Prof. Dr. Rafiqul  Islam

Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam

Professor and Faculty Dean
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Petro-Chemical Engineering from Azerbaijan Institute of Petro-Chemical Processes Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan

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Dr. Rafiqul Islam is Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a Professor and former Chairman of the Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, University of Dhaka. He is also the In-Charge of the Science Workshop and Director, Center for Climate Change Study and Resource Utilization of Dhaka University and Chief of the HEQEP (Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project of the University Grants Commission and the World Bank) in the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Dr. Rafiqul Islam is also serving at the moment as Chairman of the Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of Dhaka. He also selected for a Scholarship of the Govt. of Bangladesh and the former Soviet Union in 1974, and availing the Scholarship, he had his combined B.Sc. and Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Azerbaijan Red Banner Order Institute of Petroleum & Chemistry, Baku in 1980 with highest CGPA amongst all - 4.85/5 and was awarded Red Certificate (degree with honours). Dr. Islam did his Ph.D. from Azerbaijan Institute of Petro-Chemical Processes, Academy of Sciences in 1985 with high acclamation. Prof. Islam has been honored as Distinguished Ex-Cadet of Jhenidah Cadet College, a school of highest discipline in the country. He was the Winner in the Moscow Olympiad of Young Scientists. Dr. Islam was a visiting Professor in many renowned universities of Asia and Europe and availed many prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowships like Marie Curie Bursary by the Commission of the European Communities in Clausthal Technical University, Germany, UNESCO Fellowship in East China University of Science & Technology Shanghai, Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship & Europe Research Fellowship in Stuttgart University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of Geneva, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands and Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in the University of Nottingham, UK. Dr. Islam made more than 70 publications in national & international journals on Energy & Environment related research. His current research interest includes energy efficiency improvement and CO2 emission reduction, technology of processing fossil fuels, water treatment and environmental pollution, membrane and nano-technology, climate change mitigation. Dr. Islam was invited to give seminar on Energy, Environment & Climate Change related issues in many renowned educational institutions. He is serving as a Governing Body Member of many institutions in Bangladesh like: Military Institute of Science and Technology, Training Institute for Chemical Industries, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research, etc.) and also works as expert in many national committees. He is member of several Professional Bodies in Bangladesh, including life fellow of the Bangladesh Institution of Engineers, life member of Bangladesh Chemical Society, and life member of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Professor Islam was the General Secretary of the Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh for four terms. He was the Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Chemical Society and Vice-Chairman of Bangladesh Chemical Congress (International Conference) of 2008 and 2012 and was also the Vice-Chairman of Bangladesh Chemical Conference 2011. Prof Islam was appointed as First Ambassador Scientist of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany in Bangladesh for three years from June 2010 and in June 2013 he has been reappointed to this honourable position for another term until June 2016 and is the country Adviser for the Development Partnership for Higher Education, UK.

Area of Interest:

Energy Efficient Control
Climate Change Mitigation
Water Treatment
Fossil Fuel

Selected Publications

  1. Tonny, W., M.O. Tuhin, R. Islam and R.A. Khan, 2014. Fabrication and characterization of biodegradable packaging films using starch and chitosan: Effect of glycerol. J. Chem. Eng. Chem. Res., 1: 343-352.
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