Dr. Nisha Pandey
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Dr. Nisha Pandey

Vivekanand Education Society Business School, Mumbai, India

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Water Management from Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, India

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As per the qualification and vast experience in the relevant field of Knowledge is very much required for management education. The expertise in the cutting-edge knowledge in the area of Environment Economics, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development for present manager and corporate is most important and students need to know the holistic approach of development and welfare of society.

Social Entrepreneurship is the very combination of the term enterprise, which is profit oriented, with ‘social’ that is oriented towards the society, puzzles one. As faculty I had tried to grapple with this puzzle in my teaching and writing. Social enterprise tries to remedy this failure and tries to humanise the capital through a social face. It is therefore not averse to profit making, but does not go down the slippery slope of profiteering. To that extent it speaks ethics to the power – if not the whole truth.

I had tried to bring the significant change in the area of SE through various conference, seminars, round tables discussion, getting funds and establishing centre. The consequences of the communication, development is that now institutes are talking about our institute and its popularity at common platform.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Management Decision
Water Management
Waste Water Treatment
Sustainable Development

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Pandey, N.A., 2022. Enlightened self-interest and globalizing India through social entrepreneurship. Int. J. Soc. Ecol. Sustainable Dev., Vol. 13. 10.4018/IJSESD.2022010108.
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  2. Pandey, N., 2021. Demand assessments of organic products and consumers willingness to pay for organic food products. Singapore J. Sci. Res., 11: 67-76.
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  5. Pandey, A., R. Guha, N. Malkar and N. Pandey, 2019. Marching towards creating shared value: The case of YES bank. Asian Case Res. J., 23: 289-312.
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