Dr. Chun  Chu Liu

Dr. Chun Chu Liu

Research Scientist
Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Economics from Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

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Area of Interest:

Business Management and Accounting
Business Organizations
Business Strategy
Innovation Management

Selected Publications

  1. Hsu, Y.L., and C.C. Liu, 2011. Evaluation and selection of regeneration of waste lubricating oil technology. Environ. Monitor. Assess., 176: 197-212.
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  2. Chen, W.S., C.Y. Chen, F.C. Chen and C.C. Liu, 2011. The impact of the taipei port container terminal on the northern region of Taiwan: A computable general equilibrium model. J. Marine Sci. Technol., 19: 120-126.
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  3. Hsu, Y.L. and C.C. Liu, 2010. Environmental performance evaluation and strategy management using balanced scorecard. Environ. Monit. Assess., 170: 599-607.
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  4. Liu, C.C., 2009. A study of optimal weights restriction in data envelopment analysis. Appl. Econ., 41: 1785-1790.
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  5. Cheng, J.F., C.Y. Chen, Y.K. Chen and C.C. Liu, 2009. Food and beverages management performance of Taipei international tourist hotels. Bus. Rev. Camb., 13: 319-325.
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  7. Liu, C.C., 2008. Evaluating the operational efficiency of major ports in the asia-pacific region using data envelopment analysis. Appl. Econ., 40: 1737-1743.
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  8. Liu, C.C., 2007. An extended method for key factors in reducing CO2emissions. Appl. Math. Comput., 189: 440-451.
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  9. Liu, C.C., 2007. A model for innovation strategies CDFAs in Taiwan. Int. Res. J. Fin. Econ., 8: 31-40.
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  10. Liu, C.C., 2007. A dea study to evaluate the relative efficiency and investigate the reorganization of the credit department of farmers' associations in Taiwan. Appl. Econ., 39: 2663-2671.
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  11. Liu, C.C., 2006. Simulating weight restrictions in data envelopment analysis using the subjective and objective integrated approach. Appl. Econ., 38: 2545-2552.
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  12. Liu, C.C., 2006. Productivity changes of credit department of farmer's associations of the NAN-TOU county in Taiwan: 1995-2004. Econ. Bull., 17: 1-8.
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  13. Liu, C.C., 2006. Constructing a value-based service development model. J. Appl. Bus. Res., 22: 47-60.
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  14. Liu, C.C., 2006. An analysis of the factors affecting change in an industry's profit: The example of the Taiwan cement industry. Appl. Math. Comput., 183: 695-703.
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  15. Liu, C.C. and C.Y. Chen, 2004. A computable general equilibrium model of southern region in Taiwan: The impact of the tainan science-based industrial park. Am. J. Applied Sci., 1: 220-224.
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