Dr. Sabah N.  Mazhir

Dr. Sabah N. Mazhir

Research Scientist
University of Baghdad, Iraq

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Physics from University of Baghdad, Iraq

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Area of Interest:

Acoustical Physics
Air Mass Classification
Aerosols-Cloud Interactions
Alloys and Compounds

Selected Publications

  1. Mazhir, S.N., N.A. Abdullah, A.F. Rauuf, A.H. Ali and H.I. Al-Ahmed, 2018. Effects of gas flow on spectral properties of plasma jet induced by microwave. Baghdad Sci. J., 15: 81-86.
  2. Mazhir, S.N., 2018. Spectroscopic study of (TiO2)1-x(CuO)x Plasma generated by Nd: YAG laser. ARPN. J. Eng. Appl. Sci., 13: 864-869.
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  3. Ali, A.H., H. Al-Ahmed, S.N. Mazhir and A.S. Noori, 2018. Using texture analysis image processing technique to study the effect of microwave plasma on the living tissue. Baghdad Sci. J., 15: 87-97.
  4. Mazhir, S.N., F.W. Hadi, A.N. Mazher and L.H. Alobaidy, 2017. Texture analysis of smear of leukemia blood cells after exposing to cold plasma. Baghdad Sci. J., 14: 403-410.
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  5. Mazhir, S.N., A.H. Ali, N.H. Harb and F.W. Hadi, 2017. The effect of dielectric barrier discharge plasma on smear of leukemia blood cells by texture analysis images. J. Applied Sci. Res., 13: 35-42.
  6. Mazhir, S.N., A.H. Ali, F.W. Hadi and A.N. Mazher, 2017. Studying the effect of dielectric barrier discharges on the leukemia blood cells using digital image processing. IOSR J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 12: 6-12.
  7. Mazhir, S.N., 2017. Studying the effect of cold plasma on living tissues using images texture analysis. Diyala J. Pure Sci., 13: 184-202.
  8. Ali, A.H., S.N. Mazhir, H.I. Al-Ahmed and A.S. Noori, 2017. The effect of cold plasma on skin using texture analysis. IOSR J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 12: 59-64.
  9. Yaseen, H.M., B.G. Rasheed and S.N. Mazhir, 2016. Judd-ofelt analysis of spectroscopic properties of Er+3: TiO2 prepared via sol-gel. IOSR. J. Res. Method Educ., 6: 30-33.
  10. Mazhir, S.N., H.I. Abbood and H.A. Abdulridha, 2016. Electron transport in graphene-B/P compound heterojunction using LDA/SZ. Intl. J. Adv. Eng. Res. Sci., 3: 154-156.
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  11. Abdulridha, H.A., S.N. Mazhir and H.I. Abbood, 2016. Room temperature conductance of graphene sheet as a function of some variables using LAD/SZ method. Adv. Phys. Theor. Applic., 52: 28-32.
  12. Abdulridha, H.A. and H.I. Abbood, 2016. Calculation the electrical properties of graphene-B/P compound sheets using density functional theory calculations. J. Kufa-Phys., 8: 88-93.
  13. Mazhir, S.N., G.H. Mohamed, A.A. Abdullah and M.D. Radhi, 2015. UV photovoltaic detector based on Bi doped TiO2 fabricated by pulse laser deposition. Int. J. Adv. Res., 3: 1060-1070.
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  14. Mazhir, S.N., G.H. Ahmed and N.H. Harb, 2015. Effect of additive of CuO and annealing on the Morphological and Electrical Properties of TiO2 by pulse laser deposition. Eng. Technol. J., 33: 895-907.
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  15. Mazhir, S.N. and N.H. Harb, 2015. Influence of concentration on the structural, optical and electrical properties of TiO2: CuO thin film fabricate by PLD. IOSR. J. Appl. Phys., 7: 14-21.
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  16. Azeez, M.A., S.N. Mazhir and A.H. Ali, 2015. Detection and segmentation of lung cancer using statistical features of X-ray images. Int. J. Comput. Sci. Mobile Comput., 4: 307-313.
  17. Ali, A.H., M.R. Naeemah, A.N. Mazher and S.N. Mazhir, 2015. Study the changes in Al-Ahwaz Marshal using principal component analysis and classification technique. IOSR J. Res. Meth. Edu., 5: 29-37.
  18. Abdulsalam, S.I., 2015. Classification of stroke using brain CT digital images. Eur. Acad. Res., 3: 2483-2489.
  19. Mraity, H., A. England, I. Akhtar, A. Aslam and R. De Lange et al., 2014. Development and validation of a psychometric scale for assessing PA chest image quality: A pilot study. Radiography, 20: 312-317.
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  20. Hussain, D., A.H. Ali, S.N. Mazhir and A. Juma, 2014. Study the effect of mobile (cell phone) on the heart electricity. J. Applied Infor. Syst. 7: 1-4.
  21. Yahya, K.A. and R.K. Al-Ani, 2008. A study of ion bombardment time for copper sputtering by using AN ARGON-arc plasma. Iraqi J. Sci., 49: 90-95.
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  22. Hafidh, Z.A., S.N. Mazher and K.A. Yahya, 2007. Study of density distribution in entrained plasma. Baghdad Sci. J., 4: 305-309.
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