Dr. Muhammad  Ali Nawaz
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Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz

Assistant Professor
Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan

Highest Degree
PostDoc Fellow in Ecology from University Joseph Fourier, France

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Animal Immunization
Molecualar Biology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Khatoon, R., I. Hussain, M. Anwar and M.A. Nawaz, 2017. Diet selection of snow leopard (Panthera uncial) in Chitral, Pakistan. Turk. J. Zool., 41: 914-923.
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  2. Kabir, M., S. Hameed, H. Ali, L. Bosso and J.U. Din et al., 2017. Habitat suitability and movement corridors of grey wolf (Canis lupus) in Northern Pakistan. Plos One, Vol. 12. 10.1371/journal.pone.0187027.
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  3. Hameed, K., C.F. Riaz, M.A. Nawaz, S.M.S. Naqvi and Y. Graser et al., 2017. Trichophyton verrucosum infection in livestock in the Chitral district of Pakistan. J. Infect. Dev. Countries, 11: 326-333.
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  4. Din, J.U., H. Ali, A. Ali, M. Younus, T. Mehmood, Y. Norma-Rashid and M.A. Nawaz, 2017. Pastoralist-predator interaction at the roof of the world: Conflict dynamics and implications for conservation. Ecol. Soc., Vol. 22. .
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  5. Ali, H., M. Younus, J.U. Din, R. Bischof and M.A. Nawaz, 2017. Do Marco Polo argali Ovis ammon polii persist in Pakistan? Oryx, 10.1017/S0030605317000229.
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  6. Zakharenka, A., K. Sharma, C. Kochorov, B. Rutherford and K. Varma et al., 2016. The Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program. In: Snow Leopards, McCarthy, T. and D. Mallon (Eds.)., Academic Press, London, pp: 559-573.
  7. Nawaz, M.A., Jaffar ud Din and H Buzdar, 2016. The Ecosystem Health Program: A Tool to Promote the Coexistence of Livestock Owners and Snow Leopards. In: Snow Leopards, McCarthy, T. and D. Mallon (Eds.)., Academic Press, London, pp: 188-195.
  8. Nawaz, M.A., Jaffar Ud Din, S.A. Shah and A.A. Khan, 2016. The Trophy Hunting Program: Enhancing Snow Leopard Prey Populations Through Community Participation. In: Snow Leopards, McCarthy, T. and D. Mallon (Eds.)., Academic Press, London, pp: 220-229.
  9. Nawaz, M.A. and C. Mishra, 2016. Setting Up Community Based Livestock Vaccination Initiatives for Wildlife Conservation: A Case Study of Ecosystem Health Program. In: The Partners Principles for Community-Based Conservation, Snow Leopard, Mishra, C. (Ed.)., Trust, Seattle, USA., pp: 149-162.
  10. Jaffar ud Din, H. Ali and M.A. Nawaz, 2016. The Current State of Snow Leopard Conservation in Pakistan. In: Snow Leopards, McCarthy, T. and D. Mallon (Eds.)., Academic Press, London, pp: 486-491.
  11. Hameed, K., S. Angelone-Alasaad, J.U. Din, M.A. Nawaz and L. Rossi, 2016. The threatening but unpredictable Sarcoptes scabiei: First deadly outbreak in the Himalayan lynx, Lynx lynx isabellinus, from Pakistan. Parasit. Vect., Vol. 9. 10.1186/s13071-016-1685-0.
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  12. Awan, M.N., A.A. Karamanlidis, M.S. Awan, M.A. Nawaz and M. Kabir, 2016. Preleminary survey on asiatic black bear in Kashmira Himalaya, Pakistan: Implications for preservation. Int. J. Conserv. Sci., 7: 719-724.
  13. Ahmad, S., S. Hameed, H. Ali, T.U. Khan, T. Mehmood and M.A. Nawaz, 2016. Carnivores' diversity and conflicts with humans in Musk Deer National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Eur. J. Wildlife Res., 62: 565-576.
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  14. Shehzad, W., M.A. Nawaz, F. Pompanon, E. Coissac, T. Riaz, S.A. Shah and P. Taberlet, 2015. Forest without prey: Livestock sustain a leopard Panthera pardus population in Pakistan. Oryx, 49: 248-253.
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  15. Raza, G., S.N. Mirza, M. Anwar, I. Hussain and S.W. Khan et al., 2015. Population and distribution of Himalayan Ibex, Capra ibex sibrica, in Hushe valley, Central Karakoram national park, Pakistan. Pak. J. Zool., 47: 1025-1030.
  16. Ali, H., M.A. Nawaz, M. Anwar and H. Ali, 2015. Population density and habitat use of Himalayn ibex (Capra siberica) in Nagar valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakitsan. Int. J. Conserv. Sci., 6: 707-714.
  17. Nawaz, M.A., J. Martin and J.E. Swenson, 2014. Identifying key habitats to conserve the threatened brown bear in the Himalaya. Biol. Conserv., 170: 198-206.
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  18. Khan, B., A. Ablimit, M.A. Nawaz, R. Ali, M.Z. Khan and R.K. Jaffaruddin, 2014. Pastoralist experience and tolerance of snow leopard, wolf and lynx predation in Karakoram Pamir Mountains. J. Bio. Environ. Sci., 5: 214-229.
  19. Bischof, R., S. Hameed, H. Ali, M. Kabir and M. Younas et al., 2014. Using time‐to‐event analysis to complement hierarchical methods when assessing determinants of photographic detectability during camera trapping. Meth. Ecol. Evolut., 5: 44-53.
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  20. Bischof, R., H. Ali, M. Kabir, S. Hameed and M.A. Nawaz, 2014. Being the underdog: An elusive small carnivore uses space with prey and time without enemies. J. Zool., 293: 40-48.
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  21. Ashraf, N., M. Anwar, I. Hussain and M.A. Nawaz, 2014. Competition for food between the markhor and domestic goat in Chitral, Pakistan. Turk. J. Zool., 38: 191-198.
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  22. Shabbir, S., M. Anwar, I. Hussain and M.A. Nawaz, 2013. Food habits and diet overlap of two sympatric carnivore species in Chitral, Pakistan. J. Anim. Plants Sci., 23: 100-107.
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  23. Din, J.U., F. Zimmermann, M. Ali, K.A. Shah, M. Ayub and S. Khan, 2013. Population assessment of Himalayan lynx (Lynx lynx isabellinus) and conflict with humans in the Hindu Kush mountain range of district Chitral, Pakistan. Integr. Zool., 8: 232-243.
  24. Shehzad, W., T. Riaz, M.A. Nawaz, C. Miquel and C. Poillot et al., 2012. Carnivore diet analysis based on next‐generation sequencing: Application to the leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) in Pakistan. Mol. Ecol., 21: 1951-1965.
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  30. Nawaz, M.A., J.E. Swenson and V. Zakaria, 2008. Pragmatic management increases a flagship species, the Himalayan brown bears, in Pakistan's Deosai national park. Biol. Conserv., 141: 2230-2241.
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  31. Nawaz, M.A., 2007. Status of the brown bear in Pakistan. Ursus, 18: 89-100.
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  32. Bellemain, E., M.A. Nawaz, A. Valentini, J.E. Swenson and P. Taberlet, 2007. Genetic tracking of the brown bear in Northern Pakistan and implications for conservation. Biol. Conserv., 134: 537-547.
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  33. Kok, O.B., C.R. Haddad, D.J. van Niekerk, H.J.B. Butler and M.A. Nawaz, 2005. Invertebrates as a potential food source of brown bears on the deosai plateau, Northern Pakistan. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 8: 13-19.
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