Mr. Mohammad Tahan
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Mr. Mohammad Tahan

Farhangian University and Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Tehran, Iran

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Mohammad Tahan, Ph.D student in psychology and education of exceptional children, is a Lecturer at Farhangian University & Islamic Azad University. He is a psychologist with more than 5 years of experience of teaching/training, research and counseling. he has received many academic awards being a meritorious scholar. His research interests include but are not limited to family psychology, emotion regulation, social competence, adolescent psychology, Mental health, Sex therapy, Clinical disorders, Neuroscience, Clinical Practice, Sexual Abuse, art therapy and religiosity. He has more than 20 publications. As an educator, it is important to his that he conduct excellent applied research in the area of psychology, in a supportive environment.

Area of Interest:

Clinical Psychology
Artificial Neural Networks

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Tahan, M., T. Saleem, A. Sadeghifar and E. Ahangri, 2022. Assessing the effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy on alleviation of anxiety in pre-school children: A randomized controlled trial. Contemp. Clin. Trials Commun., Vol. 28. 10.1016/j.conctc.2022.100947.
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  2. Sahebdel, H. and M. Tahan, 2022. A review of the theory of motivational psychotherapy. Rivista Psichiatria, 57: 165-172.
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  3. Tahan, M., H. Taheri and T. Saleem, 2021. Review of psychological trauma: Theory, practice, policy and research. Riv. Psichiatria, 56: 64-73.
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  4. Tahan, M., T. Saleem, M. Moshtagh, P. Fattahi and R. Rahimi, 2020. Psychoeducational group therapy for sexual function and marital satisfaction in Iranian couples with sexual dysfunction disorder. Heliyon, Vol. 6. 10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e04586.
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  5. Tahan, M., M. Kalantari, T.S. Rad, M.J. Aghel, M. Afshari and A. Sabri, 2020. The impact of communication skills training on social empowerment and social adjustment of slow-paced adolescents. ECPS Educ. Cultural Psychological Stud., Vol. 2020. 10.7358/ecps-2020-021-taha.
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  6. Tahan, M., 2020. Assessing the effectiveness of animal therapy on alleviation of anxiety in pre-school children. Preprints, Vol. 2020. 10.20944/preprints202009.0078.v1.
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  7. Tahan, M. and P. Zygoulis, 2020. Artificial intelligence and clinical psychology, current trends. J. Clin. Develop. Psychol., Vol. 2. 10.6092/2612-4033/0110-2184.
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  8. Tahan, M., P. Tajali and M. Kalantari, 2019. The theory of mind among deaf children: a review of the theoretical Foundations. Mediterr. J. Clin. Psychol., Vol. 7. 10.6092/2282-1619/2019.7.1878.
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  9. Tahan, M., 2019. An overview of artificial intelligence applications and psychology. Avicenna J. Neuro Psycho Physiol., 5: 3-10.
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  10. Tahan, M. and M. Kalantari 2019. The Effectiveness of Preschool Education on Social Adjustment of Elementary Students. Indigenous 3: 8-14.
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  11. Rezaei, M., S. Valiee, M. Tahan, F. Ebtekar and R.G. Gheshlagh, 2019.

    Barriers of medication adherence in patients with type-2 diabetes: A pilot qualitative study.

    Diabetes, Metab. Syndrome Obesity: Targets Ther., 12: 589-599.
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  12. Ahangari, E. and Mohammad Tahan 2019. The Effectiveness of Sentimental Cognitive Therapy on Reducing Test Anxiety in Nursing Students of Islamic Azad University, Birjand, in 2018. SJNMP 3: 45-56.
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  13. Tahan, M. and M. Kalantari 2018. The Effectiveness of Social Skills Training on Reducing Autistic Childrens Behavioral Problems. Mediterranean J. Clin. Psychol. 10.6092/2282-1619/2018.6.1827.
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  14. Kalantari, M., M. Tahan, E. Ahangari, F. Barati and G. Afrooz 2017. The Effectiveness of Communication Skills Training in The Desire to Communicate with others and Deal with the Shyness of Slow-moving Adolescents. Empowering Exceptional Children 8: 95-103.
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  15. Ahangri, E., M. Tahan and A. Samari 2017. The Effect of Gardener Therapy on Behavioral Problems of Slow Step in Students. J. Clin. Psychol. 10.22055/jacp.2019.25329.1072.
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  16. Sharifikia, T., M. Tahan and Z. Askari 2016. The Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy on Hope and Happiness in Vitiligo Patients. Adv.Clin. Psychol. 2: 77-98.
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