Dr. Bora  Gurer
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Dr. Bora Gurer

Medical Professional/Doctor
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education and Research Hospital, Turkey

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Medicine from Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Yilmaz, E.R., H. Kertmen, B. Gurer, M.A. Kanat and A.T. Arikok et al., 2013. The protective effect of 2-Mercaptoethane sulfonate (MESNA) against traumatic brain injury in rats. Acta Neurochir., 155: 141-149.
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  2. Kertmen, H., B. Gurer, E.R. Yilmaz, A.M. Sanli and M. Sorar et al., 2013. The protective effect of low-dose methotrexate on ischemia-reperfusion injury in rabbit spinal cord. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 714: 148-156.
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  3. Hasturk, A.E., M. Basmaci, E.R. Yilmaz, H. Kertmen, B. Gurer and A.O. Atilgan, 2013. Giant intradiploic epidermoid cyst presenting as solitary skull mass with intracranial extension. J. Craniofac. Surg., 24: 2169-2171.
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  4. Gurer, B., M. Bozkurt, G. Neves, U. Cikla and T. Hananya et al., 2013. The subparietal and parietooccipital sulci: An anatomical study. Clin. Anat., 26: 667-674.
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  5. Gurer, B., A. Dilli, A.M. Sanli, U.M. Yildirim and H. Kertmen, 2013. Vertebrojugular fistula mimicking an intradural schwannoma. Clin. Neurol. Neurosurg., 115: 468-471.
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  6. Yilmaz, E.R., H. Kertmen, H. Dolgun, B. Gurer and A.M. Sanli et al., 2012. Effects of darbepoetin-alpha in spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rabbit. Acta Neurochirurgica, 154: 1037-1044.
  7. Sorar, M., R. Fesli, B. Gurer, H. Kertmen and Z. Sekerci, 2012. Spontaneous elevation of a ping-pong fracture: Case report and review of the literature. Pediatr Neurosurg., 48: 324-326.
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  8. Sanli, A.M., E. Turkoglu, H. Kertmen and B. Gurer, 2012. Hydatid cyst of the ambient cistern radiologically mimicking an arachnoid cyst. J. Neurosurg. Pediatr., 10: 186-188.
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  9. Kertmen, H., B. Gurer, E.R. Yilmaz, A.T. Arikok, A. Demirci, S.M. Gokyaprak and Z. Sekerci, 2012. The effect of thiocolchicoside on cerebral vasospasm following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in the rabbit. Acta Neurochir., 154: 1461-1466.
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  10. Kertmen, H., B. Gurer, E.R. Yilmaz and Z. Sekerci, 2012. Chronic subdural hematoma associated with an arachnoid cyst in a Juvenile Taekwondo Athlete: A case report and the review of the literature. Pediatr. Neurosurg., 48: 55-58.
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  11. Kahveci, R., B. Gurer, G. Kaygusuz and Z. Sekerci, 2012. Miliary brain metastases from occult lung adenocarcinoma: Radiologic and histopathologic confirmation. J. Neurosci. Rural. Pract., 3: 386-389.
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  12. Kahveci, R., A.M. Sanli, B. Gurer and Z. Sekerci, 2012. Orbital hydatid cyst: Case report. J. Neurosurg.: Pediat., 9: 42-44.
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  13. Gurer, B., E.R. Yilmaz, R. Kahveci and Z. Sekerci, 2011. Non-ionic contrast media neurotoxicity mimicking intracerebral hematoma. Acta Neurochirurgica, 153: 419-420.
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  14. Gurer, B., E.R. Yilmaz, H.H. Kertmen and Z. Sekerci, 2011. Shunt overdrainage after mild head trauma. Clin. Neurol. Neurosurg., 114: 196-198.
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  15. Goral, N., J. Ergil, A. Alptekin, D. Ozkan, B. Gurer, H. Dolgun and H. Gumus, 2011. Effect of magnesium sulphate on bleeding during lumbar discectomy. Anaesthesia, 66: 1140-1145.
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  16. Dolgun, H., B. Gurer, O. Sari and Z. Sekerci, 2011. Isolated subarachnoid pneumorrhachis. Neurol. India, 59: 139-141.
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  17. Turkoglu, E., H. Guven, B. Gurer and S.S. Comoglu, 2008. Abdominal wall haematoma in cardioembolic stroke due to enoxaparine therapy: A report of two cases. BMJ Case Rep., .
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