Prof. Mohamed   Hamza El-Saeid
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Prof. Mohamed Hamza El-Saeid

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Chemistry and Pesticide Residue Analysis from Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, USA

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Dr. Hamza Mohamed El-Saeid is currently Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Pollution, Food & Agriculture College, Soil Science Department King Saud University KSA, and Consultant of SCORE and PRC in the Ministry of Higher Education, KSA. Dr. EL-Saeid was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Texas Southern University, Houston, and Oklahoma State University OSU, OK, USA, and Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Azhar University, Egypt. He has obtained his Ph.D. from Texas Southern University, USA) under the collaboration Program with Al-Azhar University in 1999. He has more than 40 publications in different areas of Pesticide Residue Analysis in Foods, Water, Air, Soil, etc. Dr. EL-Saeid was a Principal Investigator of 6 research projects funded from RCMI, TSU. TX and ARC, KSU, KSA. Currently, Dr. El-Saeid is a Principal Investigator for 2 Research projects funded by KSNPST and Co-investigator for other 4 Research Projects.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Atmospheric Science/Climate
Encironmwental Pollution
Food Contamination
Chromatographic Anaysis

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Al-Wabel M.I., M. H. El-Saeid, A.H. El-Naggar , F.A. Al-Romian , K. Osman etal., 2016. Spatial distribution of pesticide residues in the groundwater of a condensed agricultural area Arab. J. Geosci., .
  2. El-Saeid, M.H., M.T. Selim and S.B. Abdel Ghani, 2015. Monitoring of pesticide residues in organic and conventional farmland soils using GC-MS. Wulfenia J., 22: 271-282.
  3. El-Saeid, M.H., A.M. Al-Turki, M.E.A. Nadeem, A.S. Hassanin and M.I. Al-Wabel, 2015. Photolysis degradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) on surface sandy soil. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., (In Press). 10.1007/s11356-015-4082-x.
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  4. El-Saeid, M.H., A.M. Al-Turki, M.E. Nadeem and A. Hussain, 2015. Dissemination patterns and risks impersonated of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) contaminated in the surface and subsurface soil. Wulfenia J., 22: 284-291.
  5. El-Saeid, M.H. and H.A. Khan, 2015. Determination of pyrethroid insecticides in crude and canned vegetable samples by supercritical fluid chromatography. Int. J. Food Proper., 18: 1119-1127.
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  6. El-Saeid, M.H., M.I. Al-Wabel, A.S. Al-Farraj and Z. Ahmed, 2014. Organochlorine and organophosphorous pesticides identification in arid low organic carbon agricultural soils. Res. J. Chem. Environ., (In Press). .
  7. El-Saeid, M.H., M.I. Al-Wabel, A.S. Al-Farraj, A.H. El-Naggar and Z. Ahmed, 2013. Monitoring of organic contaminants in soil by MAE and EIGC-MS. Res. J. Chem. Environ., 17: 27-33.
  8. El-Saeid, M.H. and M.T. Selim, 2013. Multiresidue analysis of 86 pesticides using gas chromatography mass spectrometry: II-nonleafy vegetables. J. Chem. 10.1155/2013/727149.
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  9. Al-Farraj, A.S., M.I. Al-Wabel, M.H. El-Saeid, A.H. El-Naggar and Z. Ahmed, 2012. Evaluation of groundwater for arsenic contamination using hydrogeochemical properties and multivariate statistical methods in Saudi Arabia. J. Chem. 10.1155/2013/812365.
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  10. Selim, M.T., M.H. El-Saeid and I.M. Al- Dossari, 2011. Multi-residues analysis of pesticides using gas chromatography mass spectrometry: I- leafy vegetables. Res. J. Environ. Sci., 5: 248-258.
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  11. El-Saeid, M.H., A.M. Al-Turki, M.I. Al-Wable and G. Abdel-Nasser, 2011. Evaluation of pesticide residues in Saudi Arabia ground water. Res. J. Environ. Sci., 5: 171-178.
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  12. El-Saeid, M.H., 2011. Antifungal activity of natural piperitone as fungicide on root rot fungi. Am.-Eurasian J. Agric. Environ. Sci., 11: 149-153.
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  13. Al-Wabel, M.I., M.H. El-Saeid, A.M. Al-Turki and G. Abdel-Nasser, 2011. Monitoring of pesticide residues in Saudi Arabia agricultural soils. Res. J. Environ. Sci., 5: 269-278.
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  14. Abdel-Nasser, G., A.M. Al-Turki, M.I. Al-Wabel and M.H. El-Saeid, 2011. Behavior of atrazine and malathion pesticides in soil: Simulation of transport process using numerical and analytical models. Res. J. Environ. Sci., 5: 221-235.
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  15. El-Saied, M.H., M.M. Abul-Fadl and N. El-Badry, 2010. Effect of roasting conditions on the acrylamide formation and polyphenols content in Arabica coffee beans. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., 5: 331-345.
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  16. El-Saeid, M.H., M.I. Al-Wabel, G. Abdel-Nasser, A.M. Al-Turki and A.G. Al-Ghamdi, 2010. One-step extraction of multiresidue pesticides in soil by microwave-assisted extraction technique. J. Applied Sci., 10: 1775-1780.
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  17. El-Saeid, M.H., 2010. Monitoring of pesticide residues in Riyadh cultured farm fish. World Applied Sci. J., 9: 1075-1080.
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  18. El-Saeid, M.H., 2010. Levels of class 2A and 2B polynuclear hydrocarbons in different barbecued meat by microwave assisted extraction coupled with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Am.-Eurasian J. Agric. Environ. Sci., 8: 305-312.
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  19. El-Saeid, M.H. and S.A. Al-Dosari, 2010. Monitoring of pesticide residues in Riyadh dates by SFE, MSE, SFC and GC techniques. Arabian J. Chem., 3: 179-186.
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  20. EL-Saeid, M.H. and K. Haseeb, 2010. Analysis of Pesticides in Food Samples by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Chap. 5. Handbook of Pesticides: Taylor and Frances Group, CRC Press, USA., pp: 93-113.
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  21. Al-Wabel, M.I., G. Abdel-Nasser, A.M. Al-Turki and M.H. El-Saeid, 2010. Behavior of atrazine and malathion pesticides in soil: Sorption and degradation processes. J. Applied Sci., 10: 1740-1747.
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  22. El-Saied, M.H., A.M. Sharaf, M.M. Abul-Fadl and N. El-Badry, 2008. Reduction of acrylamide formation in fried potato strips by different pre-frying treatments. World J. Dairy Food Sci., 3: 17-24.
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  25. El-Saeid, M.H., I. Kanu, E.C. Anyanwu and M.A. Saleh, 2005. Impacts of extraction methods in the rapid determination of atrazine residues in foods using supercritical fluid chromatography and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: Microwave solvent vs. supercritical fluid extractions. Scient. World J., 5: 11-19.
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  26. El-Saeid, M.H., 2003. Pesticide residues in canned foods, fruits and vegetables: The application of supercritical fluid extraction and chromatographic techniques in the analysis. Scient. World J., 3: 1314-1326.
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  28. Shahat, M. and M.H. El-Saeid, 2001. Contribution of the normal serving size of some local fresh frouts to the daily needs of vitamins and minerals. Egypt. J. Applied Sci., 16: 145-159.