Dr. Hasim  Akca
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Dr. Hasim Akca

Associate Professor
Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Public Finance from Hacettepe University, Turkey

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Area of Interest:

Public Finance
Economic and Social Issues
Economic Development
Economic Management

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Akça, H. and M. Ela, 2019. Economic recession and fertility among educational groups in Turkey. Eurasian Eononometrics, Stat. Emprical Eco. J., 12: 1-9.
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  5. Akça, H., V. Yurdadog and I. Unlukaplan, 2017. Constitutional economics approach to fiscal policy ımplementations in transition economies. Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University J. Graduate School Soc. Sci., 17: 67-82.
  6. Akça, H. and O. Bozatli, 2017. Devlet State, Regulation and Public Economy from the Perspective of Ibn Khaldun. In: Socio-Economic Strategies V: Turkish World Research, Yesil, Y., S. Ertekin, V. Yurdadog and S. Demirturk (Eds.)., IJOPEC Publication Limited, London, pp: 8-22.
  7. Akça, H. and M. Ela, 2017. State risk effect of terrorism: October 10TH ankara society example. Asian Acad. Res. J. Soc. Sci. Humanities, 4: 66-76.
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  8. Akça, H. and M. Ela, 2017. Economic, financial and fiscal effects of terrorism: A literature review. Int. Rev. Manage. Bus. Res., 6: 1051-1071.
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  9. Akça, H., V. Yurdadog and I. Unlukaplan, 2016. Informal economy, corruption and ınformal state. J. Cukurova University Faculty Eco. Administrative Sci., 20: 211-227.
  10. Akça, H., V. Yurdadog and I. Unlukaplan, 2016. Evaluating transformation process ın central asian turkic republics ın terms of privatization and economic freedom on 25th anniversary of the transition. Eurasian Acad. Sci. Eurasian Bus. Eco. J., 4: 100-122.
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  11. Akça, H., 2015. Human capıtal spendıng: A revıew on the developments and the results ın Turkey. J. Eco. Sci., 7: 33-57.
  12. Akça, H. and C. Bilgin, 2013. Tax-spend or spend-tax: An ampirical survey on Turkey. Bus. Eco. Res. J., 4: 143-157.
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  13. Akça, H., I. Ozturk and C. Karaca, 2012. Economic development and environmental pollution in the high and low-income countries: A comparative analysis of environmental kuznets curve. Actual. Prob. Eco., 137: 238-249.
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  14. Akça, H., A.Y. Ata and C. Karaca, 2012. Inflation and corruption relationship: Evidence from panel data in developed and developing countries. Int. J. Eco. Financial Issues, 2: 281-295.
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  15. Akça, H., A.Y. Ata and A. Koc, 2012. The relationship between economic growth and institutional structure in OECD countries: Cross-sectional analysis. Actual Prob. Eco., 136: 323-333.
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