Dr. Cengiz Elmaci
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Dr. Cengiz Elmaci

Uludag University, Turkiye

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Science from Ankara University, Turkiye

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Genetic
Animal Breeding
Animal Production
Livestock Research

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Oner, Y., M. Pullu, O. Akin and C. Elmaci, 2011. Investigation of beta-lactoglobulin (β-lg) and bovine growth hormone (bGH) genes polymorphisms by using HaeIII and MspI restriction enzymes in brown swiss and holstein breeds reared in bursa region. Kafkas Univ. Vet. Fak. Derg., 17: 371-376.
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  2. Oner, Y., J.H. Calvo and C. Elmaci, 2011. Y Chromosomal characterization of Turkish native sheep breeds. Livestock Sci., 136: 277-280.
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  3. Oner, Y., A. Keskin and C. Elmaci, 2010. Identification of BLAD, DUMPS, citrullinamia and factor XI deficiency in holstein cattle in Turkey. Asian J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 5: 60-65.
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  4. Elmaci, C., Y. Oner and M. Koyuncu, 2009. Allelic frequencies of a SacII RFLP at exon 7 of the β-lactoglobulin gene in Turkish hair goat breed. Asian J. Animal Vet. Advances, 4: 130-133.
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  5. Elmaci, C., Y. Oner, S. Ozis and E. Tuncel, 2007. RAPD analysis of DNA polymorphism in Turkish sheep breeds. Biochem. Genet., 45: 691-696.
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  6. Elmaci, C., Y. Oner and M.S. Balcioglu, 2007. β-lactoglobulin gene types in Karacabey Merino sheep breeds using PCR-RFLP. J. Applied Anim. Res., 32: 145-148.
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  7. Oner, Y. and C. Elmaci, 2006. Milk protein polymorphisms in holstein cattle. Int. J. Dairy Technol., 59: 180-182.
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  8. Elmaci, C., Y. Oner, O. Turkyilmaz and M. Cetin, 2006. Genetic polymorphism of some blood proteins in Saanen goats. J. Applied Anim. Res., 30: 113-116.
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  9. Elmaci, C., Y. Oner and M.S. Balcioglu, 2006. Genetic polymorphism of β-lactoglobulin gene in native Turkish sheep breeds. Biochem. Genet., 44: 376-381.
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  10. Oner, Y. and C. Elmaci, 2005. Short communication: β-lactoglobulin polymorphism in holstein cattle. Indian Vet. J., 82: 1210-1211.
  11. Camoglu, G. and C. Elmaci, 2005. Carbonic anhydrase (Ca) and X-protein(X-p) types in Turkish sheep breeds. J. Applied Anim. Res., 28: 125-128.
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  12. Balcioglu, M.S., K. Karabag, C. Elmaci and H.I. Yolcu, 2005. Transferrin polymorphism in Turkish hair goats. Indian Vet. J., 82: 628-629.
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  13. Rozenzvieg, D., C. Elmaci, A. Samach, S. Lurie and R. Porat, 2004. Isolation of four heat shock protein cDNAs from grapefruit peel tissue and characterization of their expression in response to heat and chilling temperature stresses. Physiol. Plant., 121: 421-428.
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  14. Hasdai, M., C. Elmaci, E.E. Goldschmidt, S. Droby and R. Porat, 2004. Isolation of a thioredoxin h cDNA from grapefruit peel tissue that is induced upon infection by Penicillium digitatum and elicitation of pathogen resistance. Physiolog. Mol. Plant Pathol., 65: 277-283.
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  15. Elmaci, C., 2003. Some genetic markers in the native hair goats of Turkey. Indian Vet. J., 80: 233-235.
  16. Elmaci, C. and A. Uzatici, 2002. Studies of Haemoglobin polymorphism of some Turkish sheep breeds. Indian Vet. J., 79: 1017-1019.
  17. Galip, N. and C. Elmaci, 2001. Erythrocyte potassium polymorphism and relationship with blood parameters in Turkish hair goats. J. Genet. Breed., 55: 183-185.
  18. Elmaci, C. and S. Asal, 2000. Blood biochemical polymorphism in angora goat breed. Egypt. J. Anim. Product., 37: 31-36.