Dr. Ergun  Taskin

Dr. Ergun Taskin

Celal Bayar University, Turkey

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biology, Hydrobiology from Celal Bayar University, Turkey

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Dr. Ergun Taskin is currently working as Associate Professor in Department of Biology, Celal Bayar University, Manisa, Turkey. He is researching on Taxonomy, the culture and the life cycles of the Algae and especilally brown algae (Ectocarpales, Cystoseira etc.). He has been researching on sea algaes for 20 years in Turkey, Mediterranean and Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus and report many new species for the first time from this region. In addition he is named for the first time and renamed many species such as Ulva multiramosa E.Taskın, Cylindrocarpus kuckuckii E.Taskın, M.J.Wynne & M.Ozturk, Streblonema collinsii E.Taskın, M.J.Wynne & M.Ozturk and many other species. In addition he has been working on determining the ecological status of coastal and transitional waters by researching antimicrobial antiparasitic and antioxidant activists extracts obtained from algaes. He is also author of the The check-list of the marine flora of Turkey (2008), The Mediterranean Cystoseira (with photographs) (2012), Phycology (Algae) (2012) and Turkey Sea Algae I. Phaeophycea A (2013) books. He has more than 100 scientific publications on scientific field. He has a license E. TASKIN Three Stars (CMAS ***) Scuba Diving (SCUBA). He is also member of International Phycological Society (IPS) and the British Pychological Society (BPS) which is algaes related international organizations.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Marine Algae
Marine Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Taskın, E., Z. Cakı, M. Ozturk and E. Taskin, 2010. Assessment of in vitro antitumoral and antimicrobial activities of marine algae harvested from the eastern Mediterranean sea. Afr. J. Biotechnol., 9: 4272-4277.
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  2. Taskın, E., O. Kurt, M. Cormaci, G. Furnari and M. Ozturk, 2010. Two brown algae from the eastern Mediterranean Sea; Microcoryne Ocellata Stromfelt and Corynophlaea flaccida (C. Agardh) Kutzing. Fresenius Environ. Bull., 19: 892-896.

  3. Taskın, E., M.J. Wynne and M. Ozturk, 2010. Cylindrocarpus kuckuckii sp. nov. (Chordariaceae, Phaeophyceae), a newly recognized species from the Aegean Sea coast of Turkey. Nova Hedwigia, 90: 263-270.

  4. Taskın, E., E. Taşkın and M. Ozturk, 2010. Inhibitor activities of some Seaweeds from the Aegean coast of Turkey. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Underwater Research, March 18-20, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, TRN Cyprus, pp: 16-16.

  5. Ozturk, M., E. Taşkın, O. Kurt, S. Sevilay Ulcay, M. Ozturk and B.A. Cicek, 2010. Biodiversity of marine benthic algae of north cyprus. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Underwater Research, March 18-20, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, TRN Cyprus, pp: 17-17.

  6. Chye, F.Y. and K.Y. Sim, 2009. Antioxidative and antibacterial activities of Pangium edule seed extracts. Int. J. Pharmacol., 5: 285-297.
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  7. Taskin, E., 2008. The marine brown algae of the east Aegean Sea and Dardanelles. II. Ectocarpaceae, chordariaceae and scytosiphonaceae. Cryptogamie Algol., 29: 173-186.
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  8. Taskin, E. and P.M. Pedersen, 2008. Algae of turkey from the herbarium forsskalii. Res. J. Bot., 3: 41-44.
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  9. Taskin, E. and M. Ozturk, 2008. A first report on the marine algal flora of Turkey: Pseudolithoderma adriaticum (Phaeophyceae, Lithodermataceae). Fresenius Environ. Bull., 17: 617-619.
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  10. Taskın, E., M. Ozturk and O. Kurt, 2008. Alien and invasive marine plants of North Cyprus. Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Underwater Research, March 20-22, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, TRN Cyprus, pp: 20-20.

  11. Taskın, E., M. Ozturk and E. Taşkın, 2008. Antimicrobial activities of some seaweeds from North Cyprus to some food related pathogens. Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of Seafood Technology, May 18-21, Ege University, pp: 309-309.

  12. Taskin, E., M. Ozturk, E. Taskin and O. Kurt, 2007. Antibacterial activities of some marine algae from the Aegean Sea (Turkey). Afr. J. Biotechnol., 6: 2746-2751.
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  13. Taskin, E., 2007. A summary of reports of ulvaceae (Chlorophyta) from Turkey. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 10: 1934-1937.
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  14. Taskin, E. and M. Ozturk, 2007. The marine brown algae of the east aegean sea and dardanelles I. Ectocarpaceae, pylaiellaceae, chordariaceae, elachistaceae and giraudiaceae. Cryptogamie Algol., 28: 169-190.
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  15. Taskin, E. and M. Ozturk, 2007. The genus Cystoseira of Turkey: First report of Cystoseira foeniculacea f. latiramosa (Ercegovic) A. Gomez Garreta, M.C. Barcelo, M.A. Ribera et J.R. Lluch. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 2: 410-416.
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  16. Taşkın, E., M. Ozturk and P.M. Pedersen, 2007. A rare brown alga in the Mediterranean Sea: Compsonema saxicola (Kuckuck) Kuckuck (Phaeophyceae, Scytosiphonaceae). Rapp. Comm. int. Mer. Medit., 38: 612-612.
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  17. Ozturk, M., E. Taskın, O. Kurt and S. Gucel, 2007. Evaluation of algal flora of upper-infralittoral zone from north cyprus marine ecosystem. Proceedings of the International Conference on The Environment: Survival and Sustainability, Feb. 19-24, Near East University, Northern Cyprus, pp: 39-40.

  18. Taskin, E., 2006. First report of Corynophlaea crispa (Harvey) Kuckuck (Phaeophyceae, Corynophlaeaceae) in the Mediterranean Sea. Nova Hedwigia, 82: 217-225.

  19. Ozturk, M., M.J. Wynne and E. Taskin, 2006. First Report of Microspongium globosum Reinke (Phaeophyceae, Myrionemataceae) in the Mediterranean Sea. Nova Hedwigia, 82: 135-142.
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  20. Taokin, E., M. Ozturk, O. Kurt and M. Ozturk, 2003. Marine algae of kilitbahir shore (Gelibolu, Canakkale, Turkey). Pak. J. Bot., 35: 53-59.
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