Dr. Ihtisham  Bukhari

Dr. Ihtisham Bukhari

Assistant Professor
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Genetics from University of Science and Technology, China

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Reproductive Biology




University of Science and Technology, China


Selected Publications

  1. Liu, H., H. Liu, J. Tang, Q. Lin and Y. Sun et al., 2017. Whole exome sequencing identifies a novel mutation in the PITX3 gene, causing autosomal dominant congenital cataracts in a Chinese family. Ann. Clin. Lab. Sci., 47: 92-95.
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  2. Bukhari, I., G. Li, L. Wang, F. Iqbal and H. Zhang et al., 2017. Effects of androgen receptor mutation on testicular histopathology of patient having complete androgen insensitivity. J. Mol. Histol., 48: 159-167.
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  3. Zhu, J., H. Liu, J. Tang, M.R. Khan and B. Wang, et al ., 2016. Identification of minor chromosomal defects causing abnormal fetus and spontaneous abortions Br. J. Biomed. Sci., 73: 67-73.
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  4. Wu, C., L. Wang, F. Iqbal, X. Jiang and I. Bukhari, et al ., 2016. Preferential Y-Y pairing and synapsis and abnormal meiotic recombination in a 47,XYY man with non obstructive azoospermia. Mol. Cytogenet, 9: 1-9.
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  5. Tang, J., G. Feng, Y. Sun, C. Wang and M.R. Khan, et al ., 2016. Genetic screening of neonates for 20 most common mutations in deafness associated genes in anhui province of china. Pak. J. Zool., 48: 1573-1577.
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  6. Naz, S., Imtiaz A, Mujtaba G, Maqsood A and Bashir R et al ., 2016. Genetic causes of moderate to severe hearing loss point to modifiers. Clin Genet. 10.1111/cge.12856.
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  7. Zhu, J., H. Liu, Y. Wang, M.R. Khan and I. Bukhari et al ., 2015. Genetic and clinical features of triploid fetus: a case report in han chinese population. Pak. J. Zool., 47: 595-598.
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  8. Yang, Q., N. Zhang, F. Zhao, W. Zha and S. Dai, et al ., 2015. Processing of semen by density gradient centrifugation selects spermatozoa with longer telomeres for assisted reproduction techniques. Reprod. Biomed. Online., 31: 44-50.
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  9. Wang, L., Z. Xu, F. Iqbal, L. Zhong and Y. Zhang, et al ., 2015. Decreased XY recombination and disturbed meiotic prophase I progression in an infertile 48, XYY, +sSMC man. Chromosome Res., 23: 267-276.
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  10. Wang, L., F. Iqbal, G. Li, X. Jiang and I. Bukhari, et al ., 2015. Abnormal meiotic recombination with complex chromosomal rearrangement in an azoospermic man. Reprod Biomed Online, 30: 651-658.
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  11. Jiang, X., T. Ma, Y. Zhang, H. Zhang and S. Yin, et al ., 2015. Specific deletion of Cdh2 in Sertoli cells leads to altered meiotic progression and subfertility of mice. Biol Reprod, 92: 79-79.
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  12. Bukhari, I., N. Muhammad, F. Gul, S. Ahmad and Z. Anwar, et al ., 2015. Frequency of anencephaly in hazara division of Pakistan. Am. J. Drug Delivery Ther., 2: 39-43.
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  13. Bukhari, I., G. Li, L. Wang, X. Jiang and F. Iqbal, et al ., 2015. Mutation p. Y572C in androgen receptor gene is associated with Sertoli cell only phenotype in a patient with complete androgen insensitivity. Hum. Genet. Embryol., 6: 1-45.
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  14. Wang, Z., H. Yin, Y. Zhang, Y. Feng and Z. Yan, et al ., 2014. MiR-214- mediated downregulation of RNF8 induces chromosomal instability in ovarian cancer cells. Cell Cycle, 13: 3519-3528.
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  15. Wang, Z., H. Yin, L. Lv, Y. Feng and S. Chen, et al ., 2014. Unrepaired DNA damage facilitates elimination of uniparental chromosomes in interspecific hybrid cells. Cell Cycle, 13: 1345-1356.
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  16. Jiang, XH., I. Bukhari, W. Zheng, S. Yin and Z.Wang, et al ., 2014. Blood-testis barrier and spermatogenesis: lessons from genetically-modified mice. Asian. J. Androl., 16: 572-580.
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  17. Jiang, X., H. Zhang, S. Yin, Y. Zhang and W. Yang et al ., 2014. Specific deficiency of Plzf paralog, Zbtb20, in Sertoli cells does not affect spermatogenesis and fertility in mice. Sci. Rep., 10.1038/srep07062.
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  18. Bukhari, I., G. Mujtaba and S. Naz, 2013. Contribution of GJB2 mutations to the deafness in Hazara Pakistan. Biochem. Genet., 51: 524-529.
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  19. Mujtaba, G., I. Bukhari, A. fatmia and S. Naz, 2012. A p.C343S Missense Mutation in PJVK causes Progressive Hearing Loss Gene. Gene, 504: 98-101.
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  20. Bukhari, I., M. Hassan, F.M. Abassi, Y. Shakir and A. Khan, et al ., 2012. Antibacterial spectrum of traditionally used medicinal plant of Hazara, Pakistan. Afri. J. Biotechnol., 11: 8404-8406.

  21. Bukhari, I., M. Hassan, F.M. Abassi, G. Mujtaba and N. Mahmood et al ., 2011. Study on comparative pharmacological efficacy of berberis lysium and penicillin G. Afri. J. Microbiol. Res., 5: 725-728.
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  22. Abbasi, F.M., S.H. Shah, A. Gul, A. Majid and M. Afzal, et al ., 2010. Localizing introgression on the chromosome of rise by genomic in situ hybridization (GISH). Afri. J. Biotechnol., 9: 4851-4854.

  23. Abbasi, F.M., A.H. Shah, R. Masood, R. Mujadad and F. Nawaz, et al ., 2010. Production and molecular characterization of wide cross derivatives in rice. Afri. J. Biotechnol., 9: 3732-3735.