Dr. Md. Rayhan Faruque
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Dr. Md. Rayhan Faruque

Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine from Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Animal Microbiology
Poultry Production
Animal Health

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Das, B.C., M. Ahaduzzaman, S. Akter, F. Hossain, M.R. Faruque and B.C. Sutradhar, 2015. Management of a traumatic wound in a malnourished orphan Asian baby elephant (Elephas maximus). Int. J. Nat. Sci., 5: 21-25.
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  2. Parvez, M.A., M.R. Faruque, B.C. Sutradhar, M.M. Rahman, A. Mannan and R. Khatun, 2014. Clinical diseases and manifestations of goats and cattle recorded at teaching veterinary hospital in Chittagong veterinary and animal sciences university. Bangladesh J. Vet. Med., 12: 73-81.
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  3. Sikder, S., A.K.M. Anisur Rahman, M.R. Faruque, M.A. Alim and S. Das et al., 2012. Bovine brucellosis: An epidemiological study at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Pak. Vet. J., 32: 499-502.
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  4. Faruque, M.R., S.A. Begum, M.S. Pallab, M. Masuduzzaman and M.A. Kashem, 2012. Isolation rate of Salmonella in dead chickens from commercial poultry farms in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Bangladesh J. Vet. Anim. Sci., 1: 35-39.
  5. Shuvo, K.B., M.K. Roy, M.R. Faruque, K. Roy and K.K. Ghosh, 2011. Prevalence of gastro-intestinal perasites in calf at Panchagar district. Eco-Friendly Agric. J., 4: 524-526.
  6. Hasan, B., R. Faruque, M. Drobni, J. Waldenstrom and A. Sadique et al., 2011. High prevalence of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic Escherichia coli from large- and small-scale poultry farms in Bangladesh. Avian Dis., 55: 689-692.
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  7. Paul, A., S.R. Barua, P. Chakraborty, M.R. Faruque and M.M. Amin, 2010. Comparative efficacy of a conventional and a newly developed fowl cholera vaccine in commercial layer chickens. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 26: 15-19.
  8. Nath, B.D., P. Chakraborty, M.S. Pallab, H. Barua and M.R. Faruque, 2009. Diagnosis of salmonellosis in some selected layer farms of COX's Bazar district, Bangladesh. Eco-Friendly Agric. J., 2: 931-935.
  9. Uddin, M.M., M. Chowdhury, M.R. Faruque, Azizunnesa and O.F. Miazi, 2008. Prevalence and vaccine efficacy of FMD at field level in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Eco-Friendly Agric. J., 1: 316-318.
  10. Faruque, M.R., S.U. Bhuiyan, S.S.U. Ahmed and M.Y.E. Chowdhury, 2008. Prevalence of skin diseases of rabbit. Int. J. Anim. Fish. Sci., 1: 119-121.
  11. Chowdhury, M.Y.E., M.R. Faruque, S.S.U. Ahmed, Azizunnesa and S. Chowdhury, 2008. Occurrence of diseases and disorders of goat recorded at Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Int. J. Anim. Fish. Sci., 1: 90-93.
  12. Biswas, P.K., J.P. Christensen, S.S.U. Ahmed, H. Barua and A. Das et al., 2008. Avian influenza outbreaks in chickens, Bangladesh. Emerg. Infect. Dis., 14: 1909-1912.
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  13. Ahmed, S.S.U., M.M. Uddin, T. Ferdushy, M.R. Faruque and M.A.M. Prodhan, 2008. Case study of PPR with special effort on diagnosis and treatment with atropine supported fluid therapy. Bangladesh. Int. J. Anim. Fish. Sci., 1: 104-108.
  14. Faruque, M.R., J.P. Christensen, M. Bisgaard, B.C. Roy and P.K. Biawas, 2007. Factors influencing the vaccination programme for Newcastle disease in Bangladesh: Disease outbreaks, haemagglutination-inhibition titres and production under field conditions. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 24: 90-94.
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  15. Faruque, M.R. and J.P. Christensen, 2007. Impacts of Mycoplasma gallisepticum vaccine on newcastle disease vaccination and protection in parent stock flocks. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 24: 62-64.
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  16. Roy, B.C., H. Ranvig, S.D. Chowdhury, M.M. Rashid and M.R. Faruque, 2004. Production of day-old chicks from crossbred chicken eggs by broody hens, rice husk incubator and electric incubator and their rearing up to 6 weeks. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., Vol. 16. .
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  17. Faruque, M.R., S.S.U. Ahmed, Y.C. Chowdhury and M.S. Mahmud, 2004. Prevalence of infectious bursal disease in layers and broilers at Bandar Upazila under Narayangonj district. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 21: 3-5.
  18. Biswas, P.K., B.K. Sil, R. Faruque, S. Ahmed, D. Biswas and S. Chowdhury, 2002. Adenovirus induced hydropericardium-hepatitis syndrome in broiler parent chickens in chittagong, Bangladesh. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 5: 994-996.
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  19. Biswas, P.K., R. Faruque, S. Ahmed and V.C. Dey, 2001. Antibiotic sensitivity pattern of pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from Fayoumi chicken. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 18: 121-126.
  20. Faruque, M.R., A.N.M.A. Rahman, M.M. Rahman and A.J. Sarker, 2000. Determination of immune status of chicken against Newcastle disease using Neutralization test. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 17: 61-68.
  21. Rahman, M.M., A.N.M.A. Rahman, M.R. Faruque and A. Awal, 1999. Comparative efficacy of different drugs against Salmonella gallinarum infection in chicks. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 16: 53-57.
  22. Faruque, M.R., A.N.M.A. Rahman and A.J. Sarker, 1999. Evaluation of the level of antibody production in chickens against Newcastle disease using haemagglutination-inhibition test. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 16: 35-42.
  23. Biswas, P.K., A.N.M.A. Rahman, M.R. Faruque, P.F. Sonin, Y.V. Kanapatov and T. Islam, 1996. Adhesion properties and fimbrial antigens of pathogenic E. coli from poultry. Bangladesh J. Microbiol., 13: 15-21.