Dr. Altaf Ali
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Dr. Altaf Ali

Research Scientist
Global Gene Corp Pvt. Ltd., India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Genetics from Osmania University, India

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Highly motivated individual with rich experience in observatory clinical research, reporting and manuscript preparation. I am also adept in in silico analysis of gene structure, the changes brought about variations (single nucleotide polymorphisms and mutations) and their translation towards two-dimensional and threedimensional models of proteins. I also have knowledge of analysing the drug and or ligand interactions with modified protein through docking analysis. I have also handled reviewing and editing of clinical manuscripts, apart from writing three research proposals as a part of my present job responsibilities.

Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences
Cell Culture

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Thomas, W., P. Nallari, V.R. Sreekanth, K.V. Lakshmi, A. Ali, Y.R. Ahuja and Q. Hasan, 2018. Biomarkers for identifying individuals at risk of Alzheimer disease. Int. J. Emerg. Mental Health, 20: 1555-1562.
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  2. Nagaraju, M., P.S. Reddy, S.A. Kumar, A. Kumar and P. Suravajhala et al., 2018. Genome-wide in silico analysis of dehydrins in Sorghum bicolor, Setaria italica and Zea mays and quantitative analysis of dehydrin gene expressions under abiotic stresses in Sorghum bicolor. Plant Gene, 13: 64-75.
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  3. Kumar, C.S., A. Ali, S. Manchineela, A. Venkateshwari, C. Narasimhan and P. Nallari, 2018. Analyses of HSP90α gene polymorphism in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia. J. Indian College Cardiol., 8: 127-131.
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  4. Qureshi, F.S., A. Ali, A. Venkateshwari, H. Rao and M.P. Jayakrishnan, et al., 2016. Genotype-phenotype correlation in long QT syndrome families. Indian Pacing Electrophysiol. J., 15: 269-285.
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  5. Kondapalli, M.S., R.K. Galimudi, K.K. Gundapaneni, C. Padala and A. Cingeetham et al., 2016. MMP 1 circulating levels and promoter polymorphism in risk prediction of coronary artery disease in asymptomatic first degree relatives. Gene, 595: 115-120.
  6. Ali, A., S.F. Qureshi, M. Veronica, A. Venkateshwari and N. Calambur, et al., 2016. Heat shock protein 70 gene polymorphisms’ influence on the electrophysiology of long QT syndrome. J. Int. Cardiac Electrophysiol., 45: 119-130.
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  7. Veronica M., A. Ali, A. Venkateshwari, D. Mamata, P. Nallari, 2015. Association of estrogen and progesterone receptor gene polymorphisms and their respective hormones in uterine leiomyomas. Tumor Bio., 6: 1-8.
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  8. Qureshi, S.F., A. Ali, P. John, A.P. Jadhav and A. Venkateshwari et al., 2015. Mutational analysis of SCN5A gene in long QT syndrome. Metagene, 6: 26-35.
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  9. Jadhav, A.P., M. Sairam, K.J. Princy, V. Viswamithra, C.S. Kumar, A. Ali and P. Nallari, 2015. Possibility of RNA editing in cardiomyopathies and channelopathies. J. Adv. Life Nat. Sci., 1: 1-7.
  10. Chavah, S.K., A. James, A. Ali, S. Manchineela, C. Narasimhan and P. Nallari, 2015. Role of inflammation in arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy: An evidence based review. J. Adv. Life Nat. Sci., 1: 14-22.
  11. Qureshi, S.F., A. Ali, A. Venkateshwari, H. Rao and M.P. Jayakrishnan et al., 2014. Atrial natriuretic peptide gene–a potential biomarker for long qt syndrome. EXCLI J., 13: 834-842.
  12. Sameera S.C., FQ, A. Altaf, M.L. Satyanarayana, R. Advithi, A. Venkateshwari and N. Pratibha, 2013. Hidden magicians of genome evolution. Indian J. Med. Res., 137: 1052-1060.
  13. Qureshi, S.F., A. Ali. Amol, P. Jadhav and A. Venkateshwari et al., 2013. KvLQT1 and KCNE1 K+channel gene polymorphisms in long QT syndrome. Br. J. Med. Med. Res., 3: 978-992.
  14. Qureshi, S.F., A. Ali, A. Venkateshwari, M.P. Jayakrishnan, C. Narasimhan, K. Thangaraj and P. Nallari, 2013. Novel mutations of KCNQ1 in long QT syndrome. Ind. Heart J., 65: 552-560.
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  15. Veronica, M., A. Ali, A. Venkateshwari, C. Narsimhan and P. Nallari, 2010. AAT: A comparative study in HCM and DCM. Int. J. Hum. Genet., 10: 235-238.
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  16. Sujana, K., V. Shivani, M.L. Satyanarayana, A. Altaf, M. Mallikarjun, B.K.S. Sastry and N. Pratibha, 2009. Synergystic action of calcineurin and nitric oxide in idiopathic pulmonary hypertension (IPAH). J. Cell. Tiss. Res., 9: 1943-1946.
  17. Ali, A., M. Veronica., V. Shivani, C. Narsimhan and N. Pratibha, 2009. Catalase and Nitric Oxide: A comparative study in HCM and DCM. J. Cell. Tiss. Res., 9: 2023-2026.