li, D. Yi and K. Yu et al., 2012. A screening tool for community high risk population with postmenopausal osteoporosis based on TCM theory. J. Traditional Chinese Med., 53: 1012-1015.
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  12. Tian, F., J. Du, Y.M. Xie, Y. Pei and H. Liu et al., 2012. Reliability analysis of 40-65 years old women osteoporosis risk factors and TCM syndromes questionnaire based on generalizability theory. China J. Traditional Chinese Med. Pharmacy, 27: 193-195.
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  13. Liao, X., Y.M. Xie, F. Tian and H. Shen, 2012. Overview of design, implementation and analysis of comparative effectiveness research China. J. Chinese Materia Medica, 38: 930-936.
  14. Xie, Y., Y. Wang, F. Tian and Y. Wang, 2011. Basic requirements on post-marketing clinical Re-evaluation of chinese medicine and phase IV clinical trials. China J. Chinese Materia Med., 36: 2764-2767.
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  15. Xie, Y., W. Yang, F. Tian, D.H. Yi and K. Yu et al., 2011. Latent tree model analysis on TCM syndrome factors of primary osteoporosis among 40-65 years old women. Chinese J. Basic Med. Traditional Chinese Med., 17: 731-734.
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