Dr. Dorai Pandian Kannan
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Dr. Dorai Pandian Kannan

Head and Assistant Professor
Department of Botany, Thiagarajar College, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Plant Ecology and Physiology from Madurai Kamaraj University, India

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Ecology
Natural Resources Management
Ecosystem Analysis
Ecosystem Management

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Lavanya, V. and D.P. Kannan, 2019. Grey water treatment using effective micro-organisms and its impact on water qualities. J. Appl. Sci., 19: 188-198.
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  2. Mahesh, M., S.M. Krishnan and D.P. Kannan, 2018. Interactive phenomenon of plants and avian diversity in vettangudi birds sanctuary, Southern India. Sci. Int., 6: 65-70.
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  3. Kannan, D. and S.B. Priyal, 2015. Phytochemistry study in three select ecotypes of Cenchrus ciliaris, L. Grass., roots. Int. J. Multidisciplin. Res., 1: 56-59.
  4. Kannan, D. and T.A. Raja, 2010. Vegetation and diatoms diversity analysis in the ponds with varying utilization and management. J. Basic Applied Biol., 4: 42-51.
  5. Sukumaran, S., S. Jeeva, A.D.S. Raj and D. Kannan, 2008. Floristic diversity, conservation status and economic value of miniature sacred groves in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, Southern Peninsular India. Turk. J. Bot., 32: 185-199.
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  6. Pesek, T.J., L.R. Helton, R. Reminick, D. Kannan and M. Nair, 2008. Healing traditions of southern India and the conservation of culture and biodiversity: A preliminary study. Ethnobot. Res. Appl., 6: 471-479.
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  7. Kannan, D. and M. Aravindakshan, 2008. Conservation of Medicinal Plants for their Sustainability: Challenges and Strategies for Improvement. In: Forest Biodiversity, Muthuchelian, K., S. Kannaiyan and A. Gopalan (Eds.). Vol. II, Associated Publishers, New Delhi, ISBN: 81-85211-77-9, pp: 314.
  8. Kiruba, S., S. Jeeva, S.S.M. Das and D. Kannan, 2007. Bamboo seeds as a means to sustenance of the indigenous community. Indian J. Traditional Knowledge, 6: 199-203.
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  9. Jeeva, S., C. Kingston, S. Kiruba and D. Kannan, 2007. Scared Forests: Treasure Trove of Medicinal Plants: A Case Study from South Travancore. In: Indian Folk Medicine, Trivedi, P.C. (Ed.). Pointer Publishers, Jaipur, India, ISBN: 9788171325214, pp: 262-274.
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  11. Augustus, G.D.P.S., K.R. Rathinam, G.D.S. Kumari, D. Kannan and M. Jayabalan, 2005. Analytical and spectral studies on multi-use hydrocarbanaceous plant species of Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India. Asian J. Chem., 17: 1385-1389.
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  12. Rathinam, K.R., B. Salocia, G. Premkumar and D. Kannan, 2004. Nutraceutical antioxidants: A critic review. J. Swamy Bot. Club, 21: 33-38.
  13. Jayabalan, M., D. Kannan, K.R. Rathinam and G.J. Seiler, 2004. Analytical data of acid phosphatase and adninosine triphosphate from thirty three laticiferous taxa. J. Swamy Bot. Club, 21: 97-100.
  14. Jayabalan, M., D. Kannan, G.D. Shanthakumari and K.R. Rathinam, 2004. Antimicrobial activity of Caesalpinia digyna on some human pathogenic micro organisms. Thiagarajar J. Arts Sci., 1: 72-73.
  15. Augustus, G.D.P.S., P. Mehalingam, D. Kannan, G.D.S. Kumari and M. Jayabalan, 2004. Evaluation and bioinduction of energy components in Jatropha curcas L. Asian J. Chem., 16: 1415-1420.
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  16. Augustus, G.D.P.S., K.R. Rathinam, G.D.S. Kumari, D. Kannan and M. Jayabalan, 2004. Chemical constituents and energy content of Cryptostegia grandiflora: A promising multi-use crop. Asian J. Chem., 16: 1421-1425.
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  17. Augustus, G.D.P.S., D. Kannan, P. Mehalingam, G.D.S. Kumari and M. Jayabalan, 2004. Spectroscopical studies on multi-use hydrocarbanaceous plant species of W.Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India. Mendel Int. J., 21: 3-4.
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  19. Jayabalan, M., D. Kannan, S. Padmavathi, G. Prem Kumar and K. Rajarathinam, 2001. Effect of tannery effluent on vigor index, percentage speed germination index of seeds of paddy ADT-36. J. Ind. Pollut. Control, 17: 207-212.
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  23. Kannan, D. and K. Paliwal, 1996. Fertilization response on growth, photosynthesis, starch accumulation and leaf nitrogen status of Cassia siamea Lam. seedlings under nursery conditions. J. Sustain. For., 4: 141-157.
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  24. Kannan, D. and K. Paliwal, 1995. Effect of nursery fertilization on Cassia siamea seedling growth and its impact on early field performance. J. Trop. For. Sci., 8: 203-212.
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