Dr. Prosenjit   Ghosh
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Dr. Prosenjit Ghosh

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry, Silchar Medical College, India

Highest Degree
M.D. in Psychiatry from Gauhati University, India

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Dr. Prosenjit Ghosh is currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Psychiatry at Silchar Medical College, Assam, India. He obtained his M.B.B.S in Medical Science from Gauhati University, Gauhati, Assam, India. He also worked as Consultant Psychiatrist for 9 years He is member of American Psychiatric Association (APA), Life Fellow Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), and Fellow of Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health. He has 3 publications in journals.

Area of Interest:

Internal Medicine
Sexual Medicine

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Yashin, A.N., D. Roy and P. Ghosh, 2018. A comparative study of the efficacy of amisulpride and olanzapine in patients with schizophrenia attending the outpatient department of psychiatry in a tertiary care hospital, Silchar, Assam, India. Int. J. Basic Clin. Pharmacol., 8: 284-288.
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  2. Ghosh, P., S. Sharma and R. Victor, 2018. A study on the executive dysfunction in alcohol dependent persons in Barak valley and its adjoining areas. J. Psychiatry Stud., 1: 1-7.
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  3. Ghosh, P., H.A. Choudhury and R. Victor, 2018. Prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among primary school children in Cachar, Assam, North-East India. Open J. Psychiat. Allied Sci., 9: 130-135.
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  4. Ghosh, P., 2018. Mass psychogenic illness among school children: A descriptive study of demographic and clinical variables. Open J. Psychiat. Allied Sci., 9: 144-148.
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  5. Ghosh, P., 2018. Internet gaming addiction presenting as withdrawal psychosis: An unusual case report. Indian J. Private Psychiatry, 12: 34-37.
  6. Ghosh, P., 2018. Impairment of executive function in alcohol dependent persons. Indian J. Private Psychiatry, 12: 1-6.
  7. Ghosh, P., 2018. Epidemiology to phenomenology of delusional disorder in late life. Scholars J. Applied Med. Sci., 6: 3700-3707.
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  8. Ghosh, P., 2018. Delusional Disorder in Elderly. Vol. 1 (Edn.)., Scientific Update of GERON, Imphal, India, ISBN: 978-81-935934-2-4, pp: 43-50.
  9. Ghosh, P., 2018. Alcohol and cognitive impairment-A review. Int. J. Indian Psychol., 6: 15-25.
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  10. Ghosh, P. and J. Kurmi, 2018. A study of socio-demographic and clinical profile of admitted patient leaving against medical advice from psychiatric ward of a teaching hospital. Indian J. Private Psychiatry, 12: 39-45.
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  11. Ghosh, P., R. Victor, H. Das and S. Sharma, 2017. Psychiatric morbidity and marital satisfaction: An empirical study on spouse of alcohol dependent cases in Barak valley, North-East India. Int. J. Res. Med. Sci., 5: 1600-1606.
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  12. Shah, N., M.S. Reddy, S. Vohra, U. Chaudhuri and S. Mohanasundaram, 2016. Safety and effectiveness of divalproex sodium extended release containing regimen in Indian patients with bipolar I disorder in continuation phase: Results of EASED registry. Asian J. Psychiat., 20: 32-38.
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  13. Ghosh, P., 2014. Shared delusional disorder: A case report of folie a trois. Eur. J. Psychol. Educ. Stud., 1: 36-40.
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  14. Ghosh, P., 2014. Shared delusional disorder: A case report of folie a famille. Dysphrenia, 5: 141-144.
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  15. Ghosh, P., 2014. Genetic counselling in psychiatry: Scope and challenges. J. Evol. Med. Dental Sci., 3: 12008-12019.
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  16. Ghosh, P. and P.S. Saha, 2013. Single lesion neurocysticercosis presenting as status epilepticus. J. Evol. Med. Dental Sci., 2: 6422-6427.
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  17. Ghosh, P., 2012. Youth homicide prevention. Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, September 22-23, 2012, Assam State Branch, India, pp: 34-37.
  18. Ghosh, P., 2010. Relationship between creativity and mood disorders. Dysphrenia, Vol. 1, No. 3. .
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