Dr. Naciye Yaktubay Dondas

Dr. Naciye Yaktubay Dondas

Cukurova University, Turkey

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology from Cukurova University, Turkey

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Naciye Yaktubay Dondas, Ph.D., is a Professor at Cukurova University School of Medicine, has over 60 scientific papers and projects either presented or published. She is an internationally recognized expert in many areas of advanced medicine including Molecular Pharmacology, Phytopharmacology, Psycopharmacology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Therapy and Drug Discovery. She is requested lecturer and scientist at the medical schools, health systems, and National Medical Symposiums throughout Turkey and Visiting Scientist in Leeds University (UK). Dr. Dondas has worked as a technical associate editor or a reviewer for Scialert since 2004. Recent publications include a paper on ion channels and nitric oxide. Dr. Dondas is a faculty member of of Medicine at Cukurova University, where she routinely lectures on various topics related to advanced medical treatment, molecular pharmacology and Ayurveda. She has served as a member of various medical and scientific societies and acted on a number of institutional committees. Dr. Dondas is recognized by her peers as a Scientific and Medical expert in molecular pharmacolog. Dr. Dondas has been investigating the molecular mechanism of the drugs for twenty years. Dr. Dondas holds a BS in Pharmacy from Gazi University and Ph.D with high degree from Cukurova University School of Medicine.

Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Molecular Pharmacology
Holistic Medicine

Selected Publications

  1. Dondas, N.Y., M. Kaplan, D. Kaya and E. Singirik, 2012. Contribution of Phospholipase C and Proteinkinase C but not Endothelin-Converting Enzyme to Contractile Responses of Ethanol. Turk. J. Med. Sci., 42: 649-656.
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  2. Dondas, N.Y., N. Sucu, B.C. Yilmaz, H.M. Kaplan and M. Ozeren et al., 2011. Molecular mechanism of vasorelaxant and antiatherogenic effects of the statins in the human saphenous vein graft. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 666: 150-157.
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  3. Dondas, N.Y., D. Kaya, M. Kaplan, P. Ertug and E. Singirik, 2010. Ethanol-induced relaxation of mouse esophagus: Subcellular mechanisms. Fundam. Clin. Pharmacol., 24: 161-170.
  4. Naciye, D.Y., H.S. Buyuknacar, E.K. Kumcu, C. Gocmen and E. Singirik, 2009. Effects of metal cations on mouse detrusor muscle. J. Health Sci., 25: 113-118.
  5. Naciye, D.Y., H.S. Buyuknacar, E.K. Kumcu, C. Gocmen and E. Singirik, 2009. Comparison between S-nitroso-L-cysteine and sodium nitroprusside on the effect of intracellular calcium. J. Health Sci., 25: 129-136.
  6. Elliott, D.J.S., Y.N. Dondas, T.S. Munsey and A. Sivaprasadarao, 2009. Movement of the S4 segment in the hERG potassium channel during membrane depolarization. Mol. Membr. Biol., 26: 435-447.
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  7. Dondas, N.Y., K. Yusuf, K. Derya, S. Neslihan, S. Ergin and B. Firuz, 2009. Molecular mechanism of KCl-induced relaxation of the esophagus. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 605: 123-128.
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  8. Dondas, N.Y., M. Kaplan, D. Kaya and E. Singirik, 2009. The impact of extracellular and intracellular Ca2+ on ethanol-induced smooth muscle contraction. Acta Pharmacol. Sin., 30: 1421-1427.
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  9. Naciye, D.Y., A. Dikmen, F. Baysal and E. Singirik, 2007. The role of nitric oxide on the relaxations induced by potasium chloride in isolated frog gastric fundus. J. Med. Sci., 32: 35-49.
  10. Ogulener, N., Y.D. Naciye and S. Ata, 2006. The location of photodegradable nitric oxide store in the mouse stomach fundus. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 548: 137-143.
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  11. Naciye, D., Y. Karatas, E. Kumcu and A. Dikmen, 2004. Possible interactions between neomycin and calcium channels in abdominal skeletal muscle. Asia Pac. J. Pharmacol., 16: 57-62.
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  12. Naciye, D., Y. Karatas and A. Dikmen, 2004. Characterization of nicotinic cholinergic receptors. Indian J. Pharmacol., 36: 72-75.
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  13. Naciye, D., 2004. A Semi-Quantitative method for the estimation of adenosine A1 Receptor mRNA levels in rat kidney. Indian J. Pharmacol., 36: 167-170.
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  14. Kumcu, E.K., H.G.B. Sinem, E.K. Olcay, G. Cemil, D. Naciye and D. Atilla, 2004. Effect of melatonin on impaired neurogenic and endothelial relaxations by bacterial lipopolysaccharide in the mouse corpus cavernosum. Pharmacol., 71: 128-134.
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  15. Dondas, N., 2004. Adenosine receptors and cloning techniques. Arch., 13: 230-240.
  16. Dondas, H.A and Y.D. Naciye, 2004. Synthesis of some novel tricyclic α-aminoacid esters and potential bioactive compounds via 1,2-prototropy and 1,3-APT cascade reactions. Heterocycl. Commun., 10: 313-318.
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  17. Dondas, H.A and N. Yaktubay, 2003. Synthesis of two and antibacterial activity of one novel oxime ether derivatives of erythromycin A. II Farmaco, 58: 1011-1015.
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  18. Dondas, H.A and N. Yaktubay, 2003. N-Heterocycles from oxime and oxime o-benzyl ethers via electrophile ınduced - ring formation. route to cyclic and bicyclic amine and hydroxylamine. Heterocycl. Commun., 9: 337-344.
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  19. Ogulener, N., E. Yusuf, D. Naciye and D. Atilla, 2001. The influence of nitric oxide donors on the responses to nitrergic nerve stimulation in the mouse duodenum. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 421: 121-131.
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