Miss Anam  Javaid
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Miss Anam Javaid

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Highest Degree
PhD Student in Statistics from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Hypothesis Testing
Statistical Analysis

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Javed, M.K., A. Javaid and S. Nawaz, 2019. Identification of Factors related to Human Development Index. Scholars' Press, Mauritius, ISBN-13: 978-613-8-91522-5, Pages: 52.
  2. Javed, M.K., A. Javaid and S. Javaid, 2019. Interaction of Mouth Shape With Different Variables. Scholar Press, Mauritius, ISBN-13: 978-620-2-30490-0.
  3. Javaid, S., M.K. Javed and A. Javaid, 2019. Factor identification of iron deficiency in children: A case study in Multan. Int. J. Med. Sci. Clin. Res. Rev., 2: 89-91.
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  4. Israr, K., A. Javaid, S. Nawaz, S. Javaid and M.K. Javed, 2019. Review about factors related to gallstone. Acta Scient. Microbiol., 2: 39-40.
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  5. Mukhtar, A. and A. Javaid, 2018. Factor identification and usage of pocket money among students: A case study. Int. J. Res. Innovation Social Sci., 2: 36-39.
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  6. Javaid, A., S. Nawaz, K. Israr, S. Javaid and M. Kashan, 2018. Statistical analysis of risk factors associated with cholelithiasis: A case control study in Multan. Int. J. Scient. Res. Publ., 8: 757-761.
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  7. Javaid, A., A. Akbar and S. Nawaz, 2018. A review on human development index. Pak. J. Humanit. Social Sci., 6: 357-369.
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  8. Javaid, A. and S. Nawaz, 2018. Review analysis on agricultural sector in Pakistan. Int. J. Res. Innov. Social Sci., 2: 93-94.
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  9. Israr, K., A. Javaid, S. Nawaz, S. Javaid and M. Kashan, 2018. Analysis of factors associated with cholelithiasis in Multan district. Int. J. Acad. Res. Bus. Social Sci., 8: 514-523.
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  10. Rashid, F., M. Akram, A. Akbar and A. Javed, 2017. Some new augmented fractional Box–Behnken designs. Commun. Stat.-Theor. Methods, 46: 2007-2012.
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  11. Mahmood, Z., M.S. Anwer, A. Javaid and S. Nawaz, 2016. Social and economic determinants of divorce in Pakistan: A case study of Multan district. J. Cult. Soc. Dev., 19: 18-24.
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