Dr. Bin  Lin

Dr. Bin Lin

Lingnan Normal University, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Partial Differential Equations from Xi`an Jiaotong University, China

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Dr. Bin Lin is currently working at School of Mathematics and Computation Science, Linnang (Zhanjiang) Normal University, China. He obtained his Ph.D. in Partial Differential Equations from Xi`an Jiaotong University, China. He has published 12 articles in journals as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Partial Differential Equations
Applied Mathematics

Selected Publications

  1. Lin, B., 2015. Septic spline function method for nonlinear Schrodinger equations. Applicable Anal., 94: 279-293.
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  2. Lin, B., 2015. Non-polynomial splines method for numerical solutions of the regularized long wave equation. Int. J. Comput. Math., 92: 1591-1607.
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  3. Lin, B., 2014. Parametric spline solution of the regularized long wave equation. Applied Math. Comput., 243: 358-367.
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  4. Lin, B., 2014. A nonpolynomial spline scheme for the generalized regularized long wave equation. Stud. Applied Math., 132: 160-182.
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  5. Lin, B., 2013. Parametric cubic spline method for the solution of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Comput. Phys. Commun., 184: 60-65.
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  6. Lin, B., X. Wu and K. Li, 2010. Shannon wavelet method for solving heat conduction problems. Int. J. Numer. Methods Applic., 3: 87-94.

  7. Lin, B., K. Li and Z. Cheng, 2010. Recurrence method for solving singularly perturbed boundary value problems. Stud. Applied Math., 125: 331-443.
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  8. Lin, B., 2010. The solution of the nonlinear differential equation by adomian decomposition method. Adv. Applic. Math. Sci., 5: 165-170.

  9. Lin, B. and K. Li, 2010. The (1+ 3)-dimensional Burgers equation and its comparative solutions. Comput. Math. Applic., 60: 3082-3087.
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  10. Lin, B., K. Li and Z. Cheng, 2009. B-spline solution of a singularly perturbed boundary value problem arising in biology. Chaos Solitons Fractal, 42: 2934-2948.
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  11. Lin, B. and K. Li, 2009. Differential transformation method for solving nonlinear differential equations. Chin. J. Eng. Math., 6: 1137-1140.