Dr. Samad Shams Vahdati

Dr. Samad Shams Vahdati

Assistant Professor
Tabriz University of Medical Science, Iran

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Emergency Medicine from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Area of Interest:

Emergency Medicine
Medical Education

Selected Publications

  1. Ahmadi, S., S.S. Vahdati, H.K. Heris and M. Khajehee, 2013. Rapid revival of a patient after very severe metabolic acidosis: A case report. Iranian J. Toxicol., 6: 779-781.
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  2. Vahdati, S.S., S.A. Shahri, P. Habibollahi and S.L. Sadigh, 2012. Anal pain: Think about foreign body in the rectum. N. Z. Med. J., 125: 96-99.
  3. Vahdati, S.S., J.H. Gadim, S. Alavi, M. Ghorbanian and P. Habibollahi, 2012. Charshanbe-soori and Nowruz (Iranian ceremony) firworks and injury of it. Injury, 43: 1228-1229.
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  4. Vahdati, S.S., J. Samadikhah, S.H. Hakim, R. Azarfarin and M. Ansarin, 2012. Comparison of the length of hospital stay between the patients with atrial fibrillation treated with Amiodarone and patients with normal sinus rhythm after coronary artery bypass graft. J. Cardiovascular Thoracic Res, 4: 17-20.
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  5. Tavakoli, N., A. Bidari and S.S. Vahdati, 2012. Serum cortisol levels as a predictor of neurologic survival in successfully resuscitated victims of cardiopulmonary arrest. J. Cardiovascular Thoracic Res., 4: 107-111.
  6. Soleimanpour, H., S.S. Vahdati, A. Mahmoodpoor, J.R. Panahi, M.R. Afhami, M. Pouraghaei and S.E.J. Golzari, 2012. Modified cricothyroidotomy in skill laboratory. J. Cardiovascular Thoracic Res., 4: 73-76.
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  7. Riazi, A., S.S. Vahdati, A. Tajlil and L.R. Marzabadi, 2012. Tension pneumocephalus and brain abscess due to a penetrating head trauma in a child. J. Acad. Emergency Med., 3: 116-117.
  8. Rahmani, S.H., S.S. Vahdati, S. Ahmadi and A. Tajlil, 2012. Ballismus as sign of transitional ischemic attack. Ann. Saudi Med., .
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  9. Rahmani, S.H., S. Ahmadi, S.S. Vahdati and H.H. Moghaddam, 2012. Venous thrombosis following intravenous injection of household bleach. Human Exp. Toxicol., 31: 637-639.
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  10. Pouraghaei, M., S.S. Vahdati and H.R. Mehryar, 2012. Sudden death in 47 years old women by cephtriaxon. Tabriz Azad Univ. Med. Sci. J., 14: 33-35.
  11. Marzabadi, L.R., S.S. Vahdati and S. Alavi, 2012. Two and a half year old girl with ischemic stroke due to trauma (Lollipop syndrome). Accepted J. Acad. Emerg., 4: 238-240.
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  12. Marzabadi, L.R., S.S. Vahdati and A. Tajlil, 2012. Medical image. Coughing: Think about long-standing bronchial foreign body: Foreign Body Aspiration (FBA). N. Z. Med. J., 125: 110-111.
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  13. Ghaffarzadeh, A., S.S. Vahdati and S. Salmasi, 2012. Assessment of emergency medicine residents cardiopulmonary resuscitation team in Imam Reza hospital. J. Cardiovascular Thoracic Res., 4: 85-86.
  14. Ala, A., S.S. Vahdati and G. Seyyedeghiasi, 2012. Condition of Trauma patients transport to Imam Reza Hospital by Emergency medical service. Trauma Monthly, 17: 262-263.
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  15. Ala, A., S. Ahmadi, S.S. Vahdati, A. Jannati and H. Rahmani et al., 2012. Beigi and omid mashrabi. length of trauma patients stay in Imam Reza hospital as a tertiary center of trauma and effective factor such as routine trauma x rays. Life Sci. J., 9: 578-582.
  16. Vahdati, S.S., P. Habibollahi and N. Seraji, 2011. Palpitations developed following treatment with colchicines. Turk. J. Emergency Med., 11: 174-176.
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  17. Vahdati, S.S., A. Riazi and H. Sadeghi, 2011. A mass after discectomy, what can it be? Marmara Med. J., 24: 137-138.
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  18. Vahdati, S.S., 2011. Should double lumen catheter be withdrawn? J. Cardiovascular Thoracic Res., 3: 97-99.
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  19. Vahdati, S.S. and H. Sadeghi, 2011. Orbital roof fracture: Dislocation of globe into the anterior cranial fossa. J. Academic Emergency Med. Case Report AKATOS, 1: 47-49.
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  20. Taheraghdam, A.A., H. Amiri, H. Shojaan, S.S. Vahdati and Y. Hoshyar, 2011. Interavenous dexamethasone versus morphine in relieving of acute migraine headache. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 14: 682-687.
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  21. Samad, S.V., L.R. Marzabadi, H. Sadeghi and M. Alikhani, 2011. Evaluating the associated risk factors of pulmonary thrombo-embolism (PTE) in patients coming to emergency department. J. Pub. Health Epidemiol., 3: 30-30.
  22. Samad, S.V., H.H.S. Javadi, M. Saeedi, M. Mokhtarpour and M. Hojat, 2011. Does traumatic uncontrolled blood loss require intensive hydration therapy. J. Artesh Uni. Med. Sci., 9: 33-39.
  23. Dadashzadeh, A., F. Abdollahzadeh, S.S. Vahdati, M. Lotfi, M. Ghojazadeh and S.B. Mehmandousti, 2011. Causes of delay in patient triage in the emergency departments of tabriz hospitals. Turkiye Acil Tıp Dergisi-Tr. J. Emerg. Med., 11: 95-98.
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  24. Ala, A., S.S. Vahdati, L. Moosavi and H. Sadeghi, 2011. the relationship between age, gender and other demographic factors with type of agent used for self-poisoning in poisoning referral center in North West Iran. J. Acad. Emergency Med., 10: 100-102.
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  25. Vahdati, S.S., S. Shoaahari, P. Moharramzadeh, A. Taghizadieh and M. Pouraghaei, 2010. The 50 years old women with suddenly blindness. Rawal Med. J., Vol. 35, .
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  26. Vahdati, S.S., L.R. Marzabadi, S. Hoseini, G.Davarnia and P. Habibollahi, 2010. The chronological variation of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) in North West of Iran. J. Med. Res. Sci., 1: 19-24.
  27. Rohi, A.H.J., S. Vegari, S.S. Vahdati, D. Porhosein and G.H. Davarnia, 2010. Nasopharyngeal bleeding due to leech bites in 9 month old infant. Indian J. Pediatr Indian J. Pediatr., 77: 573-574.
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  28. Moharramzadeh, P., S.S. Vahdati, P. Hoseini and M. Pouraghaei, 2010. The 59 years old man with portal- splenic and superior mesenteric vein thrombosis. Marmara Med. J., 23: 386-388.
  29. Moharamzadeh, P. and S. Shamsvahdati, 2010. Assessing the effect of intravenous opioid on abdominal pain and peritoneal irritation signs among surgical acute abdomen patients presenting to emergency department of Rasul-e-Akram hospital. Marmara Med. J., 23: 285-291.
  30. Amiri, H., S.S. Vahdati, N. Ghodrati, A. Irandoust, H. Sadeghi and H. Ahmadpour, 2010. Comparison between impressions in emergency department and the last diagnosis of the wards. Turk. J. Emerg. Med., 10: 164-168.
  31. Amiri, H., S.S. Vahdati, M. Alikhani, A. Nehzati and M. Ahmadi et al., 2010. Is Pulmonary thromboemboli has any relation with seasonal variation? (Cross sectional study in North- West of Iran). J. Acad. Emergency Med., 9: 113-116.
  32. Vahdati, S.S., H. Amiri and M. Mokaber, 2009. Cross-section study about anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome in Tabriz Pediatric Hospital. Eur. J. Emergency Med., 16: 347-348.
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  33. Amiri, H., S.S. Vahdati, M. Mokhtarpour and S.H. Montazer, 2009. An unusual cause of abdominal mass. Turk. J. Emerg. Med., Vol. 9, .
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  34. Amiri, H., M.D., S.S. Vahdati, M.D., N. Ghodrati, M.D., A. Sohrabi, L.D.D.S. Rasi and A. Garadagi, 2009. The emergency medicine physicians can manage all emergent procedures in emergency department. Turk. J. Emergency Med., 9: 101-104.
  35. Amiri, H. and S.S. Vahdati, 2009. Two days workshop of Primary Trauma Care,Is it beneficial?. Turk. J. Emergency Med., 9: 8-11.
  36. vahdati, S.S. and P. Moharamzadeh, 2008. A 19 years old man with Los of consciousness. Rawal Med. J., 33. .
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  37. Bilehjani, E., S.H. Hakim, A.A. Asl, S.S. Vahdati and G. Shahmohammadi, 2008. A 64 years old man with multiple myeloma and low HDL. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 11: 1176-1178.
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  38. Amiri, H., S.S. Vahdati, N. Ghodrati, A. Taghizadeh, S. Mahmoodivar, M. Foroughi and A. Nehzati, 2008. The length of waiting for first visit and disposition in emergency department in Tabriz Imam Reza Hospital. Turk. J. Emergency Med., 8: 160-163.
  39. Hakim, S.H., J. Samadikhah, S.S. Vahdati, R. Azarfarin and B. Sohrabi, 2007. Comparison of the length of hospital stay between the patients with atrial fibrillation treated with Amiodarone and patients with normal sinus rhythm after coronary artery bypass graft. Int. J. Cardiol., 122: 76-76.