Dr. Mohammed  Al-Khusaibi
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Dr. Mohammed Al-Khusaibi

Assistant professor, Head of Department
Sultan Qaboos University

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Biosciences from The University of Reading, UK

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Area of Interest:

Food Science and Technology
Food Engineering
Food Science

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Al-Farsi, K.A., N.A. Al-Habsi and M. Al-Khusaibi, 2018. The potential antioxidant properties of date products: A concise update. Can. J. Clin. Nutr., 6: 84-104.
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  2. Al-Bulushi, I.M., M.S. Bani-Uraba, N.S. Guizani, M.K. Al-Khusaibi and A.M. Al-Sadi, 2017. Illumina MiSeq sequencing analysis of fungal diversity in stored dates. BMC Microbiol., Vol. 17. 10.1186/s12866-017-0985-7.
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  3. Al-Khusaibi, M.K., A.S. Al-Saidi and N. Al-Habsi, 2016. Antioxidant activities of fresh and old date syrup. Can. J. Clin. Nutr., 4: 25-32.
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  4. Al-Kharousi, N., M. Al-Khusaibi, I. Al-Bulushi, N. Guizani, M. Waly and M.S. Rahman, 2016. Physico-chemical characteristics and oxidative stability of date-pits oil during storage at different temperatures. Int. J. Food Eng., 12: 385-393.
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  5. Al‐Khusaibi, M., A.H.A. Tarmizi and K. Niranjan, 2015. On the possibility of nonfat frying using molten glucose. J. Food Sci., 80: E66-E72.
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  6. Rahman, M.S. and M. Al‐Khusaibi, 2014. Freezing‐Melting Desalination Process. In: Desalination: Water from Water, Kucera, J., Wiley Online Library, New Jersey, United States, pp: 473-501..
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  7. Al‐Khusaibi, M., M.H. Gordon, J.A. Lovegrove and K. Niranjan, 2012. Provenance of the oil in par‐fried french fries after finish frying. J. Food Sci., 77: E32-E36.
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  8. Al‐Khusaibi, M., M.H. Gordon, J.A. Lovegrove and K. Niranjan, 2012. Frying of potato chips in a blend of canola oil and palm olein: Changes in levels of individual fatty acids and tocols. Int. J. Food Sci. Technol., 47: 1701-1709.
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  9. Al-Khusaibi, M.K. and K. Niranjan, 2012. The impact of blanching and high-pressure pretreatments on oil uptake of fried potato slices. Food and Bioprocess Technol., 5: 2392-2400.
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  10. Sablani, S.S., M.S. Rahman, M.K. Al-Kuseibi, N.A. Al-Habsi, R.H. Al-Belushi, I. Al-Marhubi and I.S. Al-Amri, 2007. Influence of shelf temperature on pore formation in garlic during freeze-drying. J. Food Eng., 80: 68-79.
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  11. Al-Khuseibi, M.K., S.S. Sablani and C.O. Perera, 2005. Comparison of water blanching and high hydrostatic pressure effects on drying kinetics and quality of potato. Drying Technol., 23: 2449-2461.
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