Mr. S. Karthiga  Kannan

Mr. S. Karthiga Kannan

Sanker Ganesh Dental Clinic, India

Highest Degree
M.Phil. in Dental Surgery from Dr. M.G.R Medical University, India

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Dental Surgery
Oral Medicine

Selected Publications

  1. Raj, P.R., N.N. Rawther, G.B. George, S.K. Kannan and S. Padiyath, 2015. A Noval Approach to the Treatment of Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia - A Case Report of Laser Therapy. J. Dent. Med. Sci., 14: 121-124.
  2. Antony, P.J., S. Karthigakannan, G.B. George, T. Varghese, M.P. Shibin and L.J. Arakkal, 2015. Applicability of Berry`s index in bite mark analysis. J. Forensic Dent. Sci., 7: 28-31.
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  3. Vargeesh, T., K. Kannan, B.S. Sreenivasan and E. Khosala, 2014. Desmoplastic fibroblastoma (collagenous fibroma) in the oral cavity. J. Indian Soc. Pedod. Prev. Dent., 32: 238-241.
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  4. Manchil, R.D., E. Sherubin and K. Kannan, 2014. Oral chronic graft versus host disease in an immunocompetent patient. J. Evol. Med. Dent, sci., 3: 6521-6525.
  5. Thomas, V., G.G. Baby, S.K. Kannan and C.J. Charis, 2013. Central Ossifying Fibroma: A Case showing Unusual Recurrence. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 25: 322-325.
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  6. Sherubin, J.E., K.S. Kannan and D.N. Kumar, 2013. Spindle Cell Carcinoma: A Report of a Rare Case in 20-Year-Old Female Patient. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 25: 48-50.
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  7. Sherubin, E.J., K.S. Kannan, D.N. Kumar and I. Joseph, 2013. Estimation of plasma lipids and its significance on histopathological grades in oral cancer: Prognostic significance an original research. J. Oral Maxillofacial Pathol., 17: 4-9.
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  8. Merin, L., G. George, K. Kannan and Sreenivasan, 2013. Necrotizing sialometaplasia of the hard palate-a case report. J. Marthandam IDA, 1: 26-29.
  9. Manchil, R.D., S.K. Kannan, Hema, E. Sherubin and Gajendra, 2013. A Giant Sialolith in Wharton`s Duct. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 25: 326-329.
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  10. Joseph, C.C., B.H.S. Reddy, N.M. Cherian, S.K. Kannan and G. George, 2013. Intraoral Digital Radiography for Adult Age Estimation: A Reliable Technique. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 25: 287-290.
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  11. George, M., S.K. Kannan, G.B. George, R.K. Paul, L.J. Arakkal and S. Jose, 2013. Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 25: 330-332.
  12. Antony, P.J., S.K. Kannan, J. Paulose, M.M. Mathew and C.C. Joseph, 2013. A simplified overview on clinical cephalometrics. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 25: 214-217.
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  13. Sherubin, J.E., S.K. Kannan, F. Khan and Sambhu, 2012. Pherpheral Giant cell Tumor. J. Marthandam IDA, 1: 48-50.
  14. Sherubin, J.E. and S.K. Kannan, 2012. Osteoradionecrosis of mandible. KDJ, 35: 162-164.
  15. Kannan, S.K., J.E. Sherubin, S. Sajesh and K.P. Gopakumar, 2012. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Herpes zoster oticus). J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 24: 70-72.
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  16. Hema, G., Gajendra and K. Kannan, 2012. Clinical management of psychotic patients in dentistry:- A scenario. J. Marthandam IDA, 1: 15-19.
  17. Kannan, S.K., B.S. Sundaram and R. Manikandan, 2006. Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome (NBCCS) - Report of a case. Indian J. Dent. Res., 17: 50-53.
  18. Kannan, S.K. and Sandhiya, 2006. Periostitis Ossificans -Garre S Osteomyelitis- Report of Two Cases. Int. J. Pediatr. Dent., 16: 59-64.
  19. Sivapathasundaram, B., Sivakumar, Ramakrishnan and S.K. Kannan, 2004. Malignant Melanoma of Oral Mucosa. Indian J. Dent. Res., 15: 70-73.
  20. Kannan, S.K., T.P. Bharadwaj and G. Urraj, 2003. Dens in Dente - Report of two Unilateral and one Bilateral Case. Indian J. Dent. Res., 14: 125-129.
  21. Kannan, S.K., 2003. Oculodermal melanocytosis--Nevus of Ota (with palatal pigmentation). Indian J. Dent. Res., 14: 230-233.
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  22. Kannan, S.K., Suganya and H. Santharam, 2002. Supernumerary Roots. Indian J. Dent. Res., 2: 116-119.
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  23. Saraswathi, K. and S.K. Kannan, 2001. Radio Isotope Imaging -Nuclear Medicine (Scintigraphy) - Review Article. Interact., 2: 20-23.
  24. Saraswathi, K. and S.K. Kannan, 2001. Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumour Report of a case and review of literature. J. Indian Acad. Oral Med. Radiol., 12: 39-43.
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  26. Kannan, S.K., 2001. Dentigerous Cyst of the Maxilla - Report of A Case and Review of Radiolucencies Associated with Impacted Tooth. Interact., 2: 17-19.
  27. Kannan, S.K. and K. Saraswathi, 2001. Regional odontodysplasia (Ghost teeth). A case report. Indian J. Dent. Res., 12: 242-246.