Dr. Gaddam Dayanand Reddy
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Dr. Gaddam Dayanand Reddy

Assistant Director
Siddha Central Research Institute, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmacology from College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal, Karnataka, India

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Drug Delivery
Drug Target
Pharmaceutical Research

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zareen, N., S. Venkatesh, R. Bolleddu, R.G. Dayanand and M. Ramesh, 2019. Antidiabetic effect of Helicteres isora root in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Austin J. Endocrinol. Diabetes, 6: 1-6.
  2. Vasantharaja, D., V. Ramalingam, S. Thangapandiyan, N. Sridhar and G.D. Reddy, 2019. TiO2 nanoparticles induced oxidative stress mediated DNA damage in the liver of adult male wistar rats. Adv. Mater. Lett., 10: 145-150.
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  3. Reddy, G.D., P.S. Rajeswaran, R. Patturayan, R. Ganesan, G.V.N. Kumar, K. Dhanraj and B. Ramadevi, 2019. Evaluation of acute, sub acute toxicity and immunomodulatory activity of Urai mathirai-siddha herbal formulation. J. Global Trends Pharm. Sci., 10: 6372-6382.
  4. Reddy, G.D., K.N. Rani, G.V.N. Kumar, P. Elankani and M.P. Kumar, 2019. A comprehensive review on Thetran Vidhai Kudineer: A siddha polyherbal formulation. Int. Res. J. Pharm., 10: 42-48.
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  5. Gaddam, D.R., R.D. Bhogireddy, D. Pitchaiah and V.N.K. Godlaveti, 2019. A comprehensive review on anti-diabetic formulations employed in Siddha system of medicine. J. Phytopharmacol., 8: 139-143.
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  6. Devi, B.R., G.D. Reddy, G.V.N. Kumar, P. Sathiyarajeswaran and P. Elankani, 2019. Herbomineral formulation’s safety and efficacy employed in Siddha system of medicine: A review. Int. Res. J. Pharm., 10: 16-24.
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  7. Sathiyarajeswaran, P., R. Pattarayan, G.D. Reddy, G.V.N. Kumar and C.P Pullaiah, 2018. Experimental evaluation of analgesic and anti- inflammatory potential of Urai mathirai-A Siddha formulation. J. Global Trends Pharm. Sci., 9: 4839-4844.
  8. Reddy, D.G., B.M. Mefi, H. Bharathy, N.G. Kumar, C.P. Pullaiah, R. Ganesan and S.P. Rajeswaran, 2018. Hepatoprotective activity of Aruvadha churnam a traditional siddha formulation against paracetamol induced liver damage in rats. Res. J. Pharm. Technol., 11: 3380-3384.
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  9. Pullaiah, C.P., T. Kedam, V.K. Nelson and G.V. Kumar, 2018. Supplementation of Daucus carota L. extract prevents urolithiasis in experimental rats. Indian J. Nat. Prod. Resour., 9: 253-260.
  10. Pullaiah, C.P., K. Thyagaraju, V.K. Nelson, G.V.N. Kumar, B. Bosu Babu and G.D. Reddy, 2018. Phlorotannins and their biological significances. J. Global Trends Pharm. Sci., 9: 4893-4904.
  11. Uma, K.S., M.D. Logamanian, S. Geethalakshmi, P. Muralidharan, G.D. Reddy, T. Balasubramanian and R. Sukumar, 2017. Subacute toxicity study of siddha formulation- Aavaarai vidhai chooranam in wistar albino rats. Ijppr Hum., 10: 184-193.
  12. Sulekha, S.M.P., G.A. Reddy and A. Muthuvel, 2017. Physiochemical and phytochemical standardization of polyherbal siddha formulation Karisalai choornam. Indian J. Tradit. Knowl., 16: 263-269.
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  13. Pullaiah, C.P., G.N. Kumar, K. Jyothsna, K. Thyagaraju, V.K. Nelson and G.D. Reddy, 2017. Rosa damascena Mill. L. attenuates myocardial lysosomal membrane destabilization in isoproterenol induced oxidative stress. Oriental Pharm. Exp. Med., 17: 373-380.
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  14. Kumar, G.V.N., C.P. Pullaiah and G.D. Reddy, 2017. Metabolic syndrome: A rising epidemic: Comprehensive review. Int. J. Res. Ayurveda Pharm., 8: 36-41.
  15. Kumar, G.V.N., A. Jyothi, C.P. Pullaiah, V.K.S. Ram, S. Dhanunjaya and G.D. Reddy, 2017. Evaluation of combination of low dose atorvastatin plus ezetimibe and aspirin in the treatment of atherosclerotic vascular disease. J. Young Pharm., 9: 610-615.
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  16. Kumar, G.N., C.P. Pullaiah, S. Dhanunjaya and G.D. Reddy, 2017. Acute toxicity studies of aqueous seed extract of vigna unguiculata in albino rats. Innovare J. Ayurvedic Sci., 5: 1-4.
  17. Kumar, G.N., C.P. Pullaiah, P. Deepishka and G.D. Reddy, 2017. Antimicrobial resistance-its causes, effects and preventive measures. Int. J. Pharm. Biol. Arch., 8: 21-24.
  18. Kalaiselvi, A., G.A. Reddy and V. Ramalingam, 2017. Effect of aluminium chloride and protective effect of ginger extract on hematological profiles in male wistar rats. Int. J. Pharm. Phytopharmacol. Res., 4: 218-222.
  19. Venkatasubbu, G.D., S. Ramasamy, P.R. Gaddam and J. Kumar, 2015. Acute and subchronic toxicity analysis of surface modified paclitaxel attached hydroxyapatite and titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Int. J. Nanomed., 10: 137-148.
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  20. Vasantharaja, D., V. Ramalingam and G.G. Aadinaath Reddy, 2015. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles induced alteration in haematological indices of adult male Wistar rats. J. Acad. Ind. Res., 3: 632-635.
  21. Vasantharaja, D., V. Ramalingam and G.A. Reddy, 2015. Oral toxic exposure of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on serum biochemical changes in adult male Wistar rats. Nanomed. J., 2: 46-53.
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  22. Kalaiselvi, A., G.A. Reddy and V. Ramalingam, 2015. Ameliorating effect of ginger extract (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) on liver marker enzymes, lipid profile in aluminium chloride induced male rats. Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Drug Res., 7: 52-58.
  23. Ganesan, R., M. Venkatanarasimhan, G.A. Reddy, S. Pawar and J.J. Pandian, 2014. Premagurumuthy: Hepatoprotective effect of methanolic extract of Coldenia procumbens Linn against D-Galactosamine induced acute liver damage in rats. Pharm. Sci. Monitor, 5: 13-18.
  24. Venkatasubbu, G.D., S. Ramasamy, G.P. Reddy and J. Kumar, 2013. In vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of surface modified paclitaxel attached hydroxyapatite and titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Biomed. Microdevices, 15: 711-726.
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  25. Reddy, G.P., l. Kavitha, Gowthaman, R. Kumaresan, R. Ganesan, P.S. Rajeswaran and S.J.J. Pandian, 2013. Anti gastric ulcer activity of Triphala karpam (Siddha formulation) in rats. Int. J. Int Sci. Innovat. Technol. Sec. A, 2: 31-33.
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  26. Manjuladevi, K., G.P. Reddy, A.R. Kothai, M. Thenmozhi, M. Dhanalakshmi and S. Sarumathy, 2013. Evaluation of immunomodulatory activity of aqueous extract of a polyherbal formulation by in vivo method. Asian J. Pharm. Clin. Res., 6: 129-133.
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  29. Mageswari, S., S. Karpagam and G.A. Reddy, 2012. Evaluation of wound healing activity of the plant Carmona retusa (Vahl) Masam., in mice. IJIIT, 4: 1-4.
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