Dr. Ali Mohd Lone
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Dr. Ali Mohd Lone

Assistant Professor
Govt. College for Women Baramulla, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Kashmir, India

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Area of Interest:

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Active Compound Isolation
Anti-Cancer Drugs
Anticancer Drug Design
Tuberculosis Agents

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Li, Q., S.H. Alotaibi, Y. Wei and A.M. Lone, 2023. Preventive effect of 3,3′‐dimethoxy‐4,4′‐dihydroxystilbene triazole against alzheimer's disease by inhibition of neuronal apoptosis. ChemistrySelect, Vol. 8. 10.1002/slct.202204087.
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  2. Rather, M.A., Z.S. Bhat, A.M. Lone, M. Maqbool, B.A. Bhat and Z. Ahmad, 2021. In vitro potency of 2-(((2-hydroxyphenyl)amino)methylene)-5,5-dimethylcyclohexane-1,3-dione against drug-resistant and non-replicating persisters of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J. Global Antimicrob. Resist., 25: 202-208.
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  3. Waseem, M.A., A.M. Lone, B. Teli and B.A. Bhat, 2018. Catalyst free selective monobenzoylation of diols with benzoyl cyanide: A robust and regioselective strategy. ChemistrySelect, 3: 828-831.
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  4. Rather, M.A., Z.S. Bhat, A.M. Lone, M. Maqbool, S. Amin, B.A. Bhat and Z. Ahmad, 2018. In vitro antimycobacterial activity of 2-(((2-hydroxyphenyl)amino)methylene)-5,5-dimethylcyclohexane-1,3-dione: A new chemical entity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents, 52: 265-268.
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  5. Lone, A.M., M.A. Rather and I.A. Qadiri, 2018. Synthesis and evaluation of 2-(((2-hydroxyphenyl)amino)methylene)-5,5-dimethylcyclohexane-1,3-dione derivatives as antimicrobial agents. Microb. Pathogenesis, 114: 431-435.
  6. Khaliq, T., M.A. Waseem, A.M. Lone and Q.P. Hassan, 2018. Oscimum sanctum extract inhibits growth of gram positive and gram negative bacterial strains. Microb. Pathogenesis, 118: 211-213.
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  7. Bhat, M.A., R.A. Malik, P. Prakash and A.M. Lone, 2018. Preparation and evaluation of antibacterial potential of Pithecellobium dulce root extract against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Microb. Pathogenesis, 116: 49-53.
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  8. Ansari, K., A.M. Lone, W.A. Shah, J. Singh and I.R. Siddiqui, 2018. Site selective [bmIm]OH catalyzed CC bond functionalization under green conditions. Tetrahedron Lett., 59: 654-657.
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  9. Waseem, M.A., A.M. Lone, F. Ibad, A. Ibad and V.B. Yadav et al., 2017. Double hydroamination of alkynes via PTC and microwave activated diastereoselective synthesis of 2,3- dihydroimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine in an aqueous media. J. Heterocyclic Chem., 54: 2733-2739.
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  10. Rather, M.A., A.M. Lone, B. Teli, Z.S. Bhat and P. Singh et al., 2017. The synthesis, biological evaluation and structure-activity relationship of 2-phenylaminomethylene-cyclohexane-1, 3-diones as specific anti-tuberculosis agents. Med. Chem, Commun., 8: 2133-2141.
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  11. Lone, A.M., 2017. Art and Science used for Synthesis of Hagen’s Gland Lactones. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN: 978 -3-330-32122-9, Pages: 52.
  12. Ibad, A., M.A. Waseem, F. Ibad, K. Ansari, A.M. Lone, G. Watal and I.R. Siddiqui, 2017. A green access to tetrahydro-1H-pyrano[2,3-d]pyrimidines: Visible light triggered and ethylene glycol mediated multicomponent one pot process. Chemistryselect, 17: 4587-4592.
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  13. Dar, B.A., A.M. Lone, W.A. Shah and M.A. Qurishi, 2016. Synthesis and screening of ursolic acid-benzylidine derivatives as potential anti-cancer agents. Eur. J. Med. Chem., 111: 26-32.
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  14. Lone, A.M., N.J. Dar, A. Hamid, W.A. Shah, M. Ahmad and B.A. Bhat, 2015. Promise of retinoic acid-triazolyl derivatives in promoting differentiation of neuroblastoma cells. ACS Chem. Neurosci., 7: 82-89.
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  15. Lone, A.M., 2015. Enamides: Occurrence, Importance, Methods for Synthesis and Applications. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, German, ISBN: 978-3-659-85094-3, Pages: 64.
  16. Dar, B.A., A.M. Lone, R.A. Khan and M.A. Qurishi, 2015. Studies on structure elucidation of Aconitum alkaloids using LC-ESI-MS technique. Am. J. Ethnomed., 2: 110-112.
  17. Dar, B.A., A.M. Lone and M.A. Qurishi, 2015. Time efficient Baylis-Hillman reaction on steroidal nucleus of withaferin-A to synthesize anticancer agents. International J. Tech. Res. Applic., 3: 2320-2320.
  18. Lone, A.M., B.A. Bhat, W.A. Shah and G. Mehta, 2014. A concise synthesis of Hagen’s gland lactones. Tetrahedron Lett., 55: 3610-3612.
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  19. Lone, A.M. and W.A. Shah, 2014. Synthesis and biological evaluation of new triazolyl analogues derived from 1 -oxaspiro[4.4]nona-3,6- dien-6-ylmethanol. J. Applicable Chem., 3: 513-520.
  20. Lone, A.M. and B.A. Bhat, 2014. Metal free stereoselective synthesis of functionalized enamides. Organic Biomol. Chem., 12: 242-246.
  21. Dar, B.A., A.M. Lone and M.A. Qurishi, 2014. Cytotoxic activity and GC-MS analysis of the constituents of essential oil of Nepeta govaniana (Wall. ex Benth) from Jammu and Kashmir, India. Int. J. Herbal Med., 2: 58-60.
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  22. Lone, A.M., B.A. Bhat and G. Mehta, 2013. A general, flexible, Ring Closing Metathesis (RCM) based strategy for accessing the fused furo [3,2-b] furanone moiety present in diverse bioactive natural products. Tetrahedron Lett., 54: 5619-5623.
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