Dr. Ghazi Abdulmajeed Al-Rgaibat
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Dr. Ghazi Abdulmajeed Al-Rgaibat

Al al-Bayt University, Mafraq, Jordan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Banking and Finance from University of Banking and Financial Sciences, Jordan

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Area of Interest:

Business Management and Accounting
Finance Management

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Rgaibat, G.A., 2018. Effect of the Jordanian dinar exchange rate with foreign currencies on the Jordanian balance of payments for the period 1990-2015. Arab J. Manage., Arab Org. Admin. Dev., Vol. 38. .
  2. Alrgaibat, G.A., 2017. Roles of foreign investment (Banks) in Jordan on local assets (2000-2015). Int. J. Acad. Res. Account. Finance Manage. Sci., 7: 18-25.
  3. Alkhazali, A.S. and G.A.M. Alrgaibat, 2017. Impact of some stock exchange indicators on the turnover ratio of the stocks of glass and porcelain firms at Amman stock exchange during the period (2000-2015). Int. J. Acad. Res. Econ. Manage. Sci., 6: 108-123.
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  4. Alrgaibat, G.A., 2016. Financial and accounting analysis of the Jordanian banking sector performance. Int. J. Acad. Res. Account. Finance Manage. Sci., 6: 90-101.
  5. Alrgaibat, G.A. and A.S. Alkhazali, 2016. Jordanian commercial banks Performance relative to their expenses. Res. J. Finance Account., 7: 116-122.
  6. Alrgaibat, G.A.M., 2015. Test of capital asset pricing model in Amman stock exchange. J. Emerg. Trends Econ. Manage. Sci., 6: 137-143.
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  7. Alrgaibat, G.A., 2015. Impact of economic variables on the performance of the Jordanian banking sector. J. Poverty Invest. Dev., 10: 107-114.
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  8. Alrgaibat, G.A. and T.M. Al-Fawwaz, 2015. The impact of the capital and financial account balance on Jordanian export price index (2000-2014). Int. J. Acad. Res. Econ. Manage. Sci., 4: 219-233.
  9. Al-Fawwaz, T.M. and G.A. Alrgaibat, 2015. Capital adequacy of the Jordanian banking sector for the period (2000-2013). Int. J. Acad. Res. Account. Finance Manage. Sci., 5: 179-189.
  10. Khaza'leh, S. and G.A. Alrgaibat, 2014. Impact of macroeconomic indicators on stocks returns for the Jordanian insurance companies during the period (2000-2012). Global J. Manage Bus. Res., 14: 77-86.
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  11. Alrgaibat, G.A.M., 2014. Roles and determinants of banking concentration in Jordanian commercial banks profitability. Global J. Manage. Bus. Res., 14: 87-95.
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  12. Alrgaibat, G.A., 2014. Management of fund sources for development bank of cities and their reflections on the credit facilities for the local committees (2000-2013). Global J. Manage. Bus. Res., 14: 85-97.
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  13. Alrgaibat, G.A. and S. Khaza'leh, 2014. Management and roles of deposit insurance institution in attracting deposits for Jordanian banking sector (2000-2013). Global J. Manage. Bus. Res., 14: 71-76.
  14. Al-Hayek, Y.A. and G.A. Al-Rgaibat, 2014. Impact of the resources gap on the interest margin in the Jordanian commercial banks (1990-2011). Global J. Manage. Bus. Res., 14: 55-65.
  15. Al Ajlouni, M.M. and G.A.M. Alrgaibat, 2014. Impact of risk on the degree of banking safety in traditional Jordanian banks. Global J. Manage. Bus. Res., 14: 29-36.
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  16. Alrgaibat, G.A., 2013. Impact of financial factors on size of the credit facilities granted by the Jordanian commercial banks for period 1996-2010. Interdisciplinary J. Contemp. Res. Bus., 5: 68-85.
  17. Alrgaibat, G.A., 2010. The profitability of the banking sector in Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan (1999-2008). Eur. J. Econ. Finance Admin. Sci., 26: 172-180.