Dr. Hridyesh  Pandey

Dr. Hridyesh Pandey

Research Scientist
Anand Agricultural University, Gujrat, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Technology from Anand Agricultural University, India

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Food Process Engineering
Food Processing Technology
Nutritional Sciences
Food Agriculture

Selected Publications

  1. Ramanna, G., R.M. Shukla, H. Pandey and H.N. Mishra, 2018. Ready-to Eat Extruded and Puffed Snack Foods. In: Food Product and Process Innovations, Mishra, H.N. (Ed.). New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi, India, ISBN-13: 9789386546159, pp: 111-146.

  2. Kulkarani, P., H. Pandey, A.K. Sharma and D.C. Joshi, 2017. Physico-chemical properties of Aonla fruit and juice. Chem. Sci. Rev. Lett., 6: 1343-1347.
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