Dr. K.N. Bharath
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Dr. K.N. Bharath

G.M. Institute of Technology, India

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Composite/Green Materials from Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA

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Strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused on Bio-composite materials from Visvesvaraya Technological University. And carried out extensive research as Post Doctoral Research Associate at Washington State University, USA. Experienced Associate Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.

Area of Interest:

Physical Science Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Composite
Characterization Materials
Natural Fibers

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Umarfarooq, M.A., P.S.S. Gouda, K.N. Bharath, G.B. Veereshkumar, N.R. Banapurmath, A. Edacherian, 2022. Effects of residual stresses on interlaminar radial strength of Glass-Epoxy L-bend composite laminates. Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale, 16: 140-153.
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  2. Taj, A., R.P. Swamy, N. Kishan and K.N. Bharath, 2022. Physical effects of nanoaluminum oxide and nanographene on kenaf epoxy composite; vacuum bagging process. J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 10.1002/app.53374.
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  3. Taj, A., R.P. Swamy, K. Naik and K.N. Bharath, 2022. Effect of nano-filler aluminum oxide and graphene on flammability properties of kenaf epoxy composites. J. Inst. Eng. India Ser. D, 10.1007/s40033-022-00390-6.
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  4. Bright, B.M., B.J. Selvi, S.A. Hassan, M.M. Jaafar, S. Suchart, S.M. Rangappa and B.K. Nagaraj, 2022. Characterization of natural cellulosic fiber from Cocos nucifera peduncle for sustainable biocomposites. J. Nat. Fibers, 19: 9373-9383.
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  5. Bharath, K.N., P. Madhu, S.M. Rangappa, S. Basavarajappa, S. Siengchin, K. Alexey and S. Gorbatyuk, 2022. Waste coconut leaf sheath as reinforcement composite material with phenol-formaldehyde matrix. Polym. Compos., 43: 1985-1995.
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  6. Bharath, K.N., M. Puttegowda, S.M. Rangappa, S. Basavarajappa, S. Siengchin, A. Khan and S.M. Gorbatyuk, 2022. Study of treatment effect on the cocos nucifera lignocellulosic fibers as alternative for polymer composites. J. Nat. Fibers, 10.1080/15440478.2022.2134257.
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  7. Bharath, K.N., D. Roopa, S. Indran, S. Basavarajappa, M.R. Sanjay and S. Siengchin, 2022. Influence of the stacking sequence and coconut husk micro fillers on the drilling parameters of coconut leaf sheath/glass/jute fiber hybrid phenol formaldehyde composites. Mater. Today: Proc., 52: 2427-2431.
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  8. Thipperudrappa, S., A. Hiremath and B.K. Nagaraj, 2021. Synergistic effect of ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles on the thermal stability and mechanical properties of glass fiber‐reinforced LY556 epoxy composites. Polym. Composites, 42: 4831-4844.
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  9. Rajkumar, A.G., M. Hemath, B.K. Nagaraja, S. Neerakallu, S.M.K. Thiagamani and M. Asrofi, 2021. An artificial neural network prediction on physical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics of giant reed fiber reinforced polyethylene terephthalate composite. J. Ind. Text., 51: 769S-803S.
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  10. Madhu, P., K.N. Bharath, M.R. Sanjay, G.R. Arpitha and D. Saravanabavan, 2021. Effect of nano fillers on glass/silk fibers based reinforced polymer composites. Mater. Today: Proc., 46: 9032-9035.
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  11. Hiremath, A., A.A. Murthy, S. Thipperudrappa and K.N. Bharath, 2021. Nanoparticles filled polymer nanocomposites: A technological review. Cogent Eng., Vol. 8. 10.1080/23311916.2021.1991229.
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  12. Bharath, K.N., P. Madhu, T.G.Y. Gowda, A. Verma, M.R. Sanjay and S. Siengchin, 2021. Mechanical and chemical properties evaluation of sheep wool fiber-reinforced vinylester and polyester composites. Matls. Perf. Charact., Vol. 10. 10.1520/MPC20200036.
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  13. Bharath, K.N., G.B. Manjunatha and K. Santhosh, 2019. Failure Analysis and Optimal Toughness Design of Sheep-Wool Reinforced Epoxy Composites. In: Failure Analysis in Biocomposites, Fibre Reinforced Composites and Hybrid Composites, Jawaid, M., M. Thariq and N. Saba (Eds.)., Elsevier Publication, USA., pp: 97-107.
  14. Naik, V.S., S.G. Dileepkumar, K.N. Bharath and B.C. Naveen, 2018. Statistical analysis of response parameters during electro-chemical discharge machining of crystal glass. Int. J. Eng. Res. Applic. (In Press). .
  15. Bharath, K.N., M.R. Sanjay, M. Jawaid, Harisha, S. Basavarajappa and S. Siengchin, 2018. Effect of stacking sequence on properties of coconut leaf sheath/jute/E-glass reinforced phenol formaldehyde hybrid composites. J. Ind. Textiles, 10.1177/1528083718769926.
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  16. Bharath, K.N. and G.B. Manjunatha, 2018. Investigating the contribution of geometrical parameters and immersion time on fracture toughness of jute fabric composites using statistical techniques. Frattura Integrita Strutturale, 12: 14-24.
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  17. Manjunath, G.B., K.N. Bharath, D.B. Ganesh, D.R. Kumar, P. Shivprakash and H.M. Harsha, 2017. ANOVA and response surface methodology for the optimization of fracture toughness parameters on jute fabric-epoxy composites using SENB specimens. Mater. Today: Proceedings, 4: 11285-11291.
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  18. Girish, S., K. Devendra and K.N. Bharath, 2016. Effect of Sodium bicarbonate on Fire behaviour of tilled E-glass reinforced epoxy composites. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., Vol. 149. .
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  19. Bharath, K.N., M. Pasha and B.A. Nizamuddin, 2016. Characterization of natural fiber (sheep wool)-reinforced polymer-matrix composites at different operating conditions. J. Ind. Textiles, 45: 730-751.
  20. Bharath, K.N. and S. Basavarajappa, 2016. Applications of biocomposite materials based on natural fibers from renewable resources: A review. Sci. Eng. Composite Mater., 23: 123-133.
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  21. Manjunath, G.B., T.N. Vijaykumar and K.N. Bharath, 2015. Optimization of notch parameter on fracture toughness of natural fiber reinforced composites using Taguchi method. J. Mater. Sci. Surface Eng., 3: 244-248.
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  22. Bharath, K.N. and S. Basavarajappa, 2015. Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy and chemical resistance of untreated and alkali treated coconut leaf sheath fiber reinforced polymer composites. Applied Mech. Mater., 766-767: 205-210.
  23. Manohara, V., C.G. Sreenivasa and K.N. Bharath, 2014. Evaluation of tensile behavior of sea shell-jute fabric reinforced composite. Int. J. Adv. Res. Mech. Prod. Eng. Dev., 1: 141-147.
  24. Bharath, K.N. and S. Basavarajappa, 2014. Flammability characteristics of chemical treated woven natural fabric reinforced phenol formaldehyde composites. Procedia Mater. Sci., 5: 1880-1886.
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  25. Srinivasa, C.V. and K.N. Bharath, 2013. Effect of alkali treatment on impact behavior of areca fibers reinforced polymer composites. Int. J. Chem. Nuclear Metallurgical Mater. Eng., 7: 875-879.
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  26. Harsha, H.M., M.C. Murugesh and K.N. Bharath, 2013. Influence of filler materials on pinned joints of woven glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites. J. Composites Biodegradable Polymers, 1: 47-55.
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  27. Raju, B.R., B. Suresha, R.P. Swamy and K.N. Bharath, 2012. The effect of silicon dioxide filler on the wear resistance of glass fabric reinforced epoxy composites. Adv. Polymer Sci. Technol.: Int. J., 2: 51-57.
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  28. Bharath, K.N., R.P. Swamy and G.C. Mohankumar, 2012. Thickness swelling behaviour of hybrid natural fiber reinforced UF composites. J. Purity Utility Reaction Environ., 1: 517-524.
  29. Bharath, K.N., 2012. Hybrid Natural Fiber reinforced Polymer Composites. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.
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  35. Bharath, K.N. and R.P. Swamy, 2009. Adhesive tensile and moisture absorption characteristics of natural fibers’ reinforced urea formaldehyde composites. Int. J. Recent Trends Eng., 1: 60-62.
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