Dr. Rakhi  Agarwal

Dr. Rakhi Agarwal

Assistant Professor
Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Toxicology from Jamia Hamdard University, India

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Environmental Toxicology
Forensic Sciences
Metal Toxicity

Selected Publications

  1. Shukla, S., R.C. Jhamtani, M.S. Dahiya and R. Agarwal, 2017. Oxidative injury caused by individual and combined exposure of neonicotinoid, organophosphate and herbicide in zebrafish. Toxicol. Rep., 4: 240-244.
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  2. Shukla, S., C.J. Reena, M.S. Dahiya and A. Rakhi, 2017. A novel method to achieve high yield of total RNA from zebrafish for expression studies. Int. J. Bioassays, 6: 5383-5385.
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  3. Agarwal, R and M.S. Dahiya, 2016. Detection of ethanol and propoxur from whole blood samples by gas Chromatography: A case study. J. Karnataka Medicolegal Soc., 25: 13-20.

  4. Agarwal, R., S. Raisuddin, T. Shikha, K.G. Sudhir, B.R. Rajendra and R.B. Jai, 2010. Evaluation of comparative effect of pre- and posttreatment of selenium on mercury-induced oxidative stress, histological alterations, and metallothionein mRNA expression in rats. J. Biochem. Mol. Toxicol., 24: 123-135.
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  5. Agarwal, R., K.G. Sudhir, C. Ramesh and R.B. Jai, 2010. Role of Vitamin E in preventing acute mercury toxicity in rat. Environ. Toxicol. Pharmacol., 29: 70-78.
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  6. Agarwal, R., K.G. Sudhir and R.B. Jai, 2010. Detoxification and antioxidant effects of curcumin in rats experimentally exposed to mercury. J. Appl. Toxicol., 30: 457-468.
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  7. Ademuyiwa, O., R. Agarwal, C. Ramesh and J.R. Behari, 2010. Effects of sub-chronic low-level lead exposure on the homeostasis of copper and zinc in rat tissues. J. Trace Elem. Med. Biol., 24: 207-211.
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  8. Ademuyiwa, O., R. Agarwal, R. Chandra and J.R. Behari, 2009. Lead-induced phospholipidosis and cholesterogenesis in rat tissues. Chemico-Biol. Interact., 179: 314-320.
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  9. Agarwal, R., J.R. Behari and R. Prakash, 2008. Estimation of mercury in environmental and biological samples based on anodic stripping differential pulse voltammetry using a novel rotating side disk electrode. Trace Elem. Electrolytes, 25: 79-85.

  10. Agarwal, R., R. Kumar and J.R. Behari, 2007. Mercury and lead content in fish species from the river gomti, lucknow, India, as biomarkers of contamination. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol., 78: 118-122.
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  11. Agarwal, R. and J.R. Behari, 2007. Role of selenium in mercury intoxication in mice. Indus. Health, 45: 388-395.
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  12. Agarwal, R and R.B. Jai, 2007. Screening for mercury in aqueous environmental samples and urine samples using thin layer chromatography. Water Environ. Res., 79: 2457-2463.
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  13. Agarwal, R and J.R. Behari, 2007. Effect of selenium pretreatment in chronic mercury intoxication in rats. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol., 79: 306-310.
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