Mr. Souravh  Bais

Mr. Souravh Bais

Assistant Professor
Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Ganpat Universty, India

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Mr. Souravh Bais is currently working as Assistant Professor at Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, India. He obtained his M. Pharm. in Pharmacology from same Institute. His main area of interest related to Pharmacology and Toxicology. His area of expertise includes Phytomedicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Psychopharmacology, and Toxicology. He has 6 publications in journals contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Selected Publications

  1. Bais, S. and R. Kumari, 2018. Modulatory effect of sinapic acid in toluene induced dementia of leukoencephalopathy type in wistar rats: A biochemical study. Natl. Prod. J., 8: 153-164.
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  2. Prashar, Y., S. Bais and N.S. Gill, 2017. Emerging role of various signaling pathways in the pathogenesis and therapeutics of atherosclerosis. Rev. Vascular Med., 10: 1-12.
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  3. Prashar, Y., H.S. Rana and S. Bais, 2017. Bioanalytical method development and validation of bleomycin sulphate. J. Applied Pharm. Res., 5: 16-20.
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  4. Devi, B., S. Bais and N.S. Gill, 2017. A review on quinic acid and its therapeutic potential. Inventi Rapid: Mol. Pharmacol., 2017: 1-6.
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  5. Bais, S., R. Kumari, Y. Prashar and N.S. Gill, 2017. Review of various molecular targets on mast cells and its relation to obesity: A future perspective. Diabetes Metab. Syndrome: Clin. Res. Rev., 11: S1001-S1007.
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  6. Bais, S., R. Kumari and Y. Prashar, 2017. Therapeutic effect of Sinapic acid in aluminium chloride induced dementia of Alzheimer's type in rats. J. Acute Dis., 6: 154-162.
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  7. Bais, S., N. Abrol and Y. Prashar, 2017. Modulatory effect of standardised amentoflavone isolated from Juniperus communis L. agianst Freund’s adjuvant induced arthritis in rats (histopathological and X Ray anaysis). Biomed. Pharmacother., 86: 381-392.
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  8. Bais, S., 2017. Review on phytochemical and pharmacological activity of yarrow (Achilla millefolium Linn). Der Pharm. Chem., 9: 89-96.

  9. Bais, S., R. Kumari and Y. Prashar, 2016. A review on current strategies and future perspective in respect to Alzheimer's disease treatment. Curr. Res. Neurosci., 6: 1-15.
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  10. Bais, S. and N. Abrol, 2016. Review on chemistry and pharmacological potential of amentoflavone. Curr. Res. Neurosci., 6: 16-22.
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  11. Bais, S., N.S. Gill and N. Kumar, 2015. Neuroprotective effect of Juniperus communis on chlorpromazine induced Parkinson disease in animal model. Chinese J. Biol., Vol. 2015. 10.1155/2015/542542.
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  12. Bais, S. and Y. Prashar, 2015. Identification and characterization of amentoflavone from six species of Juniperus against H2O2 induced oxidative damage in human erythrocytes and leucocytes. Res. J. Phytochem., 9: 41-55.
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  13. Shandil, S. and S. Bais, 2014. Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Linn. An updated review. Afro Asian J. SciTech., 1: 69-77.

  14. Papiya, B., B. Souravh, S. Alok and S.C. Shekhar, 2014. Pharmacognostic and Physico chemical standardization of Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) verdc. edible seed. Pharmacog. Commun., 4: 16-24.

  15. Kakkar, S. and S. Bais, 2014. A review on protocatechuic acid and its pharmacological potential. ISRN Pharmacol. 10.1155/2014/952943.
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  16. Bais, S., N.S. Gill, N. Rana and S. Shandil, 2014. A phytopharmacological review on a medicinal plant: Juniperus communis. Int. Scholarly Res. Notices, Vol. 2014. 10.1155/2014/634723.
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  17. Bais, S., N.S. Gill and S. Shandil, 2014. Antidiarrhoel activity of methanolic extract of Achillea millefolium L. leaves in albino rats. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 6: 308-314.

  18. Bais, S., G.S. Singh and R. Sharma, 2014. Antiobesity and hypolipidemic activity of Moringa oleifera leaves against high fat diet-induced obesity in rats. Adv. Biol., Vol. 2014. 10.1155/2014/162914.
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  19. Bais, S. and Y. Prashar, 2014. Ameliorative effect of achillia mellifolium extract in experimentally induced ulcers in rats. SMU Med. J., 1: 129-145.

  20. Singh, R., A.K. Monga and S. Bais, 2013. Polio: A review. Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Res., 4: 1714-1724.
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  21. Bais, S.S. and P.Y. Mali, 2013. Protective effect of Amorphophallus campanulatus tuber extracts against HO induced oxidative damage in human erythrocytes and leucocytes. Int. J. Green Pharm., Vol. 6. .
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  22. Bais, S., 2013. A phytopharmacological review on an important medicinal plant: Leea indica. Inventi Rapid: Ethnopharmacol., 2013: 1-4.
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  23. Bais, S., K. Singh, P. Bigoniya and A.C. Rana, 2011. The In vitro antioxidant and free radical scavenging Activities of suran (Amorphophallus campanulatus (Araceae)) tubers extracts. Int. J. Pharm. Life Sci., 2: 1315-1324.
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