Dr. Md. Shafiqul  Islam
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Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam

Assistant Professor
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology from Mendel University, Czech Republic

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Biotechnology
Plant Breeding
Crop Science

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Prodhan, F., M.S.U. Bhuiya, M.R. Uddin, U.K. Sarker and M.S. Islam, 2019. Effect of water management system on the performance of boro rice. Adv. Agric. Sci., 7: 60-73.
  2. Zaman, F., M.S. Islam and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2018. Allelopathic activity of the Oxalis europea L. extracts on the growth of eight test plant species. Res. Crops, 19: 304-309.
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  3. Salam, M.A., A. Rahman, K. Hossen and M.S. Islam, 2017. Effect of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) biomass and nitrogen level on seed suppression and yield of transplant aman rice cv. BR11. J. Agroforest. Environ., 11: 191-196.
  4. Mou, M.R.J., M.A. Salam, K. Hossen, H. Kato-Noguchi and M.S. Islam, 2017. Effect of weeding regime on the performance of transplanted aman rice. J. Agroforest. Environ., 11: 261-266.
  5. Islam, S., M.A. Salam, M. Begum, K. Hossen and M.S. Islam, 2017. Effect of integrated weed management on the performance of short duration transplanted aman rice varieties. Eur. Aca. Res., 5: 5070-5089.
  6. Islam, M.S., A. Iwasaki, K. Suenaga and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2017. Isolation and identification of two potential phytotoxic substances from the aquatic fern Marsilea crenata. J. Plant Biol., 60: 75-81.
  7. Islam, M.S., A. Iwasaki, K. Suenaga and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2017. Evaluation of phytotoxic potential and identification of phytotoxic compounds in Rumex maritimus. Plant Biosys., 152: 804-809.
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  8. Islam, M.S., A. Iwasaki, K. Suenaga and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2017. 2-Methoxystypandrone, a potent phytotoxic substance in Rumex maritimus L. Theor. Expt. Plant Physiol., 29: 195-202.
  9. Islam, M.S. and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2016. Phytotoxicity assessment of Cyperus difformis (L.) towards a sustainable weed management option. J. Anim. Plant Sci., 26: 1765-1771.
  10. Islam, M.S. and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2016. Allelopathic potential of the weed Fimbristylis dichotoma (L.) on four dicotyledonous and four monocotyledonous test plant species. Res. Cropsm 17: 388-394.
  11. Nahar, A., M. S. H. Choudhury, M. A. Rahim, S. Ray and M.S. Islam, 2015. Effect of scion defoliation and stock leaf retention on the grafting success and survivability of Lime. Eur. Aca. Res., 3: 9720-9728.
  12. Hoque, M.I., M. Kamruzzaman, S.K. Bhowmik, H. Kato-Noguchi and M.S. Islam, 2015. Groundwater quality status of Bakergonj upazila in Bangladesh for irrigation, drinking and livestock consumption. Am. Eur. J. Agric. Environ. Sci., 15: 1732-1739.
  13. Hossain, M.J., S.K. Kuri, M.S. Islam and U. Mondal, 2014. Estimating the effect of climate change on rice production: a study from Mymensingh district of Bangladesh using quantile regression method. Int. J. Sustain. Crop Prod., 9: 1-7.
  14. Hamim, I., M.S. Islam, M.A. Sarkar and M.A. Ali, 2014. Reaction of some rice cultivars to false Smut in Bangladesh. Bangladesh J. S. Seed Sci. Tech., 17: 75-83.
  15. Islam, M.R., M. Rony, H. Afroz, M.S. Islam and M.M. Hoque, 2014. Phosphorus fractionation in acid soil of Lakkatura tea garden, Sylhet, Bangladesh. J. Soil Nature, 7: 1-6.
  16. Zaman, F., M.A.R. Sarkar, M. Salim, M. S. Islam and S.K. Paul, 2013. Effect of seeding depth and weed management option on the performance of Aus rice cv. NERICA 1 under Dry Direct Seeded Rice (DDSR) system of cultivation. Bangladesh J. Crop Sci., 24: 103-110.
  17. Sumon, M., M.S.U. Bhuiya, M.S. Islam and F. Zaman, 2013. Effect of nursery management practices on growth and yield of BRRI dhan51 under submerged condition. J. Agrofor. Environ., 7: 85-88.
  18. Rahman, K.S., S.K. Paul, M.A.R. Sarkar and M.S. Islam, 2013. Growth parameters of transplant aman rice (cv. BRRI dhan52) as influenced by age of tillers seedlings, number of tiller seedlings hill-1 and level of USG. J. Environ. Sci. Nat. Resour., 6: 101-108.
  19. Kirttania, B., M.A.R. Sarkar, S.K. Paul and M.S. Islam, 2013. Morpho-physiological attributes of transplant aman rice as influenced by variety, age of tiller seedlings and nitrogen management. J. Agrofor. Environ. 7: 149-154.
  20. Akter, R., M.A. Samad, F. Zaman and M.S. Islam, 2013. Effect of weeding on the growth, yield and yield contributing characters of mungbean (Vigna radiate L.). J. Bangladesh Agric. Univ., 11: 53-60.
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  21. Akter, N., M.S.U. Bhuiya, M.A. Salam, M.S. Islam and H. Kato-Noguchi, 2013. Effect of spacing and number of seedlingshill-1 on the yield of BRRI dhan29. Int. J. Expt. Agric., 4: 7-10.
  22. Sultana, M., M.A. Kader, M.S. Islam and F. Zaman, 2012. Performance of transplanted aman rice under various levels and sources of nitrogen application. Bangladesh J. Environ. Sci., 23: 202-206.
  23. Islam, M.S., M.A.R. Sarkar, M.S.U. Bhuiya and F. Zaman, 2012. Effect of nitrogen level and harvesting time on yield and seed quality of Aus rice cv. NERICA 1 under Dry Direct Seeded Rice (DDSR) system of cultivation. Bangladesh J. Environ. Sci., 22: 132-137.