Mr. Md. Ershadul  Haque

Mr. Md. Ershadul Haque

Research Assistant
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Transmission Loss Analysis
Structural Health Monitoring
Sensor Network Application
Optimum Topology

Selected Publications

  1. Haque, M.E. and M.A. Hannan, 2019. Toward Optimum Topology Protocol in Health Monitoring. In: Performability in Internet of Things, Al-Turjman, F. (Ed.). Springer, Cham, ISBN: 978-3-319-93556-0, pp: 81-109.
  2. Haque, M.E., M.A. Hannan, M.F. Hossain, M.M. Islam and M.J. Abedin, 2017. Lifetime measure of dense and sparse topology sensor network in structural health monitoring. EAI Trans. Scalable Syst. Inform., Vol. 4. 10.4108/eai.28-6-2017.152752.
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  3. Haque, M.E., M.A. Hannan, M.R. Islam and M.H.H. Rahman, 2016. Investigations optimum scheduling and TCP mechanism of hybrid topology sensor network in building SHM. Optik-Int. J. Light Electron Optics, 127: 3218-3224. 127: 3218-3224.
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  4. Haque, M.E., M.F.M. Zain, M.A. Hannan, M. Jamil and M. Asikuzzaman, 2015. Real time prototype to measure structural acceleration and tilt of high-rise building. Przeglad Elektrotechniczny, 91: 177-182.
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  5. Haque, M.E., M.F.M. Zain and M. Jamil, 2015. Performance assessment of tree topology sensor network based on scheduling algorithm for overseeing high-rise building structural health information. Optik-Int. J. Light Electron Optics, 126: 1676-1682.
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  6. Haque, M.E., M.F. Zain, M.A. Hannan and M.H. Rahman, 2015. Building structural health monitoring using dense and sparse topology wireless sensor network. Smart Struct. Syst., 16: 607-621.
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  7. Haque, M.E. and M.S. Hossain, 2014. Reliability and accuracy analysis of BPSK and QAM modulation scheme for assessing structural health data. Eur. J. Sci. Res., 127: 75-86.
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  8. Haque, M.E., M.F.M. Zain, M.A. Hannan, M. Jamil and M.H. Johari, 2013. Transmission loss computed of star topology sensor network base on DT, RED and SFQ buffer mechanism for overseeing high rise building structural health. Int. J. Biosci. Biochem. Bioinform., 3: 646-649.
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  9. Haque, M.E., M.F.M. Zain, M.A. Hannan, M. Jamil and H. Johari, 2013. Loss monitoring of star topology sensor network based on scheduling algorithm for assessing structural health information. Am. J. Applied Sci., 10: 1484-1491.
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  10. Haque, M.E., M.F.M. Zain, M. Jamil, M.A. Hannan and A. Al Suman, 2013. M-array quadrature amplitude modulation wireless sensor network modulator reliability and accuracy analyze in civil SHM. J. Comput. Sci., 9: 1738-1746.
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  11. Haque, M.E., M.F.M. Zain, M.A. Hannan, M. Jamil and H. Johari, 2012. Recent application of structural civil health monitoring using WSN and FBG. World Applied Sci. J., 20: 585-590.