Dr. Abdollah  Dargahi

Dr. Abdollah Dargahi

Research Scientist
Hamadan university of Medical Sciences, Iran

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Environmental Health Engineering from Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environmental Management
Wastewater Technology
Biological Sciences
Water Treatment

Selected Publications

  1. Shokoohi, R., A. Rahmani, G. Asgari, A. Dargahi, Y. Vaziri and M.A. Abbasi, 2017. Evaluation of autothermal thermophilic aerobic digester performance for the stabilization of municipal wastewater sludge. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 20: 260-266.
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  2. Sharafi, K., M. Pirsaheb, T. Khosravi, A. Dargahi, M. Moradi and M.T. Savadpour, 2016. Fluctuation of organic substances, solids, protozoan cysts and parasite egg at different units of a wastewater integrated stabilization pond (full scale treatment plant): A case study, Iran. Desalination Water Treat., 57: 4913-4919.
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  3. Pirsaheb, M., M. Mohammadi, A. Dargahi, A. Almasi and M. Naderi, 2016. Modeling and kinetic evaluation of intermittent aeration bioreactor with continuous flow in hospital wastewater treatment. J. Chem. Pharm. Sci., 9: 1-9.
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  4. Dargahi, A., H. Golestanifar, P. Darvishi, A. Karami, S.H. Hasan, A. Poormohammadi and A. Behzadnia, 2016. An investigation and comparison of removing heavy metals (Lead and Chromium) from aqueous solutions using magnesium oxide nanoparticles. Pol. J. Environ. Stud., 25: 557-562.
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  5. Babazadeh, T., A. Kamran, A. Dargahi, F. Moradi, F. Shariat and H.R. Moghaddam, 2016. Skin cancer preventive behaviors among rural farmers: An intervention based on protection motivation theory. Med. J. Islamic Republic Iran, Vol. 30. .
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  6. Azizi, E., M. Ghayebzadeh, A. Dargahi, L. Hemati, M. Beikmohammadi and K. Sharafi, 2016. Determination of effective parameters on removal of organic materials from pharmaceutical industry wastewater by advanced oxidation process (H2O2/UV). Arch. Hyg. Sci., 5: 69-74.
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  7. Azizi, A., A. Dargahi, F. Amirian, M. Mohammadi and S. Mohammadi et al., 2016. Investigation the prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) among factories packaging workers in Kermanshah (2015). Res. J. Med. Sci., 10: 319-324.

  8. Almasi, A., A. Dargahi, Z.J. Motlagh, M. Mahmoodi and M. Mohammadi et al., 2016. Evaluation of common coagulants and polymeric coagulant aid in the removal of suspended particles and colloidal turbidity of raw water of Gavoshan dam. J. Chem. Pharm. Sci., 9: 3178-3181.
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  9. Almasi, A., A. Dargahi, M. Mohammadi, F. Amirian, A. Shokri and L. Tabandeh, 2016. Comparative study of awareness, attitude and performance of hairdressers in west regions of Iran in terms of personal hygiene, decontamination of tools and devices, and general status of building. J. Chem. Pharm. Sci., 9: 3056-3062.
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  10. Almasi, A., A. Dargahi, M. Mohamadi, H. Biglari, F. Amirian and M. Raei, 2016. Removal of Penicillin G by combination of sonolysis and Photocatalytic (sonophotocatalytic) process from aqueous solution: Process optimization using RSM (Response Surface Methodology). Electron. Physician, 8: 2878-2887.
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  11. Soltanian, M., A. Dargahi, F. Asadi, A. Ivani and P. Setareh, 2015. Variation of physicochemical quality of groundwater watershed in Gharehsou during 2003-2012. J. Mazandaran Univ. Med. Sci., 24: 275-287.
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  12. Khamutian, R., F. Najafi, M. Soltanian, M.J. Shokoohizadeh and S. Poorhaghighat et al., 2015. The association between air pollution and weather conditions with increase in the number of admissions of asthmatic patients in emergency wards: A case study in Kermanshah. Med. J. Islamic Republic Iran, Vol. 29. .
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  13. Dargahi, A., M. Pirsaheb, S. Hazrati, M. Fazlzadehdavil, R. Khamutian and T. Amirian, 2015. Evaluating efficiency of H2O2 on removal of organic matter from drinking water. J. Desalination Water Treatment, 54: 1589-1593.
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  14. Babazadeh, T., F. Moradi, A. Dargahi, N. Zibaee, H.R. Moghadam and T. Amirian, 2015. The effect of an educational program on knowledge, attitude and behavior of mothers in relation to proper nutrition in 2-6 year old children. J. Mazandaran Univ. Med. Sci., 25: 105-109.
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  15. Asgari, G., A. Dargahi and S.A. Mobarakian, 2015. Equilibrium and synthetic equations for index removal of methylene blue using activated carbon from oak fruit bark. J. Mazandaran Univ. Med. Sci., 24: 172-187.
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  16. Pirsaheb, M.,A. Dargahi, S. Hazrati,M. Fazlzadehdavil, 2014. Removal of diazinon and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) from aqueous solutions by granular-activated carbon. J. Desalin. Water Treat., 52: 4350-4355.
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  17. Pirsaheb, M., A. Dargahi, R. Khamutian, F. Asadi and Z. Atafar, 2014. A survey of methyl tertiary butyl ether concentration in water resources and its control procedures. J. Mazandaran Univ. Med. Sci., 24: 119-128.
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  18. Dargahi, A., R. Khamutian, A. Shokri, S. Dargahi and M. Elmi, 2014. Incidence of tuberculosis in Parsabad Moghan during 2005-2011. Zahedan J. Res. Med. Sci., 16: 49-49.
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  19. Dargahi, A., M. Elmi and S. Dargahi, 2014. Cancer incidence in Parsabad-e-Moghan City (2007-2010). Zahedan J. Res. Med. Sci., 16: 103-103.

  20. Almasi, A., A. Dargahi, A. Amrane, M. Fazlzadeh, M. Mahmoudi and A.H. Hashemian, 2014. Effect of the retention time and the phenol concentration the stabilization pond efficiency in the treatment of oil refinery wastewater. Fresenius Environ. Bull., 23: 2541-2548.
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  21. Dargahi, A., A. Karami, R. Khamutian and A. Almasi, 2013. Survey of microbial quality in drinking water of rural areas covered by water and wastewater organization of Kermanshah province. Zahedan J. Res. Med. Sci., 15: 96-96.

  22. Almasi, A., A. Dargahi, E. Sadeghi and N. Safaipour, 2013. Different disinfectants efficiency of fruits and vegetables available in market of Kermanshah, 2011. Zahedan J. Res. Med. Sci., 15: 45-45.

  23. Pirsaheb, M., A. Dargahi and M. Farrokhi, 2012. The efficiency of iron and manganese removal from groundwater using tower aeration. Zahedan J. Res. Med. Sci., 14: 117-117.