Dr. Nisha   Pandey

Dr. Nisha Pandey

VES Institute of Management , Chembur , east, Mumbai

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Water Management from Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, India

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Management Decision
Water Management
Waste Water Treatment
Sustainable Development

Selected Publications

  1. Tripathy, S.P. and N. Pandey, 2019. Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurship in India: Facilitating Returnee Entrepreneurs. In: Transnational Entrepreneurship, Manimala, M.J., K.P. Wasdani and A. Vijaygopal (Eds.)., Springer, Singapore, pp: 323-339.
  2. Nisha, P. and M. Satish, 2017. Creative Entrepreneurship: A Sustainable Approach for Economic Growth. New Academic Publishers, New Delhi.
  3. Pandey, N. and D. Sharma, 2016. Participatory approach of water resource management: A case study of Marathwada. IOSR J. Bus. Manage., 2016: 32-38.
  4. Nisha, P. and T. Mishra, 2011. Sustainable management of water resources: A case study of Mumbai. Int. J. Water Resour. Environ. Manage., 2: 177-193.
  5. Pandey, N. and V. Vedak, 2009. Structural transformation of education for sustainable development. Int. J. Environ. Sustainable Dev., 9: 3-15.
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  6. Pandey, N. and A. Sahay, 2006. E-Waste: A new environmental challenge. Int. J. Environ. Dev., 3: 171-192.
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  8. Pandey, N. and K.M. Mohapatra, 2001. Switching Over to Non-phosphatic Detergents and Feasible Economics Policy options: The Case of Kanpur. In: Detergents and the Environment: The Canadian Experiences and Indian Scenario, Dewedi, O.P., R.K. Trivedi (Eds.)., Tata-McGraw Hills, New Delhi.
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