Dr. Ghazala Yunus
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Dr. Ghazala Yunus

Assistant Professor
Department of Basic Science, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biophysics from Integral University, Lucknow, India

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Dr. Ghazala Yunus has completed her PhD in Physics from Integral University, Lucknow, India. At present, she is working as an Assistant Professor at University of Hail, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ghazala Yunus main research area includes biophysics, medical physics and biosensors. She has published many research articles in reputed international journals along with books and book chapters; and presented abstracts in national/international conference/symposia. She has been serving as an Editorial Board Member and Reviewer of various international reputed journals; and worked as organizing committee member for international conferences/symposia. She awarded for significant service in the field of biophysics as a leading researcher, Academic by University of Hail, Hail, and KSA. Dr. Ghazala is an outstanding researcher and talented teacher with good academic and professional achievements.

Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Biomolecular Interaction
Biophysical Techniques
Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, Z., J. Zhou and X. Du, 2020. Electrochemical biosensor for food borne pathogens: An overview. Micromachines, 10: 5-16.
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  2. Yunus, V.G., 2018. Conformational Transitions in Drug–DNA Complexes. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN: 978-613-9-94097-4.
  3. Yunus, G., 2018. Biosensors in Bioremediation. In: Bioremediation: Advances in Research and Applications, Kuddus, M. (Ed.)., Nova Publisher, USA, pp: 351-363.
  4. Yunus, G., 2018. Biosensor: An Enzyme Based Biophysical Technique for Detection of Food Borne Pathogens. In: Enzymes in Food Biotechnology, Kuddus, M. (Ed.)., Elsevier, USA, ISBN: 9780128132807, pp: 723-738.
  5. Kuddus, M., J.M. Arif, G. Yunus and Q.M.S. Jamal, 2016. Theoretical and in silico analysis of molecular interaction of anti-trypanosomal drug Berenil and its analog with calf thymus DNA. Biochem. Cell. Arch., 16: 45-52.
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  6. Yunus, G., S. Srivastava and V.D. Gupta, 2013. Vibrational dynamics of a methionine containing tripeptide glycyl-methionyl-glycine. Asian J. Applied Sci., 6: 79-89.
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  7. Yunus, G., S. Srivastava, M. Kuddus and V.D. Gupta, 2012. Drug-DNA interaction: A theoretical study on the binding of thionine with DNAs of varying base composition. Curr. Applied Phys., 13: 322-326.
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  8. Yunus, G., S. Srivastava and V.D. Gupta, 2012. Drug-DNA interaction: A theoretical study of the stability of CP-DNA binding with thionine. Open J. Applied Sci., 2: 98-103.
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  9. Yunus, G., S. Srivastava and V.D. Gupta, 2012. A theoretical study on the interaction of thionine with Micrococcus lysodeikticus DNA. Int. J. Biophys., 2: 7-11.
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  10. Yunus, G. and S. Srivastava, 2012. Effect of thionine binding on stability of herring testes DNA: A theoretical study. Phys. Chem.: Indian J., 7: 134-139.
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  11. Yunus, G., S. Srivastava and V.D. Gupta, 2011. Stability of DNA binding with dipyrandium: A theoretical study. Int. J. Phys. Sci., 6: 8151-8156.
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  12. Yunus, G., S. Srivastava and V.D. Gupta, 2011. A theoretical analysis of drug-DNA interactions: Stability of poly d(AT) binding with aminosteroid dipyrandium. Rom. J. Biophys., 21: 331-341.
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