Dr. Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei

Dr. Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei

University of Guilan, Iran

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Forest Economics from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

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Dr. Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei is currently working as Associate Professor at University of Guilan, Iran. He obtained his PhD in Economics-Forest Economics, Department of Forest Economics from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umea, Sweden. His area of interest related to Economics Optimization, Optimization of Forest Management and Multi Criteria Decision Making in Forestry. He is Supervisor of 13 Master and 2 PhD thesis and Co Advisor of 8 Master and 3 PhD theses. He is member of International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA), Austria and Iranian Operational Research Society. He is also serving as reviewer and editorial member in number of journals. Dr. Soleiman received number of honors includes ranked number one among all of the graduated students in B.Sc and also in MSc degree, Scholarships for Ph.D degree from Iranian Ministry of Science, Swedish Research Council for Environment and for Summer Course from NOVA University. He has published 31 articles in journals as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Forest Economics
Economics Optimization
Multi Criteria Decision Making

Selected Publications

  1. Foumani, B.S., S.M. Limaei and T.R. Shahraji, 2018. Assessment of logging moratorium using analytical network process in Iranian Hyrcanian forests. J. Sustainable Forestry, 38: 130-148.
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  2. Limaei, S.M., M. Sedigh and T.R. Shahraji, 2014. Goal programming approach for sustainable forest management (case study in Iranian Caspian forests). J. For. Res., 25: 429-435.
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  3. Limaei, S.M., H. Ghesmati, R. Rashidi and N. Yamini, 2014. Economic evaluation of natural forest park using the travel cost method (case study; Masouleh forest park, North of Iran). J. For. Sci., 60: 254-261.
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  4. Zadmirzaei, M., S.M. Limaei and A. Amirteimoori, 2013. Determining of relative efficiency based on data envelopment analysis (Case study: Mazan-Daran wood and paper company in Iran). Int. Adv. Eng. Technol., 15: 200-211.
  5. Zadmirzaei, M. and S.M. Limaei, 2013. Investigation of costs and net revenues in Mazandaran wood and paper company, Iran. Int. J. Contemp. Res. Bus., 4: 1136-1149.
  6. Namdari, S., S.M. Limaei, R. Naghdi and A.E. Bonyad, 2013. Optimal forest harvest policy using dynamic programming method; Case study, Shafarod forest. Iran. J. For., 5: 21-30.
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  7. Limaei, S.M., Z. Bahramabadi, T.R. Shahraje, M. Adibnejad and S.A.M. Koupar, 2013. Determination of economically optimal rotation age of poplar (Popolus deltoids) in Guilan province. Iran. For. Poplar J., 21: 61-75.
  8. Naghdi, R., S.M. limaei, R. Babapour and M. Ariamanesh, 2012. Designing of forest road network based on technical and economical considerations using GIS & AHP. Int. J. Applied Natural Sci., 1: 39-44.
  9. Limaei, S.M., 2012. Measuring the efficiency of Iranian forest industry. J. For. Res., 24: 759-765.
  10. Adeli, K., A. Yachkaschi, S.M. Limaei and A. Fallah, 2012. A Study of the Condition of Timber Production in Iran and the Expected Production Rate in the Next Decade. J. Sustainable Dev., 5: 144-154.
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  11. Naghdi, R., M. Nikooy, S.M. Limaei and Y. Shormaj, 2011. Valuation of harvesting group efficiency in Shafarood forests. Iran. J. For. Poplar Res., 18: 417-425.
  12. Limaei, S.M., T.R. Shahraji and A. Deldari, 2011. Profitability comparison of poplar plantation with Populus deltoids clone 69/55 in comparison with paddy field (Case study: Ziabar district in Guilan province). Iran. J. For. Poplar Res., 19: 586-596.
  13. Limaei, S.M., S. Namdari, A.E. Bonyad and R. Naghdi, 2011. Economically optimal cutting cycle in a beech forest. Iran. Caspian For., 9: 181-188.
  14. Limaei, S.M., R. Heybatian, S.M.H. Vaezin and J. Torkman, 2011. Wood Import and Export and its Relation to Major Macroeconomics Variables in Iran. For. Policy Econ., 13: 303-307.
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  15. Limaei, S.M., J. Torkaman and S.M.H. Alvaezin, 2011. Market Margin Model of Beech, Hornbeam, Alder and Maple Timbers (Case Study: Shafarod Forest, Guilan Providence). Iran. J. For., 2: 209-307.
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  16. Limaei, S.M., 2011. Optimal Solution of Forest Management Under Risk. Int. J. e-Educ. e-Bus. e-Manage. e-Learn., 1: 378-383.
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  17. Limaei, S.M., 2011. Economics Optimization of Forest Management: Economically Optimal Values and Decisions in Iranian Forest Management. Lap LAMBERT Academic Publication, Germany, ISBN-13: 978-3843377409, pp: 140.
  18. Limaei, S.M., P. Lohmander and M. Obersteiner 2010. Decision making in forest management with consideration of stochastic prices. Iran. J. Operat. Res., 2: 32-40.
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  19. Limaei, S.M., 2010. Mixed strategy game theory, application in forest industry. For. Policy Econ., 12: 527-531.
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  20. Naghdi, R. and S.M. Limaei, 2009. Optimal forest road density based on skidding and road construction costs in Iranian Caspian Forests. Caspian J. Environ. Sci., 7: 79-86.
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  21. Limaei, S.M., 2009. Mixed strategy game theory, application in forest industry. Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovative Pedagogy in Business and Management Education, Oct. 10, Bangalore, India, pp: 260-273.
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  23. Lohmander, P. and S.M. Limaei, 2008. Optimal continuous cover forest management in an uneven-aged forest in the North of Iran. J. Applied Sci., 8: 1995-2007.
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