Dr. Murat  Eyvaz

Dr. Murat Eyvaz

Associate Professor
Gebze Technical University, Turkey

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Environmental Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

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Dr. Eyvaz is an Associate Professor of the Environmental Engineering Department (ENVE) at Gebze Technical University (GTU). He received his bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Kocaeli University in Turkey in 2004. He completed his graduate work (M.Sc., 2006 and Ph.D., 2013) at Gebze Institute of Technology (former name of GTU) in Environmental Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Mehmet KOBYA, Prof. in ENVE-GTU (for M.Sc.), and of Dr. Ebubekir YÜKSEL, Prof. in ENVE-GTU and Dr. Ömer AKGİRAY, Professor and Chair of ENVE at Marmara University, (for Ph. D.). He completed his post-doctoral research in the National Research Center on Membrane Technologies (in Istanbul Technical University) under the mentorship of Dr. İsmail KOYUNCU, Professor and Manager of the center, between March 2014-March 2015.

Dr. Eyvaz has been in the Environmental Engineering Department of GTU as a Faculty Member (2017-present). His research interests are applications in water and wastewater treatment facilities, electrochemical treatment process, and filtration systems at the lab. and pilot scale, membrane processes (forward osmosis, reverse osmosis, membrane bioreactors), membrane manufacturing methods (polymeric membranes, nanofiber membranes, electrospinning), spectrophotometric analyses (UV, atomic absorption spectrophotometry), chromatographic analyses (gas chromatography, high-pressure liquid chromatography). He has published his findings in the premier journals of his field, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Separation and Purification Technology, Journal of Membrane Science, and Chemical Engineering Journal. He has produced more than 20 peer-reviewed publications (cited over 1000 times) with an h index of 12. He serves as an editor for over 45 various journals and a reviewer in 140 different various journals and conferences indexed in SCI, SCI-E, and other indexes.

Dr. Eyvaz and his co-authors’ peer-reviewed publications have continuously and increasingly been cited. By December 2020, the totals of citations to Dr. Eyvaz’s journal publications are 555, 599, and 1055 for Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholars databases, respectively, and his h-indexes* are 10, 10, and 12, respectively.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environmental Engineering
Wastewater Treatment
Technology Services
Hazardous Materials

Selected Publications

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