Dr. Mahnaz  Khanavi
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Dr. Mahnaz Khanavi

Associate Professor/Resrach Associate
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran/ Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia-Vancouver, Canada

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmacy from University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Biological Chemistry
Molecular Biology
Medicinal Plants

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sadati, N., M. Khanavi, A. Mahrokh, S.M.B. Nabavi, J. Sohrabipour and A. Hadjiakhoondi, 2011. Comparison of antioxidant activity and total phenolic contents of some persian gulf marine algae. J. Med. Plants, 10: 73-79.
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  2. Mahmoudi, A., A. Hosseini-Sharifabad, H.R. Monsef-Esfahani, A.R. Yazdinejad and M. Khanavi et al., 2011. Evaluation of systemic administration of Boswellia papyrifera extracts on spatial memory retention in male rats. J. Nat. Med., 65: 519-525.
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  3. Khanavi, M., M. Hajimahmoodi, A. Ranjbar, M. Oveisi, M. Ardekani, G. Mogaddam, 2011. Development of a green chromatographic method for simultaneous determination of food colorants. Food Anal. Methods, 10.1007/s12161-011-9259-4.
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  4. Hajimahmoodi, M., M. Shams-Ardakani, P. Saniee, F. Siavoshi and M. Mehrabani et al., 2011. In vitro antibacterial activity of some Iranian medicinal plant extracts against Helicobacter pylori. Natural Product Res., 25: 1059-1066.
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  5. Bakhtiarian, A., F.A. Moghaddam, M.M. Zamani, S.G. Ghamami, B. Farahanikia and M. Khanavi, 2011. Anti-inflammatory effect of Thymus kotschyanus boiss. and hohen. Extract on rat`s hind paw edema induced by Carrageenan. J. Med. Plants, 10: 25-32.
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  6. Shekarchi, M., H. Hajimehdipoor, M. Khanavi, N. Adib, M. Bozorgi and B. Akbari-Adergani, 2010. A validated method for analysis of Swerchirin in Swertia longifolia Boiss. by high performance liquid chromatography. Pharmacogn. Mag., 6: 13-28.
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  7. Sedaghat, M.M., A.R. Sanei, M. Khanavi, M.R. Abai, A. Hadji-Akhoondi, F. Mohtarami and H. Vatandoost, 2010. Phytochemistry and larvicidal activity of Eucalyptus camaldulensis against malaria vector, Anopheles stephensi. Asian Pac. J. Trop. Med., 3: 841-845.
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  8. Sahebalzamin, M., M. Khanavi, H.A. Majd, S.M. Mirkarimi and M. Karimi, 2010. Effects of inhalation aromatherapy on female students anxiety and depression settling in dormitory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Med. Sci. J. Islamic Azad University Tehran Med. Branch, 20: 175-181.
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  9. Khanavi, M., S. Pourmoslemi, B. Farahanikia, A. Hadjiakhoondi and S.N. Ostad, 2010. Cytotoxic of Vinca minor. Pharm. Biol., 48: 96-100.
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  10. Khanavi, M., M. Norouzi, H. Tabatabaee, A.S. Noudeh, S.B. Safavi and A. Shafiee, 2010. Chemical compositions and antiviral effects of the essential Oil of Zataria multiflora Boiss. and Organum majorana L. J. Med. Plants, 9: 128-137.
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  11. Khanavi, M., M. Nabavi, N. Sadati, M.S. Ardekani and J. Sohrabipour et al., 2010. Cytotoxic activity of some marine brown algae against cancer cell lines. Biol. Res., 43: 31-37.
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  12. Khanavi, M., A. Gholamreza, A. Hadjiakhoondi and M.R.S. Ardakani, 2010. Attractiveness of herbal medicine in Iran and the World. Traditional Med. Islam Iran, 1: 55-58.
  13. Kamyab, H., S. Hejrati, M. Khanavi, F. Malihi and A. Mohammadirad et al., 2010. Hepatic mechanisms of the Walnut antidiabetic effect in mice. Central Eur. J. Biol., 5: 304-309.
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  14. Jafari, S., A. Moradi, A. Salaritabar, A. Hadjiakhoondi and M. Khanavi, 2010. Determination of total phenolic and flavonoid contents of Leonurus cardiaca L. in compare with antioxidant activity. Res. J. Biol. Sci., 5: 484-487.
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  15. Hajimehdipoor, H., M. Shekarchi, M. Khanavi, N. Adib and M. Amri, 2010. A validated high performance liquid chromatography method for the analysis of thymol and carvacrol in Thymus vulgaris L. volatile oil. Pharmacogn. Mag., 6: 154-158.
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  16. Ardekani, M.R.S., M. Khanavi, P. Taheri, N. Samadi, E. Safaripour and F. Salimpour, 2010. The essential oil composition of Ajuga chamaecistus Ging. subsp. tomentella Rech. f. J. Essent. Oil Bearing Plants, 13: 45-51.
  17. Ardekani, M.R.S., M. Khanavi, M. Hajimahmoodi, M. Jahangiri and A. Hadjiakhoondi, 2010. Comparison of antioxidant activity and total phenol contents of some date seed varieties from Iran. Iran. J. Pharm. Res., 9: 141-146.
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  18. Kiarostami, K.H., M. Bahrami, Z. Talebpour, Z. Nazem-Bokaee, M. Khanavi and A. Hadjiakhoondi, 2009. Seasonal variation of Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oils. J. Med. Plants, 32: 84-90.
  19. Khanavi, M., M. Hajimahmoodi, M. Cheraghi-Niroomand, Z. Kargar, Y. Ajani, A. Hadjiakhoondi, M.R. Oveisi, 2009. Comparison of the antioxidant activity and total phenol content of some Stachys species. African J. Biotechnol., 8: 1143-1147.
  20. Khanavi, M., A. Mohhamadi, Z. Saghari, A. Hadjiakhoondi and M. Abdollahi, 2009. Comparison of the antioxidant activity and total phenol content of some date varieties. Daru, 17: 104-108.
  21. Hajimehdipoor, H., M. Khanavi, M. Shekarchi, Z. Abedi and M.P. Hamedani, 2009. Investigation of the best method for extraction of phenolic compounds from Echinaceae purpurea L. J. Med. Plants, 32: 145-152.
  22. Hajimehdipoor, H., M. Khanavi, H. Zahedi, Z. Abedi, N.K. Khandani, N. Adib and M.P. Hamedani, 2009. Finger print study of Thymus spp. by TLC. J. Med. Plants, 8: 19-24.
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  23. Verdian-Rizi, M.R., A. Hadjiakhoondi, S. Rezazadeh, M. Khanavi and M. Pirali-Hamedani, 2008. Taxuspinane G from the aerial parts of Taxus baccata L. growing in Iran. J. Med. Plants, 28: 120-124.
  24. Verdian-Rizi, M.R., A. Hadjiakhoondi, M. Pirali-Hamedani, N. Yasa, G. Amin and M. Khanavi, 2008. Taxane ditepenoids from the needles of Taxus baccata L. growing in Iran. Pharmacogn. Mag., 5: 67-70.
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  25. Khanavi, M., M. Safavi, F. Siavoshi, A.F. Tafti and M. Hajimahmoodi et al., 2008. Evaluation of anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of methanol extract of some species of Stachys and Melia. J. Med. Plants, 7: 74-80.
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  26. Khanavi, M., B. Farahanikia, S. Janbakhsh, S. Sheibani and S.M. Hoseini-Sajedi et al., 2008. Comparison of the essential oil composition of Stachys trinervis Aitch. and Hemsl. and Stachys subaphylla Rech. F. J. Essential Oil Bearing Plants, 11: 406-412.
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  27. Hadji-Akhoondi, A.,H. Vatandoost, M. Abousaber, M. Khanavi and L. Abdi, 2008. Chemical composition of the essential oil of Tagetes minuta L. and its effects on Anopheles stephensi larvae in Iran. J. Med. Plants, 7: 33-39.
  28. Rajabi, A., Y. Amanzadeh, M. Khanavi, M. Khatamsaz and S.E.S. Ebrahimi, 2007. High-performance thin-layer chromatographic fingerprints of flavonoids and phenol carboxylic acids for standardization of Iranian species of the genus Crataegus L. Iranian J. Pharm. Sci., 3: 143-152.
  29. Khanavi, M., A. Hadjiakhoondi, H.R. Sadeghipour-Roodsari, M. Vosoughi and R. Arbabi, 2007. Effect of Iranian ethanolic extract of Melia indica and Melia azedarach fruit on fertility indices in male rats. Med. J. Reprod. Infertility, 6: 7-16.
  30. Sharifzadeh, M., A. Hadjiakhoondi, M. Khanavi and M. Susanabadi, 2006. Effects of aqueous, methanolic and chloroform extracts of rhizome and aerial parts of Valeriana officinalis L. on naloxone-induced jumping in morphine-dependent mice. Addiction Biol., 11: 145-151.
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  31. Sadeghipour-Roodsari, H.R., S.H. Rouhani, R. Parandin, M. Vosoughi, H. Sepehri, A. Hadjiakhoondi and M. Khanavi, 2006. Anti infertility activity of Melia azedarach L. seeds on rats. J. Med. Plants, 18: 23-29.
  32. Hadjiakhoondi, A., H. Vatandoost, M. Khanavi, H.R. Sadeghipour-Roodsari, M. Vosoughi, M. Kazemi and M.R. Abai, 2006. Fatty acid composition and toxicity of Melia azedarach L. fruits against malaria vector Anophels stephensi. Iranian J. Pharm. Sci., 2: 97-102.
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  33. Sharifzadeh, M., K. Sharifzadeh, M. Khanavi, A. Hadjiakhoondi and A. Shafiee, 2005. Anti-inflammatory activity of aerial parts of Stachys setifera and Stachys persica. Int. J. Pharmacol., 1: 132-137.
  34. Khanavi, M., M. Sharifzadeh, A. Hadjiakhoondi and A. Shafiee, 2005. Phytochemical investigation and anti-inflammatory activity of aerial parts of Stachys byzanthina C. Koch. J. Ethnopharmacol., 97: 463-468.
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  35. Khanavi, M., L. Ghasemian, E.H. Motlagh, A. Hadjiakhoondi and A. Shafiee, 2005. Chemical Composition of the essential oil of Marrubium parviflorum Fisch. and C.A. Mey. and Marrubium vulgare L. from Iran. Flavor Fragrance J., 20: 324-326.
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  36. Hadjiakhoondi, A., H. Vatandoost, M. Khanavi, M.R. Abai and M. Karami, 2005. Biochemical investigation of different extracts and larvicidal activity of Tagetes minuta L on Anopheles stephensi larvae. Iranian J. Pharm. Sci., 1: 81-84.
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  37. Amin, G., M.H. Salehi Sourmaghi, M. Zahedi, M. Khanavi and N. Samadi, 2005. Essential oil composition and antimicrobial activity of Oliviera decumbens. Fitoterapia, 76: 704-707.
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  38. Khanavi, M., A. Hadjiakhoondi, G. Amin, Y. Amanzadeh, A. Rustaiyan and A. Shafiee, 2004. Comparison of the volatile composition of Stachys persica Gmel. and Stachys byzantina C. Koch. Oils obtained by hydrodistillation and steam distillation. Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung, 59: 463-467.
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  39. Amini, M., M. Khanavi and A. Shafiee, 2004. Determination of ciprofloxacin in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography. IJPR, 2: 99-101.
  40. Khanavi, M., A. Hadjiakhoondi, A. Shafiee, A. Rustaiyan and S. Masoudi, 2003. Chemical composition of the essential oil of Stachys byzanthina C.Koch from Iran. J. Essent. Oil Res., 15: 77-78.