Dr. Osama Tarek Al-Taai

Dr. Osama Tarek Al-Taai

Assistant Professor
Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Air Pollutants
Remote Sensing
Geographic Information System

Selected Publications

  1. Halos, S.H., O.T. Al-Taai and M.H. Al-Jiboori, 2017. Impact of dust events on aerosol optical properties over Iraq. Arabian J. Geosci., 10: 1-18.
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  2. Al-Taai, O.T., J.S. Al-Rukabie and I.H. Abdalkareem, 2017. Study of the monthly and annual behavior of temperature and its impact on climate change in Iraq for the period (1982-2012). Int. J. Environ. Agric. Biotechnol., 2: 2293-2302.
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  3. Al-Taai, O.T. and and S.H. Hadi, 2017. The relationship between surface soil moisture with real evaporation and potential evaporation in Iraq. Int. J. Environ. Agric. Biotechnol., 2: 991-996.
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  4. Al-Taai, O.T. and S.M. Saleh, 2017. Calculating the wind-chill index for selected stations in Iraq. Int. J. Weather Climate Change Conserv. Res., 3: 1-17.
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  5. Al-Taai, O.T. and S.H. Hadi, 2017. Study of the synoptic analysis for surface potential evaporation and soil moisture in Iraq. Int. J. Sci. Res., 6: 306-314.
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  6. Salman, A.D. and O.T. Al-Taai, 2016. Effect of the cloud cover on solar radiation in the infrared band over Baghdad city. Kasmera J., 44: 98-108.
  7. Halos, S.H., M.H. Al-Jiboori and O.T. Al-Taai, 2016. Impact of dust storm intensity on some metrological elements and aerosol optical properties (Case study: Baghdad, Iraq). Br. J. Applied Sci. Technol., 18: 1-10.
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  8. Halos, S.H., M.H. Al-Jiboori and O.T. Al-Taai, 2016. Aerosol optical properties estimation over Iraq and surrounding regions using best GIS spatial interpolation method. Indian J. Natl. Sci., 7: 11648-11654.
  9. Al-Taai, O.T., D.A. Al-Hassani and A.M. Mehdi, 2016. Estimating the soil erosion by using rainfall data for selected stations in Iraq. Open Access Lib. J., Vol. 3. 10.4236/oalib.1102494.
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  10. Al-Taai, O.T., A.F. Hassoon and L.M.R. Ahmed, 2016. The study of the chemical analysis of gases (CO, CO2) and find a relationship between some meteorological variables and concentrations of gases. Int. J. Gen. Chem. Inst. Res. Eng. Doctors, 2: 5-16.
  11. Al-Taai, O.T. and Z.M. Al-Ghabban, 2016. The influence of relative humidity on concentrations (PM10, TSP) in Baghdad city. Modern Environ. Sci. Eng., 2: 111-122.
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  12. Al-Taai, O.T. and A.D. Salman, 2016. Change of dew point temperature and density of saturated water vapor with high and its impact on cloud cover. Int. Organ. Sci. Res. J. Eng., 6: 6-13.
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  13. Salih, Z.M.M. and O.T. Al-Taai, 2015. The influence of temperature and relative humidity on the concentrations of suspended particulates (PM10, TSP). Al-Mustansiriyah J. Sci., Vol. 26. .
  14. Khalaf, R.A., R.H. Al-Naimi and O.T. Al-Taai, 2015. Study the use of diffusion battery in nucleation cloud. Al-Mustansiriyah J. Sci., Vol. 26. .
  15. Al-Taai, O.T. and T.K. Jawad, 2015. The effect of relative humidity and surface wind speed on the volumetric water content of the soil for selected stations in Iraq. Int. J. Soil Mech. Found., 2: 21-38.
  16. Al-Taai, O.T., Q.M. Wadi and A.I. Al-Tmimi, 2014. Assessment of a viability of wind power in Iraq. Am. J. Electr. Power Energy Syst., 3: 60-70.
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  17. Al-Taai, O.T., M.M. Ahmed and T.K. Jawad, 2014. Influence of rainfall on soil water content in Iraq. Int. J. Agric. Innovations Res., 3: 618-627.
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  18. Al-Taai, O.T., 2014. Interpolation the missing data of air temperature by using artificial intelligence for selected Iraqi weather stations. J. Diyala Pure Sci. Coll. Sci. Diyala Univ., 10: 102-111.
  19. Al-Naqeeb, A.A., Q.M. Wadi and O.T. Al-Taai, 2012. Estimation of the operational duration of solar cells (Chinese and German) according to specific properties of components for short time series design in Baghdad's streets city. J. Coll. Educ. Al-Mustanasiriyah Univ., 2012: 203-209.
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  20. Al-Naqeeb, A.A., Q.M. Wadi and O.T. Al-Taai, 2011. Optimal estimation of critical angle for the wind power (energy) to generate high electrical power in Baghdad city. J. Coll. Educ. Al-Mustanasiriyah Univ., 2011: 448-466.
  21. Al-Taai, O.T., 2010. The relationship between solar radiation and sunshine duration for Baghdad city. J. Coll. Educ. Al-Mustanasiriyah Univ., 2010: 203-209.
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  22. Al-Jumaily, K.J., A.M. Al-Salihi and O.T. Al-Taai, 2010. Evaluation of meteosat-8 measurements using daily global solar radiation for two stations in Iraq. Int. J. Energy Environ., 1: 635-642.
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