Mr. Souvik  Sen

Mr. Souvik Sen

Operations Geologist
Geologix Limited, India

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Geology from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

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Area of Interest:

Earth Science and Geography
Geological Mapping
Earth Observation

Selected Publications

  1. Dey, J., S. Sen and S. Bhattacharjee, 2018. Geophysical log-based coal characterization of middle permian barakar formation from North Karanpura coal field, India. J. Geol. Soc. India, 92: 36-44.
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  2. Dey, J. and S. Sen, 2018. Sequence stratigraphic model of middle permian barakar formation from a marginal Gondwana basin, India. J. Earth Sci., Vol. 29. .
  3. Sen, S. and S. Ganguly, 2017. Opportunities, barriers and issues with renewable energy development: A discussion. Renewable Sustainable Energy Rev., 69: 1170-1181.
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  4. Dey, J. and S. Sen, 2017. Impact of bioturbation on reservoir quality and production: A review. J. Geol. Soc. India, 89: 460-470.
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  5. Sen, S., S. Naskar and S. Das, 2016. Discussion on the concepts in paleoenvironmental reconstruction from coal macerals and petrographic indices. Mar. Petrol. Geol., 73: 371-391.
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  6. Sen, S., S. Ganguly, A. Das, J. Sen and S. Dey, 2016. Renewable energy scenario in India: Opportunities and challenges. J. Afr. Earth Sci., 122: 25-31.
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  7. Sen, S., N. Das and D. Maiti, 2016. Facies analysis and depositional model of late Permian Raniganj formation: Study from Raniganj coal bed methane block. J. Geol. Soc. India, 88: 503-516.
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  8. Sen, S., 2015. Review on coal petrographic indices and their applicability in paleoenvironmental interpretation. Geosci. J., 20: 719-729.